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Cheesy Pork Ball Buta Soup Base Mini Hot Pot Pork Chop Sushi Teppan Cheese Sauce Pork Ribs Cheese Unagi Roll Mexico roll
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Thanks to Keppo.my for the invitation and this round, I love to walk you through new Japanese restaurant, Sho Kushiage. Sho Kushiage is located at Lower Ground two, Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. Sho Kushiage serves fresh and crispy pork dishes that satisfy your carnivorous cravings. Their premium Sakura pork not only delicious and juicy but also healthy pork meat as it using patented Lactobacillus pig- breeding technology whereby you can find this information on their menu. Check out some of Shu Kushiage’s best dishes. Pork Chop Ramen/ Udon RM29.90 The nice aroma of the pork chop really makes me drooling. Its glorious pork chop comes with a perfect texture which gives a good flavour-lock in your mouth. The chewy and soft udon coupled with savoury stew pork broth soup works in harmony to bring out the best of the pork. Cheesy Pork Ball Ramen/Udon RM25.90 The moment you bite on the cheesy pork ball, you can taste the creamy cheesy filling in your mouth. This is my favourite cheesy pork ball. Pair well with a hot bowl of Udon/ Ramen. You won't resist the best cheesy pork ball in town. Yum..yum Curry Udon with Pork Chop RM 29.90 / Curry Udon with Cheesy Pork Ball RM 25.90 Give a try on their Curry Udon whereby you can choose to pair with a pork chop or cheesy pork ball. The speciality about curry udon is the curry base. They did not use any artificial sugar and replace it with healthy dark chocolate. Surprisingly the taste blends well with curry and creates a nice taste. Pork Cutlet With Sweet Sauce and Egg Set RM19.90 Serve in generous portion as you can enjoy every bite of the premium pork cutlet. Paired well with delicious sweet sauce and egg, making the dishes more outstanding. The set meal serve with shredded vegetables, pickles, Japanese rice and miso soup. Mini Hot Pot (Buta Soup Base) RM 28.90 I love the soup base texture. The sweetness of the Buta Soup warms up my stomach. Enjoy the hot pot moment that comes with the fresh ingredients. Signature Cheese Tonkatsu RM29.90 This is Sho Kushiage signature dish. More cheesy filling to satisfied your taste bud? Dip in your crispy pork chop into the golden cheesy. Ice Cream Temaki Bored with old fashion Temaki? Sho Kushiage makes it fun whereby the Temaki preparation is in Ice- Cream cone. Creative idea and look attractive. Is time to quench your thirst as Sho Kushiage offers a different type of drinks. I love their Yuzu drinks.Follow Sho Kushiage on Facebook for more information regarding their promotion and updates. Or find out more regarding Sho Kushiage at Keppo.my website Sho Kushiage, Sunway PyramidLG2.28 & 29 Lower Ground Two,Sunway Pyramid ,Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway47500 Petaling Jaya,SelangorContact: 03 56136160 continue reading
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Level4 2017-06-18
Sho Kushiage is well known Japanese Tonkatsu Meal and was located at LG2 of Sunway Pyramid , This Japanese Restaurant started runs their Business from june Last year and serve selected premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork . As The explanation of Sakura Three Yuan Pork are a special premium breeds of 3rd generation pork has high disease resistance, strong life force and better feed conversion rate . The pork is considered having the best gene , safer for consumption and most importantly the tender quality , juicier and also top priority of the ingredients . These pig farms can be purebred or crossbred and is better in terms of genetic quality and health status . The whole seated place are nicely arranged with wooden chairs and tables create a great environment for dinners , the ambiance with bright lighting that makes me comfy and relaxing . In Sho Kushiage thay served huge variety of Japanese cuisine from Udons to Susuhi Rolls and Premium Pork fried with Vegetable Oil . As a Patron dining here , The staff are really friendly and helpful to serve us . The irresistible seed plum sauce and fried sesame seed , mould the sesame seed till the fragrant burst out then add in the plum sauce . The plum sauce can pour into salad or either dip with the fried meat . Premium Pork Chop Cutlet & Tiger Prawn The Premium Pork Cutlet and Fresh Tiger Prawn is stunning with the crispy bites at the skin while inside remains its juiciness . By using the fresh bread crumbs deep fried bread . It make the fried Golden coloured crumb less oily And also served with the side of miso soup , rice , salad , black bean and Pickle Vegetable . Two Different sauces to Dip at one time which is the cheesy sauce and the other one is the curry sauce . Pork Cutlet with Sweet Sauce and EggThe pork cutlet made with premium sakura pork is crispy at the outside , and remain juicy and soft in the inside . It is also paired with sweet sauce and egg , making the dish greatly appetizing to be eaten with Japanese rice And comes with shredded vegetable , pickles , rice and miso soup . Mini Hot PotTheir mini hot pot comes with 3 choices of soup base which are Buta, Kimchi and Cheese . Sides with portion of Vege include carrot , greens , enoki , mushroom and sakura pork slices . Avocado Salmon , Avacado Unagi and Mango Prawn Cones Red Rasberries , Blueberries , Mango and Original Calpis . Yuzu Coke and Yuzu 7UP . Sho Kushiage Sunway Pyramid Address: LG2.28C & LG2.29,Lower Ground Sunway Pyramid ,NO.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,Bandar Sunway 47500 Selangor . continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)