12 Recommended Food You Need to Try at Klang!
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Port Klang and Bak Kut Teh are the only things that comes into people mind when talk about Klang. Bak Kut Teh is representing the dish of Klang and most of the Klang people eat Bak Kut Teh in the morning as breakfast. However, besides the nice food, there are many beautiful old heritage monuments in Klang too. Thus, it’s good to spend weekend time over here to have a day trip. Now let’s us introduce you the 12 famous restaurant in Klang. (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are non halal.)

1. Boston Baru Restaurant

Boston Baru Restaurant is a must try seafood restaurant in Klang. Here is always crowded and normally have to wait for 30 minutes or more to get seated. The best sellers are steamed lala, Nestum mantis prawn and fried hokkien mee. Almost every table of the customers ordered the same dish. In addition, there are more foods like fried kway teow, seafood platter, fried squid, steam fish, herbal chicken, butter chicken and others are nice too.

2. Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh Restaurant

This Bak Kut Teh has more than 70 years and now the third generations run the business. Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh is located around the bridge area near to Klang train station. The shops sign and shop front is not really an eye catching one but their bak kut teh aromas really good. The specialty of them is to boil the bak kut teh twice to make the soup more rich and tasty. Moreover, they also provide types of meat and pork intestines.

3. Port Village Seafood Restaurant

Port Village Seafood Restaurant located near port Klang. The restaurant has wide space that can accommodate many customers. Customer can pick their favorite seafood from the aquarium. Here are the food highly recommended are mantis prawn, kum heong bamboo clam, Teochew steam red snapper, Hainan noodle and sweet and sour crab with man tou. You also can enjoy the sea view while you eat.

4. Hing Ket Grill House

Besides bak kut teh, seafood is also a must eat food in Klang. Hing Ket Grill House has transformed from a residential to a BBQ house. Here they have provide wide range of seafood and meat like otak-otak, prawns, fish, crabs, squid, lamb and more. Fried bee hun is the signature dish of Hing Ket Grill House, stir fried chewy glass noodle with salted egg is nice. Other than that, they also provide oyster omelet, butter prawn, marmite chicken and more.

5. Cheong Foh Café

Cheong Foh Café has more than 54 years history in Klang. The Hainan Coffee and charcoal toasted bread are Cheong Foh Café signatures. They use the traditional way to toast bread with charcoal. The homemade kaya and butter melt in the crispy toast with a light charcoal aroma is really mouth-watering. The Hainan coffee is smooth and silky texture, coupled with charcoal toasted bread is awesome.

6. Restoran Makanan Laut Tian Lee

Restoran Makanan Laut Tian Lee has a nick name called “Dragon Inn” and to your surprise, the chefs are all ladies. The must eat food at here are signature fried Indo mee, Taiwanese style fried rice, signature to fu and spicy balitong. The fun part is to use mouth to suck the balitong and the spicy juice out of the shell.

7. Klang Food Centre

The famous food in Klang Food Centre is the handmade bun. The best seller over here is curry big bun and what makes the curry big bun special is the small plate of curry was stuffed inside the curry bun. Moreover, there are more buns like kong pou chicken, custard bun, mui chai, sang yok, vegetable, peanut, kaya and other flavours. Besides that, they also have roasted pork oyster dumplings, yam puff, lo mai kai and desserts.

8. Teluk Pulai Pottery Ba Kut Teh

This Teluk Pulai Pottery Ba Kut Teh is an old and famous bak kut teh restaurant in Klang and already has 35 over years of history. The soup tastes fresh and sweet because the owner insists of using fresh meat instead of frozen one to stew the soup. Their dry bak kut teh add in gingers and salted fish, therefore the taste would be different taste from the soup one. Not to forget to dip the Yao Char Guai into the soup, it’s really nice combination.

9. Angcle Peoh Restaurant

Angcle Peoh Restaurant is the famous asam laksa in Klang. In the early days, owner uncle Peoh was started to sell asam laksa in Penang and then now assist his daughter restaurant in Klang. Asam laksa base take long time to stew and add in fresh tuna, the asam laksa taste heavenly good. Besides, they also have other Penang street food like pork noodle, curry noodle, salted egg chaw kuay teow, rojak, cendol and ice kacang. The rojak sauce took about five hours to cook only then the sauce become thicker.

10. Hiong Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant

Other than bak kut teh and seafood, chicken rice is also a highlight in Klang. Hiong Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant located at the shop lot opposite Giant Supermarket. The moist and juicy steam chicken topped with their homemade sauce goes well with rice. They also have roasted chicken, roasted pork, wonton and char siu.

11. Cendol Klang

Cendol Klang is a famous cendol stall in Klang and has started its business in earlier year, 1972. The cendol is very nice because they only use fresh homemade coconut milk and gula Melaka. Besides traditional flavor cendol, they also have ice cream cendol, glutinous rice cendol and rojak.

12. Myung-Ga Korean Restaurant

Myung-Ga Korean Restaurant is a well-known Korean restaurant in Klang. Not only they provide quality food but also the nice ambiance of the restaurant. Their bibimbap is nice because it keeps warms by serving in a large stone bowl and topped with full of fresh vegetables. Most of the customers will order Korean bbq, steam pork trotters or kimchi soup. Other than that, they have salmon fried fish ball, jajangmyeon, ginseng chicken soup and toppoki are also worth a try.
Boston Baru Restaurant
Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh Restaurant
Cheong Foh Café
Hing Ket Grill House
Klang Food Centre
Myung-Ga Korean Restaurant
Teluk Pulai Pottery Ba Kut Teh
Restoran Makanan Laut Tian Lee
Angcle Peoh Restaurant
Port Village Seafood Restaurant
Hiong Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant
Cendol Klang
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