Grilled Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mushroom Recipe 香煎蘑菇鸡胸肉食谱

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Grilled Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mushroom Recipe 香煎蘑菇鸡胸肉食谱
Chicken breast might tastes slightly rougher when you overcooked it. Why not try this recipe of Grilled Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mushroom? As easy as it is, follow the recipe below!

Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients / 材料
1 set chicken breast / 鸡胸肉 1副
some salad greens / 田园沙拉 适量

Filling / 馅料
30g each of onion / 洋葱 30克
30g celery (diced) / 芹菜 30克
30g button mushroom (sliced) / 蘑菇30克(全部切丁)
salt, sugar and pepper to taste / 盐、糖及胡椒粉 少许

Sauce Ingredients / 百里香酱料
2 sprigs bay leaves / 月桂叶 2片
thyme to taste / 百里香 少许
20g beef powder (Knorr Brand) / 牛骨粉(家乐牌)20克
200ml water / 水 200毫升

Mash Potato Ingredients / 马铃薯泥材料
100g cooked potato (mashed) / 煮熟马铃薯 100克(压成泥)
2tbsp fresh cream / 鲜奶油 2汤匙
10g butter / 牛油 10克
salt & pepper to taste / 盐和胡椒粉 适量
1.Heat some oil in wok, sauté filling ingredients until fragrant and soften, dish out.

2.Cut a hole in chicken breast and stuff in the fried fillings ingredients, secure with tooth pith.

3.Marinate stuffed chicken breast with some paprika powder, black pepper & salt for 10 minutes.

4.Pre-heat oven at 180℃ and bake the chicken breast for 15 minutes or until cooked.

5.To prepare mash potato: Mix all the mashed potato ingredients until smooth, arrange on serving plate with grilled chicken breast and green salad.

6.To make sauce: Boil all sauce ingredients, keep stiring till gravy thicken, pour on dish to serve.
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