6 Places in KL & PJ for Bacon Ice Cream!
Bacon Ice Cream, Bacon, Smoking Hog, KL, PJ
It is the ultimate BACON food guide this time! While bacon is so much in the news recently be it your big breakfast, spaghetti, fried rice or anything to do with bacon; this time we have selected the best of Bacon ice cream! Bits of bacon that’s perfectly smoked till perfection and tasty, bet you’ll get hooked on it when you have tasted it! Wait no more; here are the 7 cafés that we would love to recommend to you – instantly! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Smoking Hog @ SS2

Smoking Hog, Bacones, Bacon Ice Cream, Salty, Sweet, Bacon bits, SS2, KL, PJ
A place in PJ that is meant for all porky matters, Smoking Hog serves one great wonderful porcine dishes. Extensive menu and the famous Bacones is their masterpiece. Tempted to know how their Bacon & Egg Ice Cream tastes like, they are superb! Slightly salty with bacon bits that makes it a great texture; with 2 pieces of bacon on top of it too. Dimly lit ambience would be nice for a gathering and dinner date too! Look out for a flying pig hanging at the side of the alley; it leads you up to Smoking Hog for some piggy feast!

2. Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe @ Publika

Whimsical Gelateria, Bacon Ice Cream, Salty, Sweet, Bacon bits, Publika, KL, PJ
So another cafe in KL for some gelato and nice cotton candy affogato? Owned by the person behind Cielo Dolci, Whimsical is yet another café that you can enjoy some good delights of sweet and savory. Gelato is a must try whenever you stop by here. Of course, they have the famous beef bacon gelato too! Served with waffles, they are smooth, milky and savory; it enhanced the flavor of your food too! Came up with at least 200 flavors of gelato, remember to try them today.

3. La Café Memoire @ TTDI

La Café Memoire, Bacon Ice Cream, Salty, Sweet, Bacon bits, TTDI, KL, PJ
A cozy café in PJ that serves pork, alcoholic beverages and many more delicious mains, be sure to look out for them at TTDI. Uses crates as one of their furniture, this is such a brilliant idea. With quite some choices of food to choose from like burgers, pizza, pastas and desserts; let’s take a look at their Nutty Bacon Sundae! Pan grilled bacon that brings out the saltiness in it, eaten with vanilla ice cream and calamansi sorbet compliments the whole. Crispy, cold and refreshing ice cream in a scoop, it is not to be missed!

4. Piggy Tail @ Bangsar

Piggy Tail, Bacon Ice Cream, Salty, Sweet, Bacon bits, Bangsar, Jalan Telawi, KL, PJ
All sorts of pork related food here from ribs to anything that could be made from pork meat, they are all available here. If you’re here to dine, apart from having the delicious mains, a must try would be this Signature Truffle Ice Cream! One of the unique combination of sweet and savory to entice your taste buds! Homemade white truffle ice cream, with crispy bacon bits and chocolate sauce; while you might argue that sweet and salty tastes weird, but the fact you’ll savor from the first spoon to the last! It is just as good as it looks!

5. S.Wine @ Publika

S.wine, Bacon Ice Cream, Salty, Sweet, Bacon bits, Publika, KL, PJ
A cafe in KL that all the porky lovers know, they must be familiar to you. Located inside B.I.G grocer, they too have something that is in theme – Bacon Sundae with strawberries, caramel and macadamia nuts. A dessert that is full with nice munching texture, cold bacon, and roasted macadamia that is crunchy and sweet caramel sauce all at once! Basically just beyond words when you scoop it into your mouth! Plus the sourness from the strawberry making sure it wouldn’t be just plain boring like any other bacon ice cream!

6. Wondermama @ Bangsar

Wondermama, Bacon Ice Cream, Salty, Sweet, Bacon bits, Bangsar, KL, PJ
Looking for Malaysian delights and always thought of Wondermama in KL? Of course nothing is wrong about it and wonderful news; they too have bacon related ice cream to look for! Chocolate Ice Cream with Beef Bacon is the answer! Never knew that they too have this creation that makes it such a good dessert choice. Having bites of meaty beef bacon on it and with crispy cornflakes with marshmallow? Taste blends in so good that you wouldn’t mind having a sweet tooth attack too!

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