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Level4 2016-01-13
At this current point I feel like I'm going through a phase where all I want to have is seafood. It's probably not the best thing for my general health as it really spikes up the cholesterol, but in that moment I do not really mind. My current obsession happens to be seafood especially crabs cooked in different ways and also my favourite prawns. THANK GOODNESS mom was in a good mood and wanted to treat her good friend to a birthday dinner. Of course I bugged her to bring me along which was no problem since that friend of hers adore me. Off to South Sea we went one evening and I was near exploding with joy because its my favourite place to get super good seafood. We got the Wine steamed fresh tiger prawns. OMG THIS! IS! SO SO SOOOOO GOOD! Each prawn was super juicy and succulent, absorbing most of the tasty soup it was cooked in that also has very strong flavour from the crustacean. And the best way to tell if the prawns are fresh or not is by sucking out all the yummy guts from the head, which I had so many of and can proudly say that the prawns were just alive momentarily before being picked up from the tank to be cooked. SO SO SO YUMS. Finally came the main star which is the crabs. We ordered two kinds, the first that arrived was the black pepper flavour and omg it smelled amazing. There was more than just the spiciness off the black pepper but also some curry leaves and secret ingredients. The spicy kick of the 'sauce' and wok-hei really enhances the flavours of the sweet & juicy crab meat. Even though that was good, my ultimate favourite was the Butter Crab. The sauce was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and there was a generous amount of it, coating each pieces of the crab and seeped into each nook & cranny there is. Plus there's plenty more at the bottom of the plate for you to spoon over your crab. Or like me, slurp it up by the spoonfuls.CANT WAIT TO GO BACK. I'm literally salivating at the memory of this. ;-; continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-25
Our office today have VIP who come from India! So our director would like to invite all of us to have dinner in South Sea Seafood Restaurant! What a great pleasure as many of us knew that this restaurant served high end lobster and other rare seafood, no doubt for the price too! This is a good chance to try it out! none of us absent hehehe! Director ordered lobster, comes along with wasabi and soy sauce, either you wanna eat with cooked or uncooked, both also ok! The dead lobster on the table with it's fresh meat served together on the plate, even though it is dead, but it's hand/leg still able to move! I was... pity on the lobster! After finish eating lobster, staff will take the lobster and cut off to cook together with noodle! Once again, I stunned... They have ordered other seafood like steamed big fish, crab, french snails~ Fish and crab I'm able to accept but the snail... oh no, I don't wanna try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-05
i try the the black pepper crab is delectable and the meat is so fresh and delicious. not sticky to the skin and very easy to peel off, environment is clean and comfortable. utensils is clean and well maintains. also try the famous curry head fish head, salted egg prawn and squids and the vegetables are kai lan and also the garlic . service is good here and nice place to try continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-08
on one night, my dad decided to bring us out for seafood dinner as we were craving for it for quite long already! we drove to downtown subang, passing by the subang airport to visit this South Sea Seafood Restaurant. the surprising part here is that the restaurant is halal, so muslim seafood lovers can feel free to visit here!the restaurant is super crowded at 6pm, but there is ample space for us with the huge amount of tables, added with the huge area of aquariums, displaying their fresh-caught fish and other sea creatures.for most of the dishes, we ordered fried beancurd/tofu, steamed fish, and a couple of stir-fry vegetables. the vegetables were very fresh, and the one we ordered (couldn't recall the name) was special because it was so thin and light and chewy! unfortunately, it was kind of oily too, so after eating that you'd feel really thirsty. the fish, on the other hand, had a really nice soya sauce broth but the fish meat ended up a little fishy. this is actually steamed egg, served in a crab's shell, probably to give a crab-meat taste and feel? other than that, it was nothing special besides the presentation, as the eggs were steamed unevenly so you can feel the rough texture and bubbles on the surface of the egg (signifying uneven and incomplete steaming). other than that, their seafood remains yummy, especially their crab. i didnt manage to snap a photo of the crab, but the one we ordered was Butter Crab, served with melted cheesy butter and also their complimentary and must-have to go with, fried buns to be dipped with the butter sauce. the crabs were definitely the star of the day continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-05
Yummy,tonight we having dinner in here with our lovely friend from Japan.I ordered freshy tiger prawn,Kailan salted fish,steam sea-bass and squid dried chilies.The speed of services so fast,speeding good and we really enjoy the food.While having dinner,my friends wish to see the real live tiger prawn and she so impressed when one of the staff took her to see it.Thank you so much for the customer service that have been given towards us. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)