5 Perfectly Recommended Grilled Toasts You Need to Try!

Looking at those freshly baked toast or sandwiches that are so fluffy and appetizing, don’t you feel to munch on it? So many places that you can get them from, but for sure there will be certain ones that have that ‘Oommphh’ and you’ll always crave for it! Creative and delicious toasts or sandwiches? Let’s go!

1. A.Toast

A small café that is strategically located at Pudu, you get to enjoy your toasts as early as 6.00am on weekdays! Specializes on sandwiches, there are few choices you can get from A.Toast. From their famous Grilled Cheese Kimchi Toast, Black Sesame Toast with Sunny Side Up & Ham, Charcoal Toast with Scrambled Egg & Cheese or even some awesome whole meal toasts, how could you not visit them right now?

2. Haraju-Cube

Thinking of Haraju-Cube’s famous honey toast? Yup! They are definitely famous for that, but do you know they do serve mouthwatering toast as well? Creamy mayo egg toast, Wafu-tunamayo toast or even Cheesy wasabi egg sandwich are one of their best seller too. Plus no one could resist to not order their butterscotch milk too! Toast and sandwiches? Haraju-cube lah!

3. Battery Acid Club

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Looking at their grilled cheese sandwich, don’t you feel like having it instantly? Sandwiched in between hams, pineapples, capsicums and melted cheese that’s so perfect in between, cheese maniacs can never skip this from Battery Acid Club. Plus it comes with crispy and delicious wedges; nothing could stop you from having all of it for sure!

4. The Big Cheese 

Cheesus! How could you not know that they are here? Simply the haven for all cheese lovers, their toast here will never go wrong! A few choices to choose from, we cannot resist the temptation to try their ‘Just Cheese’. Crispy toast that is nicely buttered, you’ll find this addictive. 3 slices are just not enough!

5. Analog Café

Famous for their sandwiches, you should come over to this place for some homey interior and ambience and furnishings, head over here for their delicious bites of cheese toastie, bacon monte or some cheesy toasts that you could opt for. Don’t forget to try their hand-brewed coffee too by their friendly baristas!

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