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This is acidburn711 living in Kota Damansara. I also love Seafood.
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acidburn711  Level 4
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When I saw this dish on the menu displayed on the stall, I was attracted by its name in Mandarin. It's called 北菇滑鸡面. I waited for quite some time for this noodle and I thought it shouldn't take that long to prepare such a sim...

Gong Pou Chicken  OK  2012-07-22
I've heard that this restaurant has the similar management as Canton-i but I'm not sure if it's true or not. Someone enlighten me please? Anyways, this restaurant has a unique ordering system. Instead of entering the restaurant...

Banana Walnut Waffle  Smile  2012-07-22
If you asked me, where is the best place to have waffles in One Utama? My answer will be Waffle World! Bf and I were searching for something light to eat before our movie the other day and we somehow settled down in this restaur...
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