What OpenRicers Say: Juus's 1 Day Detoxification Program
juus, cold press juice, jaya one
Several weeks ago, some of our members were invited to enroll in a 1 day detoxification program hosted by Juus, a cold-pressed juice specialty store at Jaya One. A day before the program, participants were given 6 bottles of different juices. Each has its own specific detox function. They were required to drink 1 bottle for every 2 hours, starting from 8am until 6pm. Have our OpenRice members benefited from the program? Let’s hear what they say!
juus, cold press juice, jaya one
What Catherinesee Says:
It was my first detox in my entire life! I have never gone on a puasa/fast in my life. The benefits of this detox are glowing skin, increase energy level, mental balance, stop craving of bad food and all around great feeling.
juus, cold press juice, jaya one
What aiyee83 Says:
Hubby and I managed to finished all 6 bottles in a day and follow the timetable given. Overall I prefer the first three juices and the taste is more pleasant. I managed to have smooth bowel movements on the same day and feel more energetic.
juus, cold press juice, jaya one
What Bowie Cheong Says:
I didn't check if it helps to reduce my weight, because this is only 1 day detox, but I feel more energetic and refreshing! I like the Power Cot, which contains carrot, orange and turmeric. It tastes so good!
juus, cold press juice, jaya one
What ZapPaLang Says:
juus, cold press juice, jaya one
What wsk169 Says:
I prefer the first two juice flavours (Power COT and Green Warrior), and I managed to have a good bowel movement after trying this detox program.
juus, cold press juice, jaya one
What alanlktan Says:
I wasn't feeling hungry, tired, weak or any other sides effects during the day while on the fluid diet but by 9 pm, I began to feel hungry. By 10 pm, I needed to eat a bowl of oat as I felt too hungry already. Generally, the detox programme is pretty good. I didn't have any problem but I didn't feel energized, etc too. My body would have benefited but did not show any effect. Want to try Juus’s detoxification program? Visit their website and Facebook for more info.
cold press juice
jaya one
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