5 Still Worth Visiting Roast Meat Restaurants in Klang Valley!

Roasted meats are always temptingly delicious and when they are done right, you know how good it’ll taste like for sure! From roasted pork, caramelized ‘Char Siew’ to roast ducks, all these will sure to be your favorite, isn’t it? Let’s see which of these will you go for!

1. Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant

Roast ducks were one of the most famous food that you need to order as they’ll sell out fast every day. Roasted until perfection, golden brown crispy skin and juicy meat inside, remember to dip it into that rich dark homemade sauce that adds that flavor to the meat!

2. Toast & Roast

Come for the melt in your mouth ‘Char Siew’. Each piece of it is caramelized and the meat will just melt in your mouth. Always crowded with patrons, come for the Hakka noodles too. Eaten with the ‘Char Siew’, it’ll sure to be a perfect starter of the day.

3. Soon Lok Restaurant

Roasted over the charcoal fire, that makes it taste even better. Furthermore, the roast pork, roast duck are worth trying here because of the crackling skin and the juicy meat that is marinated and so flavorful. Usually fast selling, so be sure to get here earlier!

4. Wong Mei Kee Pudu

The most talked about stall for roasted pork (Siew Yuk), due to the price, but there are still many customers that will visit them daily to get their cravings fixed. Crackling skin, lean and fat meat that is equally good; good stuff here sells off early too.

5. Chen Chen Hong Kong Goose Duck Chicken

What about Roasted Goose? It is hard to find roasted goose around Klang Valley but no worries, come here to taste it. Thick juicy meat and the crispy skin were so flavorful and aromatic due to the roasting technique used, the price might be slightly expensive but it is worth the try.

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