Stairway to Kepong: Must Try Hidden Local Delights!
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Back to another great saucy article from 我来到,我吃,我分享 , it’s another round of good food hunt time! Introducing super good food at Kepong this round, bet even the neighbours here will give you thumbs up when you ask them about it! From RM1 chicken rice to slurpy pan mee, let’s begin! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Pan Mee Stall

kepong, Bridge side Pan Mee
Hidden behind the bridge of Kepong Jusco, this Pan Mee stall in Kepong is good and special because the amount of spinach given in this bowl is really a lot! Soup base is boiled purely from anchovies thus it is so sweet! Hand-pulled Pan Mee and it is also handmade by the stall owner, it is then pulled uneven in sizes to make this good texture yet slippery Pan Mee to serve it in a bowl. See those minced meat and fried anchovies topped on that bowl? It only cost RM5.50 for this fantastic bowl!

2. Curry Wan Tan Mee

kepong, 747, fried pork, Wan Tan Mee
Located at 747 Food court in Kepong, this Sang Kee Wan Tan Mee stall is a must try! Previously at Aman Suria, they are quite known for the best wantan noodles too! Their noodles here are more to slight pale yellowish. Mixed them all up with the special made sauce beneath the noodles; it is considered more to a ‘Hong Kong’ style Wan Tan noodle here. Lean and fat Char Siew slices, the noodles are so springy that you really need to try this Chinese food yourself!

3. Chicken Rice Stall

kepong, Roaster
On a tight budget? Then this RM1 for chicken rice is just the right choice. Located at Kepong’s Wet Market, this chicken rice stall sells all sorts of roasted delights like Roasted pork too. Of course, they have price range and sizes of chicken rice to choose from here. RM1 would be the mini one whereas RM2, RM3 and even RM4 for a bigger pack are available too. Which one would you opt for?

4. Penang Prawn Mee

kepong, Penang, Prawn Mee
Many might not notice this stall that sells Penang Prawn Mee which is located inside Medan Selera Desa Jaya in Kepong. The broth is so fragrant and flavorful as it is boiled using the prawn’s shells. Ingredients wise, huge fresh prawns can be found in the bowl too! It is cooked with Kangkung, egg and pork slices too. Indeed appetizing! Do look for their Keuy Teow soup too if you prefer something lighter in taste!

5.Tan Heng Bak Kut Teh

Tan Heng, Bah Kut Teh
Located at Kepong here for years, it is one of the must try Bak Kut Teh here. Different from the rest, their broth here is slight clearer rather than the dark ones. Added herbs and parsley, taste refreshing and thick! Their famous ‘Rib King’ or known as ‘Thick Bone’ needs to made reservation a day earlier because of its cooking process. This part of meat is the best because it comes in lean and fat; texture wise is soft yet chewy! Come and try it!

6. Wan Jia Restaurant

kepong, Wan Garden, Seafood restaurant
Located at Kepong Wangsa Permai, they are too one of the must try seafood restaurant here. Considered quite hidden in sight as it is a corner shop, they serve delicious food like ‘Pumpkin Bowl’ – with oysters, mushrooms, abalone slices, fish maw and a few more superior ingredients inside. Besides, you might not taste this elsewhere – Abalone Tofu! Slowly braised tofu topped with abalone slices on top, then pours the special made Abalone sauce on top, tastes excellently soft yet flavorsome! Original text from我来到, 我吃, 我分享.

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