8 Nice Cafés to Unwind in Kepong
Kepong is probably the last place you would relate with cafés, as this area has long been dominated by Chinese restaurants, especially steamboat and Bak Kut Teh restaurants. However, things have changed, with the growing trend of cafés in Klang Valley, we see more and more new cafés popping up in Kepong, especially Menjalara area. Taking a stroll in this area, you can easily bump into 5 to 6 cafés!
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Let OpenRice give you the latest updates on new and popular cafés in Kepong! (The cafés are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Take Eat Easy @ Menjalara

kepong, cafe, menjalara, take eat easy, light bulb juice
Located not far from Kepong Village Mall, Take Eat Easy is probably the most talked-about cafés in Kepong in recent months. Their one-of-its-kind light bulb juice has gone viral on social media, attracting the attention of many café hoppers and intagramers. Apart from the ala carte menu, they also have a bakery section offering all kinds of breads and pastries that are freshly made daily. The place has become so popular that customers start to queue in the morning at 10am!

2. Tester Laboratory @ Menjalara

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Located right opposite Hometown Steamboat in Menjalara, Tester Laboratory is a new café with the creative concept of a laboratory. Many of the beverages here, including juices, ice blended, milk shakes, mocktails and cocktails, are served with genuine test tubes sourced from labs! One of the must-try signature drinks here is a cocktail named Tester Screw Driver, which comes with orange juice and 2 types of vodka. It's fun, as you can mix the juice and the vodka according to the ratio that you like.

3. Metalcube 1008 @ Menjalara

kepong, cafe, menjalara, metalcube 1008, container cafe
Occupying two floors, Metalcube 1008 is the first container café & bistro in Kepong. The ground floor is a casual café & bistro for guests to relax and unwind, while the upper floor is a dining area with a romantic ambiance. There are two containers in the café. One is a kitchen located downstairs, and the other one is a private dining area located upstairs. A complete menu is offered here featuring a wide variety of Western food, including salad, soup, pasta, burger, steak and dessert.

4. Work31shop @ Kepong

kepong, cafe, brunch, work31shop
As its name suggests, Work31shop is a relatively new café in Kepong with an industrial and vintage concept. The interior is decorated with brick walls and cement walls with graffiti. The menu is quite extensive, as they offer a wide range of Western and Asian food, including waffle, breakfast/brunch, burger, hotdog, spaghetti, chicken chop and dessert. We like their Big Energy Breakie, which comes in a generous portion. Also, many of their coffees are served with beautiful coffee arts.

5. Dongmul Lifestyle Café @ Maluri

kepong, cafe, maluri, dongmul lifestyle, dog cafe, swimming pool
A pet friendly café with an indoor swimming pool designed for dogs! “Dongmul” is a Korean word meaning “Dog”. When you visit the café in Kepong with your pet, you will be asked to buy a diaper (RM2/pcs) for your pet to keep the environment clean. Dogs are known to be natural swimmers. By paying a fee for every half an hour (the fees vary according to the size of your dog), you can let your dog enjoy the fun of swimming in the indoor swimming pool.

6. Hinz Café @ Menjalara

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Looking for a comfortable café to relax and enjoy some delicious cakes? Head to Hinz Café, which is a warm and cozy café offering a wonderful selection of cakes, such as chocolate caramel mousse, red velvet cake, cheese cake, mille crepe and many more. Apart from dessert, western food such as salad, brunch, spaghetti and fried chicken chop, are also available. A wonderful place to relax and enjoy some western food and desserts.

7. The Studio @ Menjalara

kepong, cafe, menjalara, the studio, maid cafe
The Studio is a maid café in Kepong. It is originally called Moe De Café. The concept is basically the same. All the young waitresses are all dressed in cute maid costumes (in pink, red, and black color). Food wise, they offer both Western and Asian food. Some best-selling dishes include Claypot Lou Shu Fun, Baked Chicken Rice, and Chicken Chop.

8. Little Break Café @ Kepong

kepong, cafe, little break
Opened since 2011, this café has been around Kepong for 4 years. The name of the café is a Chinese character as well as an emoticon meaning “speechless”. At Little Break Café, you get to satisfy your palate with all kinds of Western and Asian food, including spaghetti, burger, steak, chicken chop and pork chop. All the dishes are value for money, as they are served in large portions. Drinks, such as fresh juices and ice blended, are very popular among patrons too.

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