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Review (22)
Level1 2016-06-26
It was superb tasty indeed, my dissatisfaction is direct pointing to the overall management they practicing, it took me 2.5 hours from queuing up till getting the ordered food exist on my table!!! Are u crazy?! Most ridiculous part was, my queuing number was 55, and the girl next to us was 51, they got all the food before us more than 40mins!! Is that the norm here? I understand 'take it or leave it', but if u hire more people to increase the productivity and I believe the turnover of tables would increase, wouldnt that be better in terms of customers feedback and profits? That is unacceptable if u think 'if u like my food, queue la', i believe i'm not alone here to express this way. Just to share my personal opinion anyway. continue reading
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Level3 2015-12-04
Most people will tag Boston Klang as a must-go place when it comes to Klang. It wasn’t my first visit to Boston Klang, as usual, we were greeting by the long queue there. A kind head up to the new comers, the long queue is what makes the place unique. Be mentally prepared to wait for at least an hour on weekdays and few hours during weekends! (No joke here)The restaurant operates until late night. For this time, I joined the crowd for the late night supper on Saturday night. Still, there was no empty tables when we reached. But it did speed up the waiting time though. It’s an hour of waiting time if you must know ….The signature steam lala which is also my utmost favourite could be seen on most tables. The fresh and juicy clams were steamed with ginger, fried garlic and chillies, along with abundant amount of rice wine. And do not forget to taste the soup! For a person that can’t tolerate much of spicy food, I still found it spicy in a good way.Another very popular dish here is their Nestum Mantis Prawn. The deep-fried mantis prawns were coated with fried oat, giving a combination of sweet and crispy which was incredibly addictive to the senses. But the problem arises when the mantis prawn are usually in small sizes so it gives the feeling of tasting the fragrant fried oat instead of the prawn itself.Perhaps the only downside of the restaurant is the long waiting time. So it is recommended to go for early dinner. But still, there is no way for you to escape from the crowd. For me, the winning dish is totally worth the wait! Will you?  continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-01
Our dear birthday girl "Peggy" wanted to have dinner at Restaurant Boston Baru, Klang therefore after our class we straightway went to Klang from College. The journey was smooth and we reached Klang earlier than the expected time (5pm). Everyone says that the queue starts from 5.30pm so we waited in the car for 30 minutes and started to queue at 5.30pm and few people were queuing as well but the shutter was still closed and it was almost 6.30 pm and Yeah!! we were starving. So I make a brave decision and went to the Kitchen behind and enquire about their opening hour. To my surprise, their staff replied me 7pm. With no other choice, we decided wait till 7pm.we manage to grab a table and so do others. Happy!! Once seated, they will serve Chilli and garlic in every table and the staff will take your order. He will start to take order from inside the restaurant and proceed to take orders outside the restaurant and he will pass the orders to the kitchen once he is done with everyone’s orders. We ordered Mantis Prawn with Corn, Cereal Mantis Prawn, Lala, Hokkien Mee, Moonlight Char Kuay Teow and Chinses Tea (Pot) First time I saw Chinese Tea being served in a metal pot. Antique!!Hokkien Mee is the best I ever tried before. It has unique and amazing flavour.Moonlight Char Kuay Teow was simply delicious. Mix the egg together while it is hot as the egg gives an additional texture to the food. Lala was so fresh and the sauce has a good punch of heat. It goes well with Lala.Cereal Mantis Prawn was simple yet delicious. Mantis Prawn with Corn was something new to me. Fried Mantis Prawn is cooked with thick and creamy lip smacking sauce that is mildly sweet and crunchy. It was a perfect birthday celebration for us. We don't mind waiting 2 hours for this delicious food as it tasted yummylicious. The total bill was RM 80 including foods, drinks and take away of 2 Hokkien Mee. The price is cheaper compare to Ipoh and it tasted far better than any seafood restaurant I tried before especially their Lala and Hokkien Mee. Thumb up!! Tips: If possible, try to get a table inside the restaurant as they will serve inside first before serving outside customers. Remember that they open at 7PM...7PM... 7PM!!!!Restoran Boston BaruJalan Kapar,Kawasan 18,41300 Klang continue reading
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Level2 2015-09-08
Went to Boston Klang for a midnight craving. Of course when one is here, the compulsory order are the steamed lala and nestum mantis prawn. Both are a staple and must-haves! The nestum mantis prawn is my utmost favorite! It is a mixture of sweet and salty nestum, tossed along with fried mantis prawn coupled with the smell of butter. It is super flavourful. However, the downside is that the mantis prawn are over-fried, which always happens. This caused the mantis prawn to be super crispy but I could not really taste any of the meat. However, I do enjoy the nestum by itself and luckily their serving of the nestum is very generous! A weird habit of mine is to mix a little of the steamed lala soup with nestum to be eaten. It's a good combination to me.As for the steamed lala, it is a must have for spicy food lovers! It is not much of the chili spicy but rather the ginger spicy. A precaution though, always drink the soup with care because if you ever accidentally choke on it, it's a hazard! The lala or better known as clams, are fresh and perfectly cooked. Overall, it's a good dish to be eaten especially during rainy days. Hokkien mee is not my thing but I did taste a little. The thing about the food here is that if you are a lard lover, you are in heaven! The lard was super crispy despite being soaked in the sauce mixture.  continue reading
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Level2 2014-11-11
This is a must-go place if you happen to visit Klang. While many restaurants fail to keep the lala fresh and juicy, this restaurant gives you the best lala ever. Their mantis prawns are another dish to die for. Though I am not a fan of Hokkien mee, this restaurant is famous for their signature Hokkien mee too. However, you always have to wait for at least an hour in order to get seated even during weekdays. You will see many working class people having late dinner in Boston and people queuing up even before the restaurant is open on weekends. Wanna know Klang people better? Start from the food then!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)