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My friend recommended Annalakshmi to me, when I told her about my cravings for Briyani. As it was Saturday night it only took us 20 minutes to reach Brickfields from Petaling Jaya (No Traffic Jam), where my normal journey early in the morning will took about 40 minutes to reach KL Sentral. Annalakshmi is located at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur and I am sure many of you guys know them for their special charity event " Eat as many you want and pay as you wish" but now they changed their concept to Buffet and Ala-Carte menu to avoid people misusing their charity programme. We are welcomed by the grandpa at the entrance and he seated us in the 4pax table. Once seated, you can start taking your own food from the buffet counter and they also have Chapatti, Naan (Butter Naan, Garlic Naan & Plain Naan) and Poori included in the buffet but you have to order this to the person in charge as this will only be prepared upon order. The ambiance was good. Lovely classical background music was playing while enjoying the foods. 1 round. Poori was delicious and don't worry it was not spicy. Just red in colour. Garlic Naan was soft and has good garlic taste.The food was so good that I went for 2 round!!It was a perfect dinner for us. RM 20 per person for dinner buffet and drinks are not included in the buffet. Foods are lovely home cooked meal and it is like I am dining in my own house. My favourites are their Pal Payasam, Idly, Sambar, Chutney, Rasam, Yogurt, Paan, Naan and Pori. Tips: Please bear in mind that you are not allowed to wear shorts, sleeveless and japan slipper to dine-in.Service Charge: NilGST: 6% (Included in the food price)Annalakshmi116, Jalan Berhala,Brickfields50470 Kuala LumpurTel: 03- 2272 3799 continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-17
If you are craving for some good old vegetarian food, then there could not be a better place to visit than Annalakshmi in Brickfields. Their buffet is very wallet friendly for people who are looking into stuffing yourself with lots of food. You can choose to go for ala carte if buffet isn't your thing. But this time around, I had the buffet since I wanted to try a little bit of everything at a reasonable pricing. The concept is almost alike with eating banana leaf rice except that its on a silver plate instead of banana leaf. Starting with carbs; Chapatti and Paratha has to be ordered from the kitchen behind while pulav(seasoned rice) can be easily found right infront. Their side dishes ranged from the potato curry, Baingan Bhartha(onion with egg plant dish), chow chow carrot porial(South Indian style ​carrot fry) ​,and many more. For soup wise, there's Rasam, which is made using ​tamarind​ juice as a base, with the addition of tomato, ​chili pepper​, ​pepper​, cumin​ and other spices as seasonings.Hence it can be quite sour for people who can’t deal with sour food.Finished off the meal with a cooling glass of Mango Lassi which was sweet and refreshing! continue reading
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Level1 2014-04-21
Worst kind of waiter..very rude waiter.Food is worst kind...no taste...big hole for pocket..careless about money can visit thisun auspicious restaurant in premises of "Temple of Fine Arts"..Running the show because of shows in Temple of fine arts..out siders never eat in this disgusting restaurant.High cost but no quality in food.can experience same when you visit..dare enough to try continue reading
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Remember i blog about Annalakshimi Restaurant in Brickfields before?Well, here’s the incredible bad experience me and my husband had while we went into Annalakshimi Restaurant in Brickfields this afternoon.As usual, we walked into this fine dining vegetarian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, at Brickfields, the waiter an elderly man told us to sit at two seater table at the corner (dim light corner by the way).Since i would like to put my bag on a chair, i informed this waiter i would prefer 4 seater table (politely).Then he pointed us to the back of the area and told us to sit there at number 24th table, without leading the way. (Wow, does he need to control which table number we have to be seated)It was too far away from the food counter and there were several empty seats in the middle (i saw a 4 seater table with 2 person seated just now), so i would much prefer to sit in the middle. He then said, he expected crowd and he need to optimize their seatings. (FYI, there were lots of empty seats at that hour). And so my husband told him, it was already after lunch time. He’s replied back this way: “Just now i told you to sit at the 2 table seat and you don’t want, so i told you to sit at the back 4 seater seat and then now you said you want to sit in the middle..Does that mean, we can’t choose where to sit when we paid for our food? It wasn’t cheap after all. With such customer service treatment?? Wow!.Even in cinema, you can select your seats, because you paid for it. The cashier never even once reply in such way (above).Such a “FINE Dining experience at Annalakshimi Restaurant Malaysia”..Would you spend your money for such attitude?In the end, we don’t bother to argue with him for his rude behaviour, we left and had our lunch elsewhere with better treatment where our money are worth spending to.http://rosamundwo.com/2014/bad-experience-in-annalakshimi-restaurant-malaysia/ continue reading
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Level4 2012-11-19
A no-frills vegetarian restaurant that continues to thrives, thanks to its warm service, well-prepared food and wonderful payment system. Customers can feast on a buffet and simply pay whatever they feel is justified. The variety looks limited at first glance, especially compared to hotel buffet spreads, but it's more than sufficient to fill an entire platter. Everything tastes healthy, with noticeably less salt and oil than regular Indian cuisine. There are also made-to-order breads, such as Ghee Dosa and Onion Oothapam. Light, fluffy and totally addictive for carboholics. Thankfully, their desserts are not too sweet! Mango Lassi & Salt Lassi. continue reading
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