8 Amazing Restaurants in Damansara Heights
Damansara Heights, also commonly known as Bukit Damansara, is an affluent neighborhood located 5 minute West from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Alongside its growing population, as new development were continuously being erected around the area, the F&B scene seems to be heating up of late with the entry of some new eateries.
bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
(The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Neroteca

neroteca, italian food, pasta, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
Good food? Check. Nice Ambience? Check. Pleasant Service? Check check check! The wood fire pizza got us head over heels. Not only was it generously topped with high quality ingredients, its crust was crisp and smokey, not too thin nor thick. The Porchetta Parigina was topped with thin slices of roasted pork belly, which were soft, flavourful and not fatty (a pleasant contrary to expectations). Bubbly brunch buffets are served on weekends and public holidays – free flow of good quality bubbles, soup, pizzas and freshly made pastas, this Italian restaurant in Damansara Height are the best way to spend your weekends!

2. Yellow Brick Road/ Wicked Pancake Parlour

yellow brick road, wicked pancake parlour, waffle, cafe, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
Yellow Brick Road and Wicked Pancake Parlour in Damansara Height are owned by the same faces; thus, patrons can opt to order from either of these restaurants regardless of where they are being seated. We loved the eggilicious items from the breakfast menu and also note that the big breakfast is really big. Nonetheless, it was the pancakes that stole our hearts. Especially the Chocoholics Anonymous which was a genius invention from its Guinness sauce to the caramelized bacon. Other pancakes options each had their own attractions, such as the Peter Pandan and Apom Terbalik which resembles a Malaysian touch.

3. La Risata

la risata, spaghetti, italian food, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
La Risata literally means “the laughter”. As its name implies, it is a lively and crowded restaurant that dishes out hearty Italian cuisine in Damansara Height since 1996. La Risata’s forte lies in its traditional wood-fired oven thin and crispy pizzas and also pastas. The Spaghetti Alla Risata is practically a staple for every table. However, we wish to divert your attention to the underdog in the menu – Fettucine Mare E Monti – which consists of fat chunks of juicy scallops, wild porcini and shitake mushroom cooked in cream sauce. The generous portion of scallops is truly unbelievable by today’s standards.

4. Huckleberry Food & Fare

huckleberry food & fare, cafe, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
Quote from an old tale of Huckleberry Finn: There ain't nothing in the world so good when it's cooked right. Indeed we couldn’t agree more! Huckleberry Food & Fare is run by the same team which runs the already established Mezze Bistro, but with an entirely new concept. This is a bakery in Damansara Height which also serves breakfast, lunch and tea. Patrons could choose from an array of cakes, pastries, classic sandwiches, healthy superfood salads, soups and hot meals. Its signature is the Miche Sourdough range of bread which are traditionally made using sourdough starters cultivated by Huckleberry’s Master Baker himself.

5. Mezze Bistro

mezze, bistro, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
While Huckleberry Food & Fare seems to appeal for the day time crowd, Mezze is the place to go for a good night out. Mezze occupies two floors, with the first being a bistro dining while the second being a cool, cozy bar lounge. On weekends, the lounge hosts local and foreign live acts with Friday nights concentrating on contemporary mainstream while Saturday nights focuses on jazzy tunes. Our top picks for Italian food in this restaurant are the Carbonara with runny yolk and pork cheek bacon and the Tarte Flambe which is a crispy and thin crusted cream-based pizza topped with bacon. Desserts would also be a good idea for the chocoholics.

6. Canton Fare

canton fare, roasted pork, siu yuk, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
True to its motto – “King of Roast” – Canton Fare is a mid-range Chinese restaurant in Damansara Height which specializes and excels in roast meats. The fast-moving items are the roast pork, Peking duck and roast duck. Roast meat platters are also available so that customers may sample different varieties of meats. Pre-orders are also available for roast suckling pig and roast goose. The roasted meats here are cut into generous slices and have a good juicy flavor to it.

7. Stika

stika, restaurant, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
Stika sits on a row of 30 years old shoplots which have recently been facelifted to resemble what could be the next hotspot for food hunters. It is a modern restaurant inspired by the food scene of London, Barcelona and Copenhagen. Lamb and soft-shelled crab lovers should try the tacos or steamed buns. The buttermilk fried chicken was also lovely and came in a decent portion. Alas, don’t miss out their desserts! The Chocolate Mousse Meringue Raspberry is an absolute MUST TRY!

8. Bandits Coffee Bar

bandits, coffee, cafe, bar, bukit damansara, damansara heights, kl
This is a simple coffee bar in Damansara Height which also serves western, Asian and fusion food and desserts. Jabba the Hut, which is only available during weekends, stands out here. It’s a big breakfast with unusual suspects such as chapatti instead of bread, Nutella and caramelized banana toast, peanut butter and caramelized banana toast, avocado, 2 sunny sides, grilled tomatoes and beef bacon. The popular S’mores brownies, unfortunately, have not been restocked for quite some time.

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