8 Hot & New Restaurants in August!
Although the overall market sentiment is rather negative due to the drop of Ringgit currency to a historical low, many new restaurants and cafés continue to pop up in Klang Valley. Some of them manage to grab the attention of food lovers with their unique dishes or concepts and become very popular.
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Let's take a look at some of our top picks for hot and new restaurants in August! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Lobbee @ Empire Damansara

lobbee, lobster noodle, empire damansara, thai restaurant
Lobbee in PJ has become a big hit lately, because they are the first Thai restaurant in Klang Valley that brings in the famous Tomyum Noodles with Lobster from Bangkok. Visit the place with a few friends and try their signature Lobbee Combo, which is a big bowl of Tomyum Noodles served with lobster, king crab legs, salmon, squid, mussels and soft boiled egg. This extra-large Tomyum Noodles is only priced at RM98, and it can be shared by 3 to 4 persons.

2. The Champ Kitchen @ Kepong

champ kitchen, pork knuckle, kepong, kl
The Champ Kitchen is a new restaurant in KL that specializing in Chinese style braised pork knuckle. Using a family recipe that has been passed down for generations, their pork knuckles are braised with herbal soup in a huge wok for 3 days until the pork leg is soft, tender, and flavorful. Their signature Pork Rice is a must try. It is served with two thick slices of boneless pork knuckle meat, vegetables and soft boiled egg. Simple yet super delicious!

3. Ngam @ Bangsar

ngam, bangsar, superbowl, thai restaurant
Located opposite Maybank in Bangsar, Ngam is another Thai restaurant in KL that specializes in Tomyum Seafood Noodles from Bangkok. It is hard not to compare Ngam with Lobbee, as their dishes share many similarities. The special highlight on the menu is definitely their SuperBowl, which is a huge bowl of Tomyum noodles with giant freshwater prawn, salmon, mussel, squid, fish ball and egg. The soup is creamier and less spicy than Lobbee’s version.

4. Merchant’s Lane @ Petaling Street

merchant lane, petaling street, chinatown, cafe
Hidden on the first floor, Merchant’s Lane is a new addition to the café scene in Petaling Street, KL. Formerly a brothel, the place is revamped into a brightly lit and stylish café with both indoor and al fresco dining area. All the dishes on the menu are creatively named, such as south china sea, eat die me, hashtag salmon, etc. One of the most popular dishes here would be the south china sea, which is a grilled salmon paired with poached eggs and homemade hash.

5. Hana Dining+Sake Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

hana, dining, sake bar, sunway pyramid, japanese restaurant
Originated from Taiwan, Hana Dining+Sake Bar is a new Japanese restaurant in PJ offering a wide range of Japanese fusion dishes. The design of the restaurant is very special, as it's separated into 2 parts: a sake bar and a dining area. Some of the best-selling dishes here include Roasted Engawa Nigiri, Seafood Sesame Cold Udon, and Salmon Roll on Fire. The popular Salmon Roll on Fire is “burned” on the spot with fire when served. A feast for the eyes and the palate!

6. NK Mookata @ Kuchai Lama

nk mookata, kuchai lama, thai restaurant, hot pot
Have you ever tried a Mookata before? Mookata is Thai style hotpot with a dome shaped metal that can be used to grill meats and boil vegetables at the same time. A standard Mookata set here comes with pork slices, chicken, seafood, balls and vegetables. The meat slices are moistened with house special sauce to make the meat richer in taste when grilled. You can mix the ingredients with raw egg before grilling to enjoy the Mookata in authentic Thai style!

7. 46 By Project Gibraltar @ Taipan, Subang Jaya

46, gibraltar, subang, cafe, espresso
When passing by this shop, you probably wouldn’t notice that there is actually a café hidden inside, as the exterior resembles a plain wall. Look carefully and you will find a unique door knob that is made of a grouphead! Open the door, walk inside and you'll be greeted with a clean and pure white interior. The café’s owner wants the café to be simple and straightforward. It is a place for coffee lovers to chill and enjoy a cup of quality espresso. As simple as that.

8. The Hound @ OUG

the hound, oug, pet cafe, coffee, beagle
Pet cafés seem to be a new trend now. Located at the bustling neighborhood of Taman OUG, The Hound is a warm and pet friendly café in KL. Upon entering the café, you will be welcomed by a cute and friendly beagle named Cookie. Customers are welcomed to bring their pet dogs to the cafés to enjoy a good time with their pets as well as other pet lovers, while enjoying some fragrant coffee and delicious cakes homemade by the café’s owner herself. Don’t miss any of these hot eateries in August!

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