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This is Maple Kok . I am a Student, work in Kampar. I like to hang out in Kampar. Japanese, Malaysian variety, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Kopitiam, Pasar Malam and Dim sum, Desserts, Nasi Minyak, Cheese Cake,Chicken herbal soup.
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103 Coffee Workshop @ Cheras C180 Smile Dec 07, 2016   
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Categories : Japanese | Western variety | Café | Pizza/Pasta | Sweets/Snack

Never did I expect such great cafe would bloom in this area. Because of this cafe, I prefer to go to Japanese type cafe because of their exquisiteness , and attention to detail. 

 If you are a coffee lover, you should have pay this place a visit. A place with proffessional barista. They even sent their barista to competition!

There actually 2 branches of 103 Coffee Workshop. I reviewed the one in Cheras C180, the other one is Sri Petaling. You can always go to their facebook to know the latest brew of coffee/menu.

As much as 103 coffee workshop on great brew of coffee , their food here delight me as their coffee! Let's venture into their food, coffees and the interior.


Ratatuille RM 19.90

A sunny side up on top of zucchini, corn, and cheese to be eaten with the garlic toast. The garlic bread is so crispy I enjoyed every bite of it with the rich and perfectly tossed garlic bread.A perfect heartily breakfast by add on with a fruit juice. A balanced meal to start your day. Trust me, it is not something to die for. but definitely worth the try!

Goma Yaki Udon RM 15.90

The Udon is perfectly fried with the Goma (Japanese sesame sauce). If you love goma sauce, you will definitely love this. I noticed that every single dish served today would come with some green to balance the meal. This Goma Yaki Udon neither too oily, dense with Goma sauce and come with the side of 2 different varieties of mushroom! (Cheers to mushroom lover!)

It also comes with the side of prickled ginger, roasted seaweed and fresh scallions. It definitely cheerish your gourmet experience.

Orange & Smoked Duck Breast Salad RM 19.90

This is another surprise dish that you wouldn't want to miss. Every bite of it would lead the next bite until you notice that you finally finish the salad. It is simply tantalizing with the tangy juicy orange cube , flavoured fried potato wedges that you could clearly discern not from the freezing potato wedges, cherry tomatoes and the limelight of the dish SMOKED DUCK BREAST!

Frankly speaking this is my first time tasting smoked duck slice that it is perfectly smoked, the meat itself is tender. And it really goes well with the tangy orange. A highly recommended dish!

Smoked Duck Breast Aglio Olio RM 19.90

Not your usual spicy, oily aglio olio that pair with seafood but smoked duck instead. Smoked duck breast was tender, served with some healthy choice of cherry tomatoes before topped off with garden arugula, and parmesan cheese on top.

Thyme and Lemongrass Infused Roast Spring Chicken RM 32.90

only served in C180 outlet, but not in Sri Petaling outlet

Frankly speaking, the spring chicken itself is not too salty, prefect for healthy concious folk, but it is tad bland for me. The sweet & sour sauce is the mix of chili and pineapple jam twhich is particularly appetizing! Guess that one is their secret sauce that has some pickle vege which I couldn't discern anyway.

Teriyaki Chicken Don RM 16.90

Served with bouncy sushi rice, scallions and shredded capsicum, and not forget the on nom nom bouncy spring egg. The Terikayi chicken is specially seasoned , remain succulent that I felt satiated.It is a simple dish that relishes the soul during the break of busy working hour.

Overall, it is a really satisfying gourmet experience. Every dishes were intricately prep, to look visually engaging, flavoured yet do not lose it attention to lead its patron for healthy vege. Appetizing, heartily satisfying.


Strawberry Latte RM 13.90

My first impression when I first saw this on my friend's instagram was like.... I must try this! Looking for inviting with the bright red starwberry juice ice cube.

So it is stawberry iceball , a shot of expresso and fresh milk.

Such colourful transfusion. Even the moement of pouring expresso first, then milk with worth to capture. Agree?

I had high expectation on this visually attractive starwberry latte, and it's taste which is not pure bitter coffee, accompanied by mild (lesser than mild, subtle) taste of concentrated strawberry juice, delighted my taste bud as not a coffee lover.

Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara (Pourover coffee)

This is our first hand brew, as mentioned above. The coffee beans used is Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara. It is produced in a factory known as Kiamabara in the town of Nyeri. According to this site, Kiamabra known to produce consistently sweet coffee. It is a little sour due to the citrus acidity from the coffee bean too.

Kenya Ethopia Yirgacheffe Areka (Pourover Coffee)

This pourover is more sour than the previous Nyreri Kiambara, but somehow I prefer this though. It has some fruity scent like rose, raspberry and some other tropical fruit notes. It has the long lingering aftertaste, which is so suitable to spent a cozy afternoon to nostalgia over the past great time. LOL

Ice Blended Mocha RM 14.90

I like this Ice Blended Mocha, the ratio of Espresso, Fresh Milk and Chocolate make it taste nicer than Ice Blended Chocolate, in a sense that is not too pure chocolate, nor too bitter.

Highly recommended!

Flat White (double shot ) RM 11.50


103 Coffee Workshop has 2 branches, Sri Petaling and Cheras C180. These are the cozy, blue theme interior of the cafe.

A choice for coffee lover to chating over the comfortable cushion.

The cafe can easily accomodate around 35-45 people. On different types of seating. The simple wooden and metal.

And also a counter heigh dining seat for 8 people.

Yours truly lepak in this cozy corner here with her new met blogger friend, Kimora.

How to get there?

(Oppsite of CIMB shoplot)

No. 3-G, Jalan C180/2, Dataran C180

Cheras, Selangor

Contact No

016-662 0108

03-9081 5789

Operation Hours

Closed on Tuesday

Monday - Thursday : 11.00am - 10.30pm

Friday - Sat : 11.00am - 11.00 pm

Sun : 11am - 10pm

Facebook | Instagram
Supplementary Information:
Wifi available
Recommended Dish(es):  Iced Blended Mocha, Smoked duck salad, Smocked duck breast aglio olio, Teriyaki Chicken Don
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Dec 03, 2016 

Celebration:  聖誕節 

Spending per head: Approximately RM35

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

  • Interesting

  • Touched

  • Envy

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Categories : Japanese | Stall / Warung | Bakery / Cake / Kuih

Are you cheesetart lover? If you do, you would have heard of Pablo Cheesetart. It is very famous Half-baked cheesetart that has made its name in Japan.

View my previous review on their signature Cheesetart here. Cheese lover musn't miss this! To further extend the excitement, Pablo also offered a few other flavours to their cheesetart. And this time, it is Pablo Mini Matcha and Pablo Mini Cinnapple.

Pablo Mini Matcha RM 9.90

Available from 1st April 2017 (no joke) onwards. Bet you seldom heard of combination of Matcha and Cheesetart. Unless it is the original Pablo Cheesetart, otherwise the Matcha flavour is not really heavily cheese tasted. It taste like the Matcha Kikat Bar. So if you are a Matcha lover, don't forget to hunt for your Matcha food here! A food truly from Japan! Pablo Mini Cinnaple (1/4- 31/5/2017) Rm 9.90

Yes, you look it right, It is Cinnapple (Cinnamon + Apple), a very unique flavour that we seldom seen in Malaysia. It is generous amount of fresh apple cubes mixed with the special fusion jam on a piece of cheese tart.

The taste of the spreading is sweet and really crunchy as we bite on it!

Drink: Berry Cheese Rm 15.90

Topped up with a cup of Berry Cheese, a chilled beverage with 3 different types of berry and cheese. I felt a tad bit of full as I drank it during the hungry time. Fret not if you think it is weird to have cheese in the drink. Despite it has cheese, the taste of it is so mild, it basically just feel milky in a very exquisite way that you will like it.

Now, I am talking to talk about the Pablo Mini Marshmallow Strawberry Cheese Tart. Just like any other cheesetart here, it is priced at RM 9.90. A layer of strawberry jam spreaded on top of a piece of cheesetart. With the fluffy marshmallow on it, it make the eating experience a fun and excited one! But well, being pretty outside, it actually very cheesy at the bottom. This is a limited seasonal cheese tart, so hurry to Pablo @One Utama to get it now! It's only available until 30th April 2017.Hurry to get this as it's only available til 30th April 2017.

Strawberry Cheesetart RM 49.90

This is my utmost favourite! I couldn't deny the fact that the price is a bit pricey. However, I highly recommended this! The soft centre creamy texture blasted with strawberry cheese cream which tasted balanced and sweet.

From my personal experience, it taste better you eat it cold than eat it in room temperature. Initially I feel like I was eating a strawberry flavoured ice-cream. However, the highlight here is that it has that really fresh chewvy berries in between the 2 layers of soft creamy tart that drive me crazy.

Highly recommended to eat when it is cold, not only it's texture is much more firm that it makes you easy to hold, but it somehow taste sweeter.

Talking about the crust, it doesn't have the crunchy sound after keeping in fridge overnight, but I was surprised to find it still remain crisp. I yearn for this whenever I saw it....

Japanese culture never fail us with it's design, and this reflected in their packaging. A really sturdy packaging that really helps a lot especially during my 2 hours car journey for tomb-cleaning season. Even though half of the gooey strawberry jam on top of the cheesetart surface sided in the bumpy journey, the box was firm/waterproof enough to prevent it from further leak into the paper bag.Also come with a lable to remind us the anticipated eater to finish it. Normally it can stay up to 24 hours (Tried and proven) and remain fresh if you keep it in the fridge.A good food make a happy and contented me!

As a cheesy lover, I wish that I can try on their premium cheese tart next time! Wait for me!

Instagram | Official Site | Facebook

S130, 2nd Floor, Old Wing, One Utama Shopping Mall.

Business Hour: 10am - 10pm

Contact number: 017-274 0255
Recommended Dish(es):  Pablo Freshly Basked Cheese Tart, Strawberry Cheesetart
Date of Visit: Apr 01, 2017 

Celebration:  生日 

Spending per head: Approximately RM30(下午茶)

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

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Categories : Japanese | Café | Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato | Desserts

This picture basically explain about P.S Tokyo , except the highlight the

Hojicha & Matcha Softserve Ice-cream!!!


you might wander, why the name P.S. Tokyo?

postscript (P.S.) is an afterthought, thought of occurring after the letter has
been written and signed.[1] The term comes from the Latin post scriptum, an
expression meaning "written after" (from Wikipedia)

According to the bossess here, Sam and Patricia. Her notion is that written after the end is so important that it should not be
excluded. This is the type of enclaved experience they wanted their customers
to have at the end of every visit.

P.S. Tokyo aims to give every visitors a unique Japanese experience by having top notch Japanese dessert and drinks. This is accompany by their cozy environment. Located in the busy business centre of SS2 area. P.S. Tokyo is one of the shop on the first floor, their shop row in the same row with BHP pump station or the Wings cafe there. They created an interior resembling a cozy and quiet minimalist cafe
facing the busy traffic at Omotesando.
Come during the night and sit at the bar for a mesmerizing view which is bound
to create a lasting impression.

Before I moved to Japanese dessert and drinks. There is one unique experience that I guess every instagrammer would love.

P.S. Tokyo also collaborated with Play
Booth Co., for every customers who hashtag #pstokyo in instagram, the photos would be automatically printed out. P.and Yes, you can have these photos for FREE =D .

While halfway shooting, we were all needed something to quench our thirst. So, the boss gave us to try this. Lemon drink. It's quite zesty, and sweet. I would prefer to drink this by mixing this with plain water. And all the drinks here all imported from Japan.

P.S. Tokyo served some really fancy dessert. These cake were all chosed by the boss. Based on the notion that she likes it, so good food should be shared.

Tofu Cheesecake RM 12.90

Initially most of the us quite detest of the syrup that has ginger. But as we tried it, the taste turned out like the ginger taste further elevated the entire essence of the brown sugar syrup. The tofu cake is the quintessential type that you will shake like tou fu fah as you move the plate.

Matcha Milk Chocolate Cake Rm 13.90

Typical taste of Matcha, liket he Matcha kikat. my second favourite cause matcha taste quite good also.

Cotton Cheese Cake Rm 11.90

Appear to be the most ordinary like Cinderella, it is one of the most spongy and moist cheese cake I've ever tried.

Sesame Tofu Cheesecake RM 12.90

Itoen Banana drink RM6.90

I later tried their banana drink that doesn't taste must like banana. sweet and more of like custard pudding. Milky banana drink should be. I've never been to Japan, and even the aluminium can from Japan is one level above those in Malaysia. It's thick and thus can't be crash easily. My bf keep the can since that it's cute design, and rigid.

here comes the hot drinks

For the tea, there were 3 major type of Japanese tea (Rm 6.90 each)

Hojicha (Roasted Tea)

Matcha (Green Tea),

Genmaicha (Rice Tea)

For the coffee, there have Japanese filter coffee (Rm 5.90 each)



medium &

strong blend.

There were also having the sugar aside, so that you can make your can adjust the sweetness.


I especially fancy the original green tea. the Hojicha not bad too.


Now, there would be the highlight of the P.S. Tokyo~~

So far, there were having 3 flavours of softserve


Hojicha (Roasted tea)


Rm 9.90 for the regular size

Rm 6.90 for the mini size

photo credit to Sharon Lee
hojicha (roasted tea) and Matcha softserve

(omg, as I was looking at the hojicha, I am craving for it again! )

The matcha softserve is matcha and milky taste. the Hojicha would be the absent of the milk, but both are equally toothsome. But later on when I was given the chance to squeeze it by ourself. I choose Hojicha cause milk matcha is quite fulfilling if I were to eat it alone.

In the future, they will be more desserts and drinks added to offer more Japanese taste that satiate your tastebuds such as brewed coffee of fresh
charcoal roasted beans from Japan, Matcha Latte and many many more. and I am looking forward to their new flavours of softserve!

Follow and like their page for the latest update. Who knowns There might be free mini softserve soon!

P.S. Tokyo Facebook Page

P.S. Tokyo Instagram

P.S. Tokyo Twitter

P.S. Tokyo Cafe

80A, Jalan SS2/60, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hour

Wednesday to Monday

12pm - 12am

11pm last call

Wifi equipped


Supplementary Information:
wifi, no GST,

btw, the operation hour is not Tues - Sun, but Wednesday to Monday yea =D 12pm - 12am. 11pm last call.
Recommended Dish(es):  hojicha softserve,matcha softserve,tofucheesecake,lemondrink
Table Wait Time: 5 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Oct 04, 2015 

Celebration:  母親節 

Spending per head: Approximately RM10(下午茶)

Dining Offers: 信用卡優惠

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

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  • Touched

  • Envy

  • Cool Photo
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Categories : Western variety | Café | Steaks / Chops | Sweets/Snack

Grilled Salmon on bed of Sauteed Spinach, Roasted Potato, Pearl Barley, & Cherry Tomatoes Rm 24

I let this dish become the main photo of this post, because I personally like this the most!! Normally, I prefer to eat smoked salmon than cooked one, because the cooked one less flavourful compare to smoked.

Fresh salmon grilled to tenderly bitten, yet so flavourful, that it bring out it's own aroma, and further complemented by homemade seasoning oil around it. This is the first cooked Salmon that I quite like.

Of what making Eat @ J's so different from other cafe, is that their ingredients are more healthy concious. As you can see, the grilled salmon came with cherry tomato, pearly barley (something that you don't see everyday), and roasted potato.

What make this worth to mention is that , not only the side-food is healthy, it is well-cooked too. So vege make this more refresh!Squeeze some fresh anti-oxidant fresh lemon to spice up the grilled Salmon!

Honey Balsamic Chicken with Mased POtato, roasted Pumpkin and Green Beans aside Rm 19

The signature in Eat@J's cafe. This sweet and sour chicken has been well marinated,


Aside from providing premium quality of coffee, their food has the best quality too.

Grilled Steak with Sauteed Green Beans & Carrots, , pairs with Hasselback Potato Rm 28

Sirloin steak imported from New Zealand, so tender , though it is still consider hard to me, as I think all the beef are hard. Smear with a layer of homemade secret sauce before grill.

The potato was roasted with a layer of buter, oh so delicious.

Dessert of the day

Banana Cream Pie(Left)

Key Lime Pie (Right)

Rm 10.50

You would like Key Lime pie with your like soury-tangy, oh yea, with a tinge of sweet taste.

And their banana was not bad too, suitable for people with Diabetes, as the banana wasn't added any sweetener or colour, hence explain the yellow-brown colour.Their crust is crunchy hard, and feel with butter taste, like it!

Latte Rm 10

suitable coffee lover , it's very pure, and thick!

Cold Brew Latte Rm 10

I am not a coffee lover, but you can adjust the sweetness by control the amount of syrup. Cold brew coffee was soak in room temperature water for more than 24 hours, so that the extract from coffee beans would yield a less bitter but concentrated coffee.

~~Environment ~~

a cozy warm ambience, chill and chitchat in alfresco or air-conditional area.

With a corner decorated making this cafe quite instagram-worthy.


And this brilliant cafe is found by Sue Cheah (left) and Nicholas Tham (right)

Sue Cheah learnt pastries-making in Melbourne, and was making cake before. Hence you can imagine her cake would be exceptionally dellicious. Nicholas Tham has about 17 years of cooking experience in this 17 years, he has worked in 5 star hotel , then provide catering services and now focus on Eat@ J's cafe. With each of them juggle their expert foodies section, I can assure you the exceptionally delicous pastries and main course here.

Cafe Information



No 28, Jalan SS23/11, Taman Sea, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia.

Contact number:

Sue Cheah (Pastry Chef) 012-5314009

Nicholas Tham (Hot Cooking Chef) 019-2208818

Opening Hour:

9am - 9pm

(Closed on Monday)

Supplementary Information:
Not GST and Service charge during my visit (31st July), as they just newly open, visit their facebook

for the latest infor
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Jul 31, 2015 

Celebration:  情人節 

Spending per head: Approximately RM30(晚餐)

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

  • Interesting

  • Touched

  • Envy

  • Cool Photo
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De' exclusive Venue  Smile Feb 22, 2015   
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Categories : Western variety | Restaurant | Pizza/Pasta | Steaks / Chops

Talking about first fine dining, I didn't know it was actually fine dining until when I got shock by the price of our dinner. It was only Rm 65.10.(include 5% service charge , and no government tax! )

Before I venture more into the review today. I also thought that fine dining is something very sophisticated. It has to be

- consist of the appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert

- must be very expensive

- the environment must be very romantic and French style spacious

- Both the couple must wear like they were going to Prom night, well adorned.

- Must not only drink plain water. Either wine or the worst sparkling juice.

- Must book in advance

- The proportion must be very tiny. Cause you eat to enjoy rather than to be full.

Don't expect this is what you gotta see in this post. Cause it's some is totally opposite of it. We didn't plan to have any fine dining previously. It was just we went around the Tower Regency Hotel, looking for a quite decent place for dinner. I wanna to try something that is only found in Ipoh, like local delicacies, but at the same time I wanted the restaurant to have air-cond. There were some bars selling western cuisine as well, but the environment is just too noisy. In the end, we chose to dine in here.

This restaurant looking quite small from the outside. I usually like judge the environment of the place first before dine-in. But since there were really no more suitable place and I am so hungry already. So yea, we entered.

FOund more dining table at the back of the shop.

The service from this restaurant is quite satisfied too. The waiter ask whether she need to recommend anything for us. In the end, this is what we chose.

Also, after all the main course was served, the one that I believe is manager came up to sort of like greet and talk to us. She even offered to help me take photos of us! Thanks!

Aromatic Lemon Grass Chicken Rm 26

Served with salad, potato cutlet and mango salsa.

The chicken is so tender, don't think it is marinated before, but the aroma of lemon grass is so pleasant, at the same time, a bit of Thai style. I once thought the mango was from Thailand, it was so sweet! Later on, just realise that the mango maybe is can food. The potato cutlet is neither too dry or damp. And the dressing for the salad is enchanced and turned out a bit sweet..which I like!

What I like about this chicken chop and this restaurant is that they pay attention in every little particular.

Linguini Sausage & Mushroom Rm 24

Served in German Sausage and mushrooms, in white wine cream sauce.

The name is so long I prefer to call it mushroom carbonara. Their sauce is so far the best I ever tried. First try on it is O~MG, so heavenly nice. But later when the sauce is a bit cold already, you will started to feel the concentrated sauce is a bit overwhelm, though pleasant.

I suggest people to eat like this.

Don't serve 2 main courses at the same time. Esp when one of them is this thick sauce linguini. Then share among too, so that 2 of you can finish it before the heat gone.

Break & Butter FOC

I not sure they serve this so that I can pair with the cream sauce later on, or simply eat with the butter. BTW, I only eat with the butter. Usually , people would just serve without oven the bun, but these buns were served inside hot. So the butter melt immediately when we applied in the middle of bun. And the outcome is so yummylicious!

Crepe Suzette Rm 12

French crepe pancake filled with Vanilla Ice-cream and served with fresh orange Beurre suzette.

What I understand about crepe suzette is they typically flamed it with liquor- orange flavour cognac. But I don't taste any aroma of the cognac here. Still this dish is quite delicious in its own way. Didn't know it can serve with ice-cream. Such a delight surprise. The taste would be better if less zested orange is put. coz their zested orange is quite bitter.

This is the first time that i try on something that each dishes was so heavenly tastely. So I believe in the tagline of their restaurant.

Afforable. Quality. Service.

It really a hidden gem in Ipoh that I think people should know this. What I hope is that they can still remain their standard and passion in the serving people the best. I DONT GET PAID for doing this review, but sharing it for the notion of every single dishes is so delicious! What I hope is that when people all flood to this restaurant , they will still manage treat every single of their guest as VVIP =D Serving the best. Then my recommendation would worth it, haha.

Also, one of the reason that I don't know I was having fine dining is because the proportion given is quite ordinary. I mean it's not a tiny portion that you can finish in less than 5 gulps.

Actually, deep down in my heart, I still wishes for the real typical type of fine dining. But fine dining always consist of seafood, or duck breast, liver as main course. Something that I won't it. I also roughly know that for fine dining that is consider sophisticated, it's quite hard to localised. I mean if you know the core value of fine dining, you will not try to localised it. Must eat like white people. Quench your thirst with Wine. Oh yea, we didn't order any beverage for the meal. Although wine is sold in this place, but we don't feel like want to drink it at the moment.

Before we leave, the waiter recommend their valentine's package to us too. It was about Rm 270++ include wine. It just too much for us. But maybe it will suit you.

Taken from here.


79, Jalan Raja Ekram,Ipoh Perak

05-241 0882

016-5328779 (Manager)


Food : 9/10

Service: 9/10

Environment: 8/10

P/S: My thought about fine dining is this is one of the western influence from the European cultural. So far, I could hardly appreciate the tiny portion food serve in big plate. But I really love the atmosphere for fine dining. As an asian, deep down in my heart, I will still carve for rice, noodle sometimes!

Supplementary Information:
all is found in my blog
Table Wait Time: 15 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Feb 07, 2015 

Celebration:  情人節 

Spending per head: Approximately RM50(晚餐)

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 4  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

  • Interesting

  • Touched

  • Envy

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