Top 10 Best Selections of Western Food in KL & PJ
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A plate of good and comfy food for celebrations is what we usually looking for especially to celebrate for birthdays, anniversary or parents day celebration. Looking through these days, you know it’s the time enjoy a good feast with family especially parents. What kind of plans do you have? Usually the hardest topic when asked (besides when is Cheryl’s birthday), it is ‘What shall we eat today?’ sort like related questions! To ease that, we’ve got some awesome possum places to recommend to you! Slow and relaxing ambience, plates of deliciously comfort food for the soul; it’s time to show affection to them both for everything they do. Try out Western food in KL & PJ this round? We’ve heard you! Let's go! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Maria’s Steak Café @ Damansara Perdana

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
Look what we have here? Nice place with yellow lighting, cozyambience and a place that is famous for steaks and a prefect for enjoying Western food. A homely place to be, don’t forget to get all your cravings fixed here from starters to desserts! To begin the feast, a piece of Rib-eye would be a good choice for steak lovers. Grilled according to your preference, you may ask them to suggest it too! Tender yet savoury, Maria’s steaks are decent for the price charge. Besides Rib-eye, they do have choices of Waygu, Black Angus or even New Zealand Baby Lamb Cutlets. To end your fantastic meal, look for their Tiramisu – topped with crunchy chopped nuts and has liquor in it. At Maria’s – Nothing Fancy, Simply Good Food!

2. Jake’s Charbroil Steaks @ Starhill Shopping Center

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
A place that is still popular for good steaks and Western foods in KL, you wouldn’t want to miss this place out. Cooked with minimal marinates, you’ll get to taste the meat as it is! Upon entering, you’ll notice that they have a Native Americans display that is so cool. To begin, they have a diagram in the menu on the cuts of the beef that you can order. Portion wise, it is good for sharing if you’re a small eater and or you would love to have varieties of different cuts; go ahead for sharing! Meats here are perfectly cooked upon request, tender, juicy and flavorful! Rib-eye, T-bone, aged tenderloin, grass fed sirloin, wagyu and many more!

3. SKY 360 @ One City, Subang

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
Located at eCity Hotel at One City, this restaurant offers you a wide variety of buffet styled food with a panoramic view! Overlooking a wonderful view across the Klang Valley, it would be a memorable night to dine there with your family! Natural lighting by day, enjoy the sunset if you’re dining there at dusk. A Multi-national buffet selection, there are a plenty of food to enjoy from cold-cuts, meats, seafood, western food and more! Moreover, you can enjoy the glass rooftop that is just located in One City here! Try them out today!

4. Betty’s Midwest Kitchen @Aman Suria

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
As genuine as they claimed to be, yes, it is indeed America on a plate! Run by a family previously lived in the States, they take their food seriously like we do! From burgers to sandwiches, pastas, pork chop, ribs and Americans’ favorite selections too. Sharing is a good option here too, as there’s so many food for you to order here! To begin, let’s order something that is called the ‘Dog Food’ – French fries in gravy, covered with cheese! Pulled pork burger – slow cooked pork braised in special sauce; meat is tender plus flavourful! Pork chop in country gravy – superbly huge portion of a piece of grilled pork chop! To avoid disappointment, get your place in advance to try out their western food because they are quite packed especially over the weekends!

5. Coliseum Café @ Jalan TAR

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
A legendary café situated at Jalan TAR, is their first and the oldest outlet in KL. Now, they can be found in shopping malls too. This is a place where most probably your parents have visited and date during the good old days to taste variety of Western food in KL! Serves authentic taste of Hainanese Chicken Chop, this is their signature here. Crispy on the outer and juicy inside and with their special made gravy of sweet and sourish taste – appetizing and good! Besides, they are good at another dish of Sizzling Lamb chop too! Tender yet juicy, they are sizzling good on that hot plate! A place that is truly nostalgic and truly the best, it must be at Coliseum Café!

6. Kaki Corner @ Cheras

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
As local as it can be, Kaki corner is the neighborhoods’ favourite for more than a decade. This Western restaurant in KL is a place that suits family gatherings or even with a bunch of friends! Extensive food in the menu to look for when you dine here, look no further for the Western food such as chicken chop, chicken Maryland, spaghettis, lamb or beef and seafood selections to spice your night there. A place that is reasonable in price and ambience for celebrations; this is a good option too! Easy to locate and cool outdoor dining!

7. Las Vacas @ Mont Kiara

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
A place where you can opt to buy some good pieces of steaks home or you can ask them to cook it for you according to your preferred doneness – Las Vacas is it. Cosy and nice dining with al-fresco area, most of their beef are imported from Australia and New Zealand. Quality and priced reasonably, looking at the piece of Rib-eye grain fed, it is very nice on the outer layer where it gives a little bit of crunch and it was juicy and tender inside. Each plate comes with sides of salad and fries; on another note, they do have other meat choices of lamb or fish too! So go ahead and try out their Western food in KL.

8. Silver Spoon Bar & Grill @ Publika

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
A modern contemporary Western dining with Italian influenced cuisine, cosy interior and located at Publika. This is the place that you can opt for some good western delights. From salads to pizzas or pastas, they will sure to have something that could please your appetite! Their braised lamb shank, served with mash potato and sautéed vegetables, it is moist and just right, without having the worry that the meat will stick to your teeth! Garlic Aglio Olio is another great choice too as it is sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, slice garlic, chili flakes and parsley. Not forgetting, there might be queues during the weekends!

9. @ Publika

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
Located at a corner in BIG’s, you’ll probably wouldn’t find it unfamiliar at all! Specializes everything in pork, this place is homely and cozy, with dimly lit atmosphere that makes it suitable for a family dinner here! To begin, their signature pork buns of Momofuku-inspired Pork buns are to die for. It is a Chinese-style braised pork belly slices that is eaten with the steamed flower ‘mantao’ bun. Apart from that, ‘Pigs in blanket’ – pork sausages wrapped with bacon, carbonara spaghetti, pork chop, or even roasted pork-loin; they are simply the best place for a variety of porkylicious dishes and a place for a family dining too!

10. The Steakhouse @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Western food, parents day, steak, KL, PJ
A soft and romantic dining place, this dining place holds reputable fame for its steaks. Finest ingredients are imported, mostly. Extensive menu of food choices and not forgetting choices of steaks are good too! From starter, mains and dessert, this place will sure to pamper your tummy and the ambience here is suitable for your parents too! Not just mainly on steaks, there are quite some dishes you can try like escargots, cod fillet, duck salad and more! To get some comfort Western food that suits your palate, do try their steaks out for a change as they can be cooked with minimal seasonings and they will provide you with a few of the seasonings and sauces to pair with your steak! To complete your meal with a sweet delight, Classic Italian Tiramisu is recommended. It doesn’t come in a cake shape, whereas it is 2 scoops of it on a plate. ‘Andreas Special’ too is one of the house favourite, made from chocolate and banana in passion fruit, soaked pear in red wine and it is totally smooth in texture!
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