8 Best Pancakes Places in Klang Valley!
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Round in shape, soft and fluffy; they could be eaten in many ways. It is served warm and sometimes with a scoop or two of ice creams to chill you down. With fresh berries ingredients, maple syrup or honey and don’t forget that butter on top to melt them down together; a piece of pancake warms your soul up instantly! To discover the wonder of pieces of good pancakes, we’ve been searching high and low to get the fix right! So fluffy, we could die looking at it! Now, just get everything right and eat them to please your appetite! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. The Grumpy Cyclist @ TTDI

The Grumpy Cyclist, pancakes, TTDI, KL, PJ
While there are so many café’s blooming at TTDI, The Grumpy Cyclist is one of it. A bicycle-themed café, its decoration is all bicycle related and they have a modern looking bicycle workshop here too. The food portion here for their brunch selections comes in a hearty portion. Looking at their pancake, Crespella – chocolate chip pancakes with blueberries, a strawberry and whipped cream dusted with icing sugar and maple syrup! A perfect combination of chocolate chips and pancake, making it a nice texture and the portion will sure to make you full! Having a pancake fever? They’ll heal you!

2. Map’s Café @ Bandar Sunway

The Grumpy Cyclist, pancakes, TTDI, KL, PJ
A café that is comfy, tranquil and baristas welcomes you with a warm smile, this is yet another hidden gem at Bandar Sunway! Just very near to Sunway Pyramid, they are under the same management of That Latte Place. Their crowd pleaser of eggs benedict is still in Map’s menu, and they serve pork dishes here! Serves savory pancakes here, it is equally good too! Porky pancake – with 2 pieces of pancakes, strips of bacon, sunny side up, potatoes and served with honey. The pancake batter is not thick thus making it soft and fluffy! Try them today!

3. WichDay Café @ Taman Connaught

WichDay Café, pancakes, Pandora Box, Connaught, Cheras
Ever wonder how it feels eating in a dreamland with carousel decorations, merry-go-round murals and rocking horses plus cute decorations? It eventually calms your hectic day down! Serves affordable yet tasty food, this café is one of the best at this neighborhood! Having those food like most regular café does, their pancakes too, a must try item here! Banana Pancake is one of the favourite besides their Pandora Box; it is served with buttermilk pancakes, banana slices, fresh cream and honey! Creamy and soft pancakes, they are exceptionally thick, but not overly thick which makes it good to chew with the bananas! As for their Pandora Box, it is only available from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. So be sure to make way for good desserts today!

4. Tryst @ SS15, Subang

Tryst, pancakes, Subang, SS15
Favor to have some good pancakes in a cafe to brighten up your day? Nestled at this hustle bustle place that is near colleges, parking spaces is a total headache, but nothing stops you from getting good food! A pancake expertise, Tryst serves so many delectable flavours! Banana chocolate pancake, pancake with vanilla and longan, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and so many more to order from the menu! From sweet pancakes to savory ones, you can find them in the menu too! Their pancakes here are slightly moist and drench in sauces (depending on the flavours), perhaps you would love to bite them up while it is served! Get a bite of the pancakes from Tryst today!

5. Upstairs Café @ Subang Jaya

Upstairs Cafe, Subang Jaya, Pancakes
Just located opposite of the famous landmark of Subang, SJMC, they are at upper storey of the shoplot, thus it is Upstairs café! A cosy and comfortable café here serves delectable sweet treats and good western dishes here. A nice place to chill with friends, they do serve pancakes too! Psst! Do you know they are famous for pancakes here? When it is served to your table, the aroma of it is just too good to describe. Buttermilk pancakes, it is served with strawberries and blueberries, maple syrup, whipped cream, butter and dusted powdered sugar on top! Good consistency on each piece, it is fluffy and not cloying! Surely a good choice for some snack or tea time when you crave for pancakes!

6. The Daily Grind @ Bangsar

The Daily Grind, pancakes, Bangsar, KL
Get this pancake to satisfy your cravings! At The Daily Grind, they have the best burgers, waffles and now – pancakes! 3 pieces of pancakes that has ingredients in between it, of whipped cream, peanut butter and bananas. Drizzled with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar and not forgetting a plastic doll on top! If you looked from another angle, the reason they put a doll on top is because it looks like a dress for the doll! Creative isn’t it? Because it is drizzled with the chocolate on it, the pancakes absorbs it and it tastes delectably soft and smooth!

7. Franco @ The Curve & Major Shopping Malls

Franco, pancakes, PJ, KL
Fine casual dining restaurant, Franco is here to delight your tummy! Most known for their desserts, their pancake is one of the must order too. Unlike the rest of the pancakes that is flat and thinner, theirs are actually taller and fluffier! Having fine eggy and matcha taste, their texture could be quite different somehow like a soufle version but the pancake springiness is still there! With red bean, matcha jelly cubes, red bean paste and matcha softee! Every bite of it just too good to describe! You’ve got to try them out immediately!

8. Metal Box @ Empire Damansara

Metal Box, pancakes, PJ, Empire Damansara
Located at Empire Damansara, this cafe is usually crowded with patrons. They serve breakfast platters throughout the day! No more worries if you’re not a morning person and yet you get to enjoy it! Menu here consist of wide selections of all-day breakfasts, mains, pastas and even desserts. Their famous pancake – Guinness Pancake, fluffy and moist pancake with mixed berries tossed in raspberry coulis, shot of Gula Melaka syrup with a touch of homemade Guinness dressing. While sweetness overpowered the bitterness of Guinness, it still tastes as good as it is! Comes in 5 pieces of pancakes, it keeps you feeling full too!
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