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seaweed flavour popcorn I went for a movie show in Tropicana City Mall and passed by this restaurant, Tea Chansii. They sell Taiwan bubble tea and popcorn. I bought their popcorn in a cup. It's seaweed flavour. Their popcorn...

buffalo chicken wing.  Smile  2012-08-17
buffalo chicken wing. We ordered their buffalo chicken wing. The chicken wing is quite rich in flavour and tasty. It's not really crispy but the chicken is tender. This chicken wing taste is really special and nice. It comes with a spe...

salmon   Smile  2012-08-17
We ordered their salmon pizza. This salmon pizza is really nice and tasty. This pizza crust is really thin and crispy. This pizza is topped with few slices of salmon, tomato sauce and cucumber. The salmon is fresh and tasty. I just d...
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