5 Biggest Reason You Need to Try These Food!
BGT Lakeview, Kai's Plato, Seafood, Fresh Seafood
Hoping to dine near the lakeside? Wish you could get the authentic coconut ice cream in KL? How about 'Satay Celup' style 'Lok-lok'? All these food is simply irresistible and thinking hard on where can you get them all? What are you waiting for? Let’s follow 小宝;爱美食 爱分享 on a food trail to all the mentioned food above! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Kai’s Plato

Seafood,Kai’s Plato,Crab, Prawn
Kai’s Plato is a seafood restaurant in PJ that uses a special technique of cooking seafood. By using layered pots to steam them, there are total of 7 types of seafood are contained in a bowl such as Bay Lobster, Prawns, Scallops, Hard Shell Clams, Crab, Mussel, Squid and Spaghetti. The seafood in this restaurant are very fresh and we ordered for 2 persons that cost us RM118.80. If you bring along birthday girl or boy, you are entitled to get a free House Red Wine from the restaurant. Here are the list of the prices depends on amount of persons: 2 pax for RM118.80 4 pax for RM229.90 6 pax for RM350.00
Seafood, Kai’s Plato, Crab, Prawn, Wine Buffet
FYI, there are wine buffet as well starting from every Monday to Thursday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm! To the wine lovers, you can enjoy your leisure time at here as well!
Seafood, Kai’s Plato, Crab,  Prawn
Other than good food, their boss does think that communication between customers and him are very important. The owner is very friendly and he went to approach most of the patrons dining in that night and will then teach you how to see how fresh the seafood is. The boss said to us that if you encounter any seafood that seems not fresh anymore, they will then replace it with a new one. (Personal sharing)

2. Pai Nai Thai & Western Restaurant

pai nai thai & western restaurant, Thai Restaurant, Western food, Seafood
Used to operate their business at Ampang in KL, now they are relocated near to Selayang Mall but they are nearer to the houses side in that area. Having both air-conditioned and open-aired dining tables, we ordered Mango Sticky Rice - RM8.00, Mango Salad - RM10.00, Fried eggs with Shrimp - RM10.00, Fried 'Heavenly Kings' Vege - RM13.00, Pandan Chicken (7pcs) - RM17.50 and Sotong Steamed with Lime Sauce - RM26. Everything we ordered that day is in small portion for only RM103.45! Good food and price!
pai nai thai & western restaurant, Thai restaurant, Western Food, Seafood
The mango sticky rice and the coconut milk are separated, so it is optional to either dip as you eat or you just pour it on the top! The gravy of the Belacan is really amazing and it does smell really good!

3. Come Eat Lok Lok

LOK LOK, tom yam
Are you a fan of Lok Lok? All the sticks in the restaurant only cost RM1.00 each! This restaurant in KL has provided tables and seats for customers to enjoy. Business starts in the morning as early as 9.30am but they only sell seafood noodles in the morning while as for Lok Lok, it starts after 1.30pm! There are only 2 options for customers to choose for their soup, clear broth for free and Tom Yam soup that you need to pay RM5.00. As for the Tom Yam soup, it tastes a bit sour at the bottom of the bowl but yet the fragrance of the soup is amazing.
LOK LOK, tom yam
There are sticks in pairs as well which cost RM2.00 per stick. After finishing, they will then count according to the sticks you've eaten. There are more than 30 types of Lok Lok are awaiting you to choose, don’t worry about the price because it is definitely worth it! If you want to eat some noodles, there is Maggie Mee and Yee Mee to order too!

4. Nutty Coco

Coconut Ice Cream, Thai Snacks, Nutty Coco, Ice-cream
Lately, the trend of eating coconut ice-cream in KL is a hit and there are no other than the authentic Nutty Coco! It has the flavors of Potato, Corn, Cempedak and Coconut. The brand is originally come from Thailand which represents 4 different types of combination that makes the tastes goes well. Toppings are available for customers to choose based on their preferences. As for us, we had chosen the Signature of the Nutty Coco that contains Corn and Nuts. Although it looks simple but it tastes amazing with the price of only RM10.90!

5. B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar

意大利, 泰国小吃,意大利面, 冰淇淋
This Italian restaurant in PJ offers spaghetti buffet by noon, it is surely the best thing to eat especially when they have 10 different types of sauces to choose from. It is better if you choose to go at evening because you can enjoy the sunset and enjoy the cool wind that blows lightly over you. They do have the ala-carte menu, so that you can choose any dishes you want. We ordered Large River Prawns, Handmade spaghetti, Seafood pasta with garlic, Lamb Chop, B.G.T Grilled Durian Pizza, Chocolate dessert and French crepe.
意大利, 泰国小吃,意大利面, 冰淇淋
B.G.T Grilled Durian Pizza Are you a Durian lover? Yes? Well, have you tried before Durian Pizza? Never heard of it? Then you should come over and try out their Durian Pizza! It is crispy on the surface of the pizza and it is covered up with Durian on top of the pizza. The Durian Pizza is baked with wood-fired oven that makes it even delicious and crispy.
Italian, Thai snacks,Spaghetti, Ice-cream
Chocolate Dessert Chocolate is the most famous type of dessert for everyone. The appearance of this Chocolate looks like an ordinary desserts like others, but what you will discovered is that, there is a small piece of chocolate cake hidden under the dessert. It tastes soft and not too sweet, just nice! Text originally from 小宝;爱美食 爱分享

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