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Review (35)
Level3 2016-05-31
The place serves marvellous pork dishes (obviously!) and the environment was pretty cozy and comfortable to accommodate people that enjoy dining in a casual environment.The food was very impressive for me not only for the taste but also in terms of the portion of the food. It was really generous and the all the items were perfectly prepared on point despite there was a big crowd dining in the café!The English Pressed Roast Pork with Crispy Skin, was overwhelming as the flavour burst in the mouth with a slight force to break the crisp, with the layers of potatoes being stacked on top of slight acidic and lovely sauce. It was amazing! Besides that, the ham and cheese sandwich, was surprisingly amazing! I did thought that simple food like this, can be so good. The breads were toasted till golden brown, and the cheese were evenly sprinkled and melt without overpowering the meal.I liked the Warm Pork Confit, Watermelon and Lychee Salad, it was refreshing and tangy, very appetising! With that amount of salad, it was very very fulfiling for a person's portion, it's better to share!What makes the food looks better is the lighting I would say, the clean sleek black walls with overhead lights made the place classy yet fun. When food is being served, it's like a spotlight, highlighting the food. Though the food may be slightly expensive, I find it reasonable.Spicy Bacon & Mushroom, the aglio olio style spaghetti, but the chefs are kind enough to leave the chili flakes behind for us as the kids couldn't take any spicy food. The generousity of the condiments like vegetables and mushrooms they used, are just to good to be true!The Pork Sausages were really succulent, with a distinctive smoky aroma and flavour, goes perfectly well with the sauerkraut rosti. It was a smart move combining potato rosti and sauerkraut together since many times people can’t finish or  probably dislike sauerkraut.The highlight of the night is definitely the RIBS! No other words to describes other that, heavenly good, tender and soft, with all the sauce absorbed or coated on the meat, it's definitely one of those that makes you melt.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-07
This swine paradise is located deep inside Ben's Independent Grocer. It has a nice industrial interior with dim lighting, wooden tables & metal seats. It can get crowded during peak times but its well worth the wait.My picks would be to start of with the Scallop Bacon Bites & Rib Basket. Mains go for the French Toast with Grilled Bananas, Eggs Benedict, English Fry Up, Spicy Bacon & Mushrooms Pasta and Warm Pork Confit, Watermelon & Lychee Salad. They also have ribs & burgers which I haven't tried. However do avoid the Daily Roast as the meat & gravy were tasteless. Drink wise they have good coffee, juicers, coolers & wine if you are up for it.Service is friendly & attentive. Prices are decent considering the location & quality of food. Will surely return to try out more swine treats. Am eyeing the Bacon, Strawberry & Macadamia Sundae. Drooools. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
the pigs in a blanket is another best selling snack at the swineone plate has 5 pigs in a blanket which is essentially a pork sausage wrapped in a bacon and then baked or fried to perfectionthe bacon gives the sausage a crispy skin so that it is crunchy at the first bitethis dish comes with the house special sauce which has a bit of mustard in it but I cannot be sure of the other ingredientsthe pigs in blanket sits on a pile of green salad which act both as a garnish and also to absorb the extra oil form the pigs in blanket continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-29
The cafe is part of the BIG Ben's and the food are quite similar style with Ben's but only this is a pork restaurant. The pasta serves in a big portion too with 3 huge meat balls like the size of my fist. They are dip in the cameralized tomato bolognese sauce. The sauce is very thick and strong paste of tomato and sourish to max. Mixing them with the cheddar cheese makes it so delicious. The meatball is mixed of beef and porky, they are super tender and juicy. I need to share it with my mum to finish the whole bowl. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-12
Momofuku-Inspired Pork Buns RM21Chinese-style braised pork belly slices with pickled cucumber, sandwiched in steamed flower mantaoCame in a bamboo basket much like the dim sum, these two pieces of fatty pork belly were not for the health conscious patrons. Big thanks to the addition of sour pickled cucumber, greasiness of that soft melting pork fat has lowered to a more acceptable range. Portion was small enough to be finished in few bites but for those pork meat die hard fans out there, this would very much worth the price. Spaghetti Carbonara RM26made the traditional way with pancetta chunks & roughly-torn proscuitto, tossed in cream & topped with a raw egg yolkProcuitto or Parma ham is a dry-cured ham that is usually sliced thin and served uncooked while pancetta chunk is a spiced, salted and dry-cured pork belly. Flavourful enough as they preserved the pork meat as it is and chewy enough for you sink the teeth between meat lines. Yet, pardon this lady for not understanding the art of dry-cured meat and seek more sips of the sauce in order to swallow that dry, salted meat. Distinct from the usual carbonara, raw egg yolk was being presented in front of my eyes which later has added the extra smoothness to the spaghetti. Though portion was not that huge, I needed Jason's help in order to finish this plate. continue reading
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