[Premium Quality Sakura Pork Set from RM15.90 onwards?] Sho Kushiage NOW Opens at Sunway Pyramid!

Always been craving for up to par pork tonkatsu that’s crispy on the outer and juicy on the inside? If you have tried this, Sho Kushiage would be your next place that you need to mark it down right away!

Always thought that the prices offered wasn’t pocket-friendly and that is why you refrain yourself from indulging it? Then this is one of the best news you need to know! At Sho Kushiage, they have launched this new Set Menu – so affordable!

Every set comes with Japanese rice, Miso Soup and Beverage (Yuzu 7-Up / Green Tea) and they are just from RM15.90 onwards! A great choice to indulge on scrumptious food with no worries!

Set Menu (From RM15.90 onwards)

[Recommended!] Japanese Curry Cheese Pork Ball Set – crispy cheese pork ball with Japanese curry? Dip them into the curry and take a bite, overwhelmed with different taste and texture, plus do you know the chef added chocolate into the curry for a thicker texture and taste?


Compact pork meat ball with cheese in it totally nailed it. Upon opening it up, look at that cheesy texture; isn’t it so mouthwatering?

Looking for something appetizing? They do have Sweet and Savory Pork Rib Set that is a home recipe that the chef said many love this dish and helps to enhance the patron’s appetite for sure!

Wait, whaaat? If you never tried chicken cartilage like us, you should try this out. Chicken Cartilage Cutlet Set here is cooked using Japanese style and recipe, it has the soft bones if you’re wondering what cartilage is. A superb crunchy biting texture, they don’t feel oily either too. Upon first bite, you’ll sure to enjoy every piece of it.

See how the meat texture looks like? Soft and tender juicy inside, this is how the Japanese tonkatsu looks like!

Besides rice, their set menu does have 3 types of Ramen as well! From the set menu, we have selected this Japanese Chashu Ramen (Spicy / Non Spicy). Broth was boiled for long hours and uses pork bones thus it tastes thicker and more flavorful than usual. Adding in homemade chili oil, this helps enhances the whole bowl of ramen to the next level!

Springy Ramen noodle, nice cuts of Chashu used and believe it or not, every ingredient used in this bowl of ramen indeed match made in kitchen!

** For those who would prefer non spicy or milder, do let their friendly waiter & waitresses know about this upon ordering and they’ll sure to help you on this!

Next up, let’s get back to Sho Kushiage’s limelight:

Of course you wouldn’t want to miss this out. Cheese Premium Pork Chop Set was one of the most ordered dishes here!

Uses Sakura Three Yuan Pork, the meat texture is softer and juicier too!

Uses imported bread crumbs to coat the pork meat; it is then deep fried till crispy and golden brown a must to dip it into the cheese pot! Sinfully delicious, it is so hard to resist not to dip it in!

Do you know that you can refill the shredded cabbage for free? Not only shredded cabbage, but also the Miso soup and Japanese rice too!

They have sauces for you to add in to the side dishes or even the shredded cabbage like wasabi sauce or sesame sauce, yummy!

Every table are provided with sesame seeds and a grinder where you can experience grinding it yourself! Add in the provided homemade sauce, this sauce is so fragrant and tastes so good!

New Special Menu Recommendation!

Starting on 13 December 2016, Sho Kushiage will have this Special Menu where they have scrumptious recommendation for you!

Teppan Cheese Korean Sauce Pork Ribs

Cheese and pork ribs are prolly the best food eaten in a hot plate! Pull the cheese high up and enjoy them with the ribs; taste tadly spicy as they uses Korean chili paste but at the same time it tastes sweet too! You too may roll the cheese onto the ribs and eat it together!

Grilled Saikyo Pork Collar

Pork collar meat that nicely done, the lean and fats makes it so good! Soft and delicious, this is another must try!

Japanese Chashu

If you like to enjoy the Japanese style chashu, this too a must order platter! Suitable as snacks to munch on too!

Interior was cosy yet Christmassy feel as it is the month of celebration now!

Sho Kushiage is located at Sunway Pyramid LG2 , you’ll sure to spot them up easily!

More information: Sho Kushiage

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