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This is derektey .
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262 Review(s)
Level 4
This is lenangel .

Maliqa Mediterranean Restaurant is located at Plaza Damansara. It is a restaurant that offers different types of special dishes. Some examples of dishes offered at Botanical Restaurant are Pizza Andalusia, apple crumble, tiramisu cake, dessert, lamb shank and so on. I had tried Spicy Seafood Soup served by Maliqa Mediterranean Restaurant. The soup is very tasty with a lot...
1083 Review(s)
Level 4
This is jerry6670 living in Gombak. I work in Petaling Jaya (North).

Sushi Zanmai had always been our family favorites. Located in the new wing of the mall, the restaurant is juts as packed as it is and we usually waited around 10 minutes to get our seats there.Serving a good quality of Japanese food at the affordable price, we always be there and enjoy their delights. I had the saba shioyaki which was pretty good where the fish is well grilled with salt an...
651 Review(s)
Level 4
This is mokkymok living in Puchong Jaya. I am a Audit/Tax Assistant, work in Puchong Jaya. I like to hang out in Puchong Jaya, Bandar Puteri, Bandar Sunway. Thai, Japanese, Western variety, Korean are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Dining, Café, Restaurant, Roast Pork, Korean Stew, Matcha, Yam, Corn.

Seoul Smile  
Seoul (RM15.90)- Parm crusted chicken, fried egg, kimchi mayo, kimchi As usual, the favourable juicy chicken scores most the points here coupled with interesting addition of kimchi. Given that I’m a fan of kimchi, I was looking forward to enjoy this combination. As the egg yolk was runny in the centre, the base bun has soaked up all the yolk to the point that it became soggy. I p...
215 Review(s)
Level 4
This is little.malingshu living in Sri Hartamas. I work in Damansara Utama.

For me, we can find nice food in mamak stall also. ROTI CANAI, my all time favourite. The roti canai is very chrispy and taste good. The curry and dal smell very nice and not very spicy. Overall taste good. Mamak stall have spacious space in their shop. Here also have variety of food. You can order mee goreng, nasi lemak, Roti canai and also can order a cup of tea, then you ca...
94 Review(s)
Level 3
This is alicialxn living in Cyberjaya. I am a StudentI like to hang out in Kota Damansara, Cyberjaya, Dengkil. Japanese, Chinese, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant and Burgers / Sandwiches, Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato, Desserts.

Har Gao Smile  
The scrimp inside the har gao is fresh! You can feel the crunchiness of the scrimp when you eat it. It have one scrimp for a har gao and you can feel they are some juice come out from the har gao when you eat it. For the skin it is a bit like transparency and you can see the scrimp through the dim sum. The skin is smooth and fluffy also. The whole dim sum won't feel oily so overall the t...
197 Review(s)
Level 4
This is zhiyao .

炸两 Ok  
135 Review(s)
Level 4
This is Ashton0902 living in Kelana Jaya. I am a Purchaser, work in Sungai Way. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Kinta. Korean, Japanese, Italian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Bar & Pub, Restaurant and Steaks / Chops, Dim sum, Bak Kut Teh, japanese food as well.

Sundae ice cream without topping mad 我相信普通人听到必定傻眼吧!没错,当初我朋友叫我叫时我也傻眼,为何不叫Sundae Cone 呢?(我问道) 他竟然说,因为我不想吃cone@@"… 他宁愿给多一点钱,也不想浪费食物,真的是佩服了!麦当劳的vanilla雪糕出名香滑顺口,即使没有any topping,也不会不好吃...
Yap Chee Wah
18 Review(s)
Level 2
This is Yap Chee Wah living in Ampang. I work in Ampang. I like to hang out in Cheras, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Thai, Japanese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant and Steaks / Chops, BBQ, Buffet.

这份是菠萝炒饭,味道蛮香,炒饭里放有菠萝粒,和平时的炒饭相似,可是这里的炒饭没加味精素,吃过之后也不会觉得口渴,大人小孩都蛮适合。tongue绿咖哩鸡金黄饭 - 这里的饭粒好特别,都是以黄姜饭为主,饭粒很香,还可以闻到香橙的味道,店主告诉我们这些黄姜饭加上浓浓的香橙味,口感也很好,除而且黄姜也可以去风,不错吃smile 还配有炒乌龟豆,黄瓜和红萝卜片,绿咖哩鸡不辣,也适合一家大小的选择tongue
Cissy Soo
58 Review(s)
Level 3
This is Cissy Soo living in Ampang. I am a Estimator, work in Ampang. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Ampang, Sungai Besi. Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant, Food court, Hotel Dining and Bak Kut Teh, Buffet.

41 Review(s)
Level 3
This is narcolepsy living in Bayan Lepas. I am a Engineer, work in Bayan Lepas. I like to hang out in Sri Petaling, Sungai Long, Bayan Lepas. Chinese, Malaysian variety, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant, Food court and Burgers / Sandwiches, Mixed rice.

I am not a huge fan of tom yam soup but I have got to give credit to Johnny's, this is one of the very few tom yam soup that I enjoy having and will not hesitate to ask for a second helping. It is actually quite spicy for my taste buds but I ignore the blood, sweat and tears to just finish the whole bowl. It has small pieces of chicken meat in it. This bowl of soup actually comes with the set...
53 Review(s)
Level 3
This is tyc93 living in Ampang. I work in Ampang. I like to hang out in Cheras, Bukit Bintang, Port Klang. Korean, Japanese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant and Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato, Desserts, Coffee.

Wan to have some dessert ? I can recommend you to here --> dreamz at pj. Cozy cafe with cute decoration and selling some handmade stuffs that placed at 1st floor. Red velvet cake and dark chocolate cheese cake . rm 10 each .. The dark chocolate is bad for me because i didnt like to eat dark chocolate while the red velvet cake is a combination with lemon . The taste is well balance...
Bearhy Fong
34 Review(s)
Level 3
This is Bearhy Fong living in Serdang. I am a Marketing Executive, work in Sri Petaling. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara (PJ), Puchong. Taiwanese, Chinese, Italian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant and Desserts, Burgers / Sandwiches.

Chendol Ok  
chendol也可以说是特色之一吧! 还以为就只是吃冰而已,其实里面也是很多料的呢! 搅拌均匀后就是这样的,里面有是有红豆,玉米那些呢!有点像我们马来西亚的ABC呢,可是这里的是比较甜的呢!
12 Review(s)
Level 2
This is PringlesME living in Damansara (PJ). I work in Mont Kiara.

Rojaking Smile  
This stall has been around for quite some time now. As with my usual routine, I'll pop by after my visit to SJMC every 2 weeks..well @ least once a month. Over the years, I find that they have skimmed on the amount of grounded peanuts in their gravy. Nevertheless, there is still decent amount of chunky peanuts. Above all, I must say their rojak is always fresh till this day. Excel...
321 Review(s)
Level 4
This is foodielover .

I think the stone grill hot pots at kim gary is indeed worth a try. it was worth every cent you pay for. just take a look at the amount of ingredients they topped the rice. it was so filling for me. i ordered their unagi version. it was really good. the unagi was really fresh. the meat was so sweet. it was mouth watering. i like the sauce that they provided, it enhanced the flavours of the rice an...
254 Review(s)
Level 4
This is jessiekpk living in Bukit Jalil. I am a Will Writer and Financial Planner, work in Bukit Jalil. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Bukit Jalil, Kuchai Lama. Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Hotel Dining, Bar & Pub and Buffet, Seafood, Pizza/Pasta.

The Stir-fried Scallop with Ginger & Spring Onion is something plain but tasty, after a heavy crab dish. Not salty and the vegetable that go along with the fried scallop is fresh ;) Scallop is big in size and well soaked to its original size before stir fried as the texture of the scallop is soft and chewable. Its fried with tasty natural flavouring, as its not too thirsty at all ...
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