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Level4 2016-05-31
Its been years since my family and I came here for dinner. We came back here out of a sudden because we had the cravings for their famous yet expensive dish - the Pumpkin with Seafood.Its a dish served inside the pumpkin. There are many types of seafood inside ranging from abalone to scallops. The gravy is very tasty and suitable to be eaten with rice.We also ordered our stapled dish - Onion with Fried Chicken as my brother loves it very much. When this dish arrived, we were all amazed and thought that my mum ordered a huge plate of fried calamari because the they gave lots of onion rings which look similar to the calamari.Next, we ordered mixed vegetable. I sincerely do not recommend this dish as it was horrible. It tasted like leftover overnight food. We didn't even finish it.We ordered the butter prawn. It tasted normal, nothing fancy about this.And lastly, we had teppan toufu which also turned out to be a total dissapointment as initially it wasn't served in a teppan; it was in a bowl instead. Feeling puzzled, we asked the waiter what was it, and she replied teppan toufu. Feeling even more confused, we asked her, where is the teppan. She immediately went to the kitchen and took a teppan and pour the toufu inside the teppan. Like hey, shouldn't teppan toufu be cooked on a teppan? Anyway, the toufu doesn't taste nice.The total price for this meal was RM190, which could be considered as reasonable. continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-14
One evening, my mom decided to bring us out for a treat and she brought us to Loong Foong that is well-known for their seafood. Also rather exurbent price for a regular tai chow place but yet is filled to the brim with customers, especially on the weekends. So be prepared to be sitting amongst a huge crowd and waiting quite a while for your food to arrive. For starters we got the cheese baked prawns which we AMAZING. It's half a prawn each person because one whole one would be far too cloying and filling for a single person. The prawn is pretty large in size, stuffed with lots of cream & cheese before baking until the top is nicely golden brown. This tasted sinfully good which I enjoyed and finished up within a minute. Everyone else liked it too and ate it all up before it even got a chance to get cold. As always with my family, we always have to order claypot braised pork belly with salted fish. This has to be one of our favourite dishes and the one we ordered that night was pretty good. Not the best we've had so far but definitely better than a number of restaurants we have tried at. The flavour is there and there is some salted fish lurking about in the pot, however we prefer an extra punch of flavour. However that's my family's preference.Then of course, we also ordered steamed fish with sweet soya sauce. This was pretty amazing because the fish was nicely cooked, juicy and also very succulent which was perfectly complimented by the sweet sauce. The portion was pretty big for our table however, it is definitely more expensive than the price that we usually pay at our usual restaurants. Since we were in the mood to indulge, we also order this stewed seafood in pumpkin. I personally feel like the pumpkin was merely the medium to hold the dish and make the entire thing look interesting. With that being said however, this tasted pretty good because the sauce screamed decadence as it was thick and sweet with a hint of the seafood flavours that was braised in it. The ingredients that came with it were great. There was plenty of scallops which were pretty big in size, abalone slices that were firm to the bite and also other things that was screaming with luxury. Everyone at the table loved this dish and scooped up all of the sauce, not leaving anything behind. Safe to say we left the restaurant feeling very satisfied. However I am not very pleased by the service of the staff, which I guess is due to the amount of customers they had to tend to. Still it did put most of us in a bad mood, not that easily overlooked even if the food is good.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-07
Every time we come here, the Pork Ribs Rough Noodles never fail to impress us and is definitely in our orders. The noodles are well coated with the sauce and very fragrant too. I am addicted to it the moment it arrived. My colleague also ordered the roasted duck which was a bit too coarse for me. There was also too much duck fat. We ordered our normal stir fried Yao Ma lettuce to accompany our dinner.  continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-25
Stir fried celery with sotong. Out of the norm, one of the dining companion was craving for celery, thus this dish was ordered. It came with squid and carrot. The method of cooking was just a simple stir-fried dish, it was quite "qing" and bland. There were some freshness of the squid, there were a lot of squid and big pieces too. This dish was good for those who fancy celery. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-25
I aint kidding.. though this no-frills restaurant certainly doesn't look much from the outside; whatever that comes out from the kitchen is certainly extraordinary! Contrary to it's name however, the restaurant is most famously known for its' Hong Kong style roasted duck. Even those who do not quite fancy duck meat will have second thoughts after this. Perfectly marinated and roasted to perfect; it's meat tender and skin cripsy. Yums Their grilled prawns with cheese is also another famous, popular dish.. Unique different. and yummy continue reading
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