The Best Local Breakfasts that We Love Most!

So many variety of good food here in Malaysia, what do you usually had for breakfast? So many to choose from, these delicious choices might have a place on your food list too! Here are some great options to choose if you need some help on food!

1. Nasi Lemak

One of the must have for breakfast – Nasi Lemak! Not just the best food to have on a lazy Sunday, but they are great for working adults too! Grabbing a pack of Nasi Lemak from your usual stall, that Sambal, anchovies, peanuts and best if they do have fried chicken or curry rendang, that’s one of the best breakfast to kick start your day!

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2. Half-boiled Eggs / Roti Bakar / 'Kopi'

Another norm that you’ll notice especially at coffee shops, many patrons would love to enjoy their half-boiled eggs with some soy sauce and pepper, then slurp them up just like that or dip that toast into it. Plus the best match, a cup of local made coffee to sums up everything, perfect!

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3. Wan Tan Mee

That springy eggy noodle that is tossed with sweet soy sauce, adding in slices of nicely charred ‘Char Siu’ meat and vegetables, a place of this must have Wan Tan Mee sums up a great satisfaction! Eaten along with those marinated green chilies? You’ve got the point! Extra appetizing. 

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4.  Dim Sum

Another great option as you can enjoy morning breakfast with lots of steaming hot food choices, Dim Sum is it! A great way to gather with your family members, enjoy Siu Mai, Har Gaw, Buns, Fish Balls, Egg Tarts, Loh Mai Gai, Chee Cheong Fun and more to select from. Who doesn’t fancy Dim Sum for breakkie?

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5. ‘Kuih’ 

A great small bites that is not to be missed; these are one of the best local specialties that we all crave for. From common Kuih’s that we’ve heard about – Ang Ku, Onde-onde, Kuih Talam, Kuih Lapis, Seri Muka, Kuih Ketayap and more! 

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6. Bak Kut Teh

One of the best especially eaten during breakfast, some of you might even go all the way to Klang to enjoy it. A pot that is filled with the best meat cuts, from fat to lean, the soup or the dry ones, who can resist such a great pot of BKT for breakfast? Remember to order a pot of Chinese tea too to wash the ‘oiliness’ away!

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7. Roti Canai

A piece of flat bread that everyone love to have it be it breakfast, lunch or dinner; crispy yet filling, eaten with curry or dhal gravy, some of you might opt for some sambal to eat with your Roti Canai, isn’t it? Sip up a cup of hot and foamy Teh Tarik, match made in heaven!

Recommended restaurants: Steven's Corner, Devi's Corner

8. Curry Mee

We can read your mind! A bowl of fragrant and thick broth curry mee would be so good, especially when it has cockles in it! Warm and delicious, eaten with chicken meat, Tofu ‘Pok’, long beans, pork skin and many more in a bowl. Wish to have it right away?

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9. Pan Mee

Pan Mee! A bowl of Pan Mee makes it in the list too. Handmade Pan Mee noodles from scratch, enjoy it with anchovies, fried shallots, minced meat and more, the broth is just so irresistibly good and full with flavor. Eaten best with Chili Padi for that extra hotness. 

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10. Yong Tau Foo

A Hakka dish that most of us love to have it anytime of the day, enjoy them in all sorts of vegetables that is stuffed with the best fish paste! Fried and then drenched with some broth, choose from bittergourd, brinjal, tofu or even fried selections like dumplings and more! 

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