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Decked in an opulent yet definitively chic and contemporary ambiance, Mezze welcomes you to a plethora of bon vivant experience that ensure a you a memorable yet palatable dining with your guest.In conjunction with the inaugural visit of Michelin Star Chef Fuchs recently, he is taking over the kitchen with Mezze Bistro’s resident head chef, Chef Yves Pierre Renou, to cook up a storm of exquisite culinary cuisine with a modern twist, that is distinctively true to their home in Alsace, France, together with wine pairing under the amiable resident sommelier, Sebastien Le Francois.STARTERSReinvented Goat’s Cheese Salad with Crispy Vegetables~ The usual robust flavour of beetroot is delicately toned down by the smooth whipped Goat’s Cheese, served with laces of purple cabbage for the extra crunch.Cream of White Coco Bean Soup with Sweet Garlic~ A rather gung ho attempt, we would say. This cuppa presents you an extraordinary frothed cream soup, incorporating white cocoa beans paimpol, that after one sip would definitely conjures up the aromatic memory of a cup of Joe.Seared Foie Gras with Roasted Nuts~ An iconic quintessential flair to the French haute cuisine, this foie gras is impeccably seared, giving arise to a buttery, moist and suave finishing. Heavenly!Highly recommended to go along with organic Gewurztraminer. Also pairs well with seafood and meat selections.MAINSCharbroiled Turbot with Imperial Risotto, Herbed Salad & Chicken Jus~ A salubrious fillet of turbot that is delightfully charboiled and served with texturized imperial risotto which is bathed in flavourful chicken jus and herbs.To be paired with To be paired with Pinto Blanc.Pan-fried Black Cod, served with Bouillabaise, Fennel and Saffron Sauce on a Toast~ Juicy black cod is mildly pan-fried till lightly brown, and then basked in the golden saporous bouillon, served alongside with crunchy fennel and toastie smothered with luscious saffron sauce.Quail Stuffed with Crayfish, served with Potato Puree and Crayfish Coulis~ Deemed as the star-stealer of the day, this is truly a noteworthy masterpiece of Chef Alexy who uses crayfish from Rhine River as its theme. The meat from the molusc that is stuffed into the quail, is extremely delicious and full of oceanic sweetness.Paired with Alsace Pinot NoirVeal rib rack~ Splendidly dished up after some 10 hours of painstakingly slow-cooking at 50 degree Celsius. It is bursting with flavours and the tender texture is infused with a modest sapid hint. Well marinated!DESSERTSChocolate Macaroon with Passionfruit Sorbet~ Another indulgent palate-pleaser that cleverly brings out the best of both worlds; sweet and sour, just like the part and parcel of our life too. The tartness of the passionfruit sorbet gets tamed by the sweet and slightly crisp, freshly made macaroon.Passionfruit Panna Cotta~ The passion fruit puree makes a lovely marriage to the creamy and milky panna cotta. It is rich and velvet, yet not over doing it and is furhter spiced up with a disc of tangy grilled pineapple.Dessert are best paired with sweet wine of Eau de Vie (Water of Life) or an Alsace schnaps, Eau de Vivre.Definitely a night of sumptuous gourmet indulgence!For more details, feel free to drop by :http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2014/08/lwin-lee-one-star-michelin-chef-alexy.htmlcheers!  continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-12
这个青口蒸到刚刚好。还以为肉质那么嫩蒸的时间就会不长,然后味道应该也不会够得去哪里。结果却让人又惊又喜。香料的味道竟然出奇的入味。我觉得应该是事先腌制了一下子。 continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-03
Warm service and a welcoming ambience make this a worthwhile addition to Medan Damansara, though the food quality seems erratic. Roast pork. Succulent stuff, though the crackling was more chewy than crispy. Barbecued spatchcock chicken (marinated spring chicken butterflied grilled on a bare flame, with provencal potatoes and aubergine salsa). Tender & tasty. Lamb pilaf pie (lamb cooked with spices layered with basmati rice under a flaky crust and with a side of raita). A letdown, as the rice was utterly bland. Warm Valrhona chocolate brownie with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. Excellent. Every bite of the melt-in-the-mouth brownie offered a rich explosion of chocolate. continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-09
Goat cheese salad (RM18). This dish was on the chef’s special that day. It came with a splash of goat cheese, slightly melted on a piece of bread, some salad in the middle with some sprinkle of bacon. The smell of goat cheese was aromatic. The cheese texture was soft. The salad was fresh and crunchy. The bacon slices were crispy too, and added a little saltiness to the dish. continue reading
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Level2 2012-01-17
It was our maiden visit to Mezze and once we entered, our first impression was that the restaurant reeked of smoke, probably coming from the cigarettes and cigars at the bar area which was just next to the dining area. We asked for a table upstairs instead but were informed that the section upstairs was closed on that night. We had no choice but to switch to a table further in, in the hopes of alleviating the smokey smell.I have heard from a few friends that we had to try the Spaghetti Carbonara if we ever dined in Mezze. What makes it different was the raw egg yolk that it was served with, in a shell. The presentation itself scored some points, even before we started eating. We mixed the whole egg yolk onto the pasta before digging in. Perhaps we shouldn’t have put in the whole yolk because some of us found the pasta to be overly creamy afterwards, almost soggy. I didn’t mind that it was creamy but thought that it lacked flavour. My choice was the Funghi au Truffle pizza, topped with sauteed mushroom, tomato, mozzarella, oregano, rocket and a drizzle of truffle oil. From the looks of it, I’m guessing they have a wood-fired oven, which gave the pizza the occasional charred edges and crispy crust that I love. The crust was sufficiently thin and light, and had the right amount of cheese on top. The addition of mushrooms and a light drizzle of truffle oil gave a subtle earthy taste. Majority of our dining group preferred the Salmon Pizza though, which looked quite similar except that it’s topped with slices of smoked salmon. Again, I loved their thin, light and crispy crust layered with cheese. I also thought the addition of rocket leaves not only made the pizza appear more attractive, it balanced out the savoury and cheesy flavour perfectly.The best dish that we had that night had to go to the Chargrilled Spatchcock Chicken or spring chicken. Our first impression was that the chicken was small – but it was so good! It was skilfully marinated and meticulously grilled to a shiny golden finish that was bursting with flavour in every bite. The skin was crispy and thin with no apparent layer of fats, while the meat remained juicy and tenderly delicious. Although the food at Mezze was rather good, we were pretty turned off at the end of the dinner when the smoky environment became almost unbearable. There was no proper separation between the bar and bistro area, and since the whole place was enclosed and air-conditioned, it meant that the smoke was circulated internally. At one point, a few of us even had watery eyes such that we decided to leave earlier than expected. I really hope something would be done to improve the air ventilation here or at least give diners the option to dine upstairs. I’m sure diners would appreciate this gesture to protect them from second hand smoke. continue reading
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