Pj Seapark’s Value for Money Thai Street Food and Thai Milk Tea for RM5.30!

Located at PJ Seapark here that usually packed with patrons, finally, we have the chance to join in the crowd!

Focusing more on Thai Street Food instead, this Boran Classic Thai Street Food although doesn’t have an extensive menu, but the price is indeed affordable. A bowl of Classic Pork Noodle for just RM5.20 or a big cup of Thai Milk Tea for RM5.30 makes it good deal folks! When cash is running low in your wallet, this is it guys – delicious Thai Street food that minus a hole in your pocket!

Classic Pork Noodle, Thai Minced Pork Rice or Grilled Juicy Pork Neck? Pick Yours!

While many order the Classic Pork Noodle, it is so hard for us to decide. Everything here looks extremely delicious and worth the try!

Taking a look at the classic pork noodle, it even had its own ‘makan’ style. It has a diagram that shows you how it can be eaten by guiding you adding in a spoon of vinegar, a spoon of fish sauce, 1/5 spoonful of chili powder and 1/3 spoonful of sugar; mixed all up for a bowl of authentic Thai style soupy pork noodle! Springy noodle and portion are just nice for the ladies, they do have in a larger size too. 

A must have when you’re dining at a Thai style restaurant – Thai Milk Tea or Thai Coffee, Thai Beers or even the famous Betagen!

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Not just focusing on snacks or on-the-go food, they do have Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice too! One of the most popular dishes from Thailand, it has minced pork with basil, rice, and omelet! Simple but very satisfying!

Wait! If you prefer to enjoy this – Pork Neck meat because it will surely be a great beer snack, then it is a must order! Besides, Pork Belly Skewers too were juicy and tender! The perfect pairing for sure!

It doesn’t just stop there for sure, looking for some meaty pork skewers, fried chicken wings, and more Thai street snacks? Come here and get it!

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More information:Boran Classic Thai Street Food

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