6 Recommended Places to Eat Out at Pandan Indah!

So many food you can get from Pandan Indah especially when they are famous for the Bak Kut Teh, Longan Tofu dessert, Cheese Naan, Thai food, and food courts that sums up Pandan Indah; they are back with better and tastier eateries now, let’s go!

1. Eddie & Co Coffee House 

A new café at Pandan Indah, this café serves signature cakes, pastries, and some hot food on the go like pasta, sandwiches and they even serve desserts too. Come here for a slice of cake ranging from salted caramel chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, cheesecakes tiramisu and many more flavors available over the counter, they serve coffee, tea, smoothies, fresh juices or even ice blended beverages too.

2. Mama Kim Sauna Mee 

Come here for a healthy treat. Known for the sauna mee – where special stone bowls are placed into a special oven to heat for 50 minutes and heated up to 250-degree celsius. Choose from noodles or rice, healthy ingredients are carefully picked to cook this dish. Uses the concept of 80% vegetable and 20% meat, they believe in ‘you are what you eat’!

3. Heartbeans Coffee 

The warm and cozy ambiance that’s good and relaxing, this place is good for coffee and the hot food too! From all-day breakfast to fried chicken waffles, grilled cheese sandwich and cakes, you’ll surely enjoy the food and the companion too.

4. Poppo Kanteen 

Poppo Kanteen is known for its local delights and now they have expanded to Pandan Indah too. Serves delicious food like the famous signature Nasi Lemak to Mee Siam, Jawa Mee and butter kopi-o, doesn’t that sound appetizing already? A café that is good for gathering and serves mouthwatering food, why not?

5. Thong Kee Restaurant 

Well-known coffee shop for the Hainanese coffee, tea, and toast, this place indeed usually crowded with a lot of patrons patiently waiting for a table. You’ll see every table ordered the kaya butter toast and the ham and cheese croissant. Apart from that, there are quite some food stalls inside selling Pan mee, Chee cheong fun, curry mee and more to pick from to start your power breakkie!

6. T Garden 

Operate for 24 hours daily, there are many patrons flocking this café at any time of the day. Extensive menu ranging from Dim Sum, Noodles, Rice & Western and Desserts, every food here looks just as delicious as it is. Beverage choices, too, a few pages to choose from, surely a nice place for gathering till late!

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