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Level2 2015-12-09
As always whenever my aunt from Singapore comes down for a visit, our entire family on the maternal side always have dinner together. Our first choice is and probably always will be Wan Jia even if the distance there is quite a bit. But we never mind driving a little further just for some good food. Our first order is the Thousand Island Sauced Pork Ribs. Usually I would prefer marmite rather than this but then at Wan Jia, this dish is freaking amazing that it has fast become a favourite of mine. It's kind of hard to describe the flavours exactly but it's tangy, salty and also slightly sweet. The ribs are always cooked nicely, crispy on the outside while the meat remains nicely juicy. We also ordered their special Bean Curd braised with Abalone Slices on top. This was everyone's favourite because they loved the sauce that it came with. I however was partial to this only because beancurd was never really something I was crazy about, though I did have two big pieces to myself. It's nice when doused with the sauce and mixed with some white rice. Another dish that is also a favourite is the Kam Heong Lala. This dish had a good punch of flavours and nice hit of spice from the chili padi that is used. Plus the clams are super gresh so they are juicy while absorbing the flavour of the sauce very well.Then as an added treat for everyone, we got this braised pumpkin with lots of seafood. They have abalone, sea cucumber, dried oysters, mushrooms and fish maw which have all been  braised in a similar sauce to the beancurd dish. This was also pretty good as the filling was very big portion which kept all of us at the table very happy. So worth dining at Wan Jia every time because the portions are always big and yet the price are not too exurbent while the quality of taste & ingredietns never fail.  continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-17
Stir-fried lalaThis is the stir-fried lala.The lala is very huge and the lala meat is almost the same size with the shell.The lala is so fresh and they fried it with the bean sauce.It taste slightly salty and spicy because they added the chilli.The portion for this lala is really huge and every lala shell have the meat inside.No empty and no lala with sands inside. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)