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Level4 2016-03-21
One of those very favourite places to go for dim sum as usual. The baked bbq pork bun is my favourite and I’ve noticed the significant reduction in size and the fillings of the pao  one set usually have 3 buns. However, the spinach dumpling and prawn dumplings are my favourite for that day, the skin was so crystal clear and smooth. Even though it looked like it was tasteless,but the prawns were fresh,sweet and juicy. absolutely love their steamed malay cake too!! fluffy and soft and just the right amount of fragrance.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2016-03-19
This place serves really unique baked bun with BBQ pork. Their buns sell like hot cakes here. They're usually served steamed in other dim sum joints, but here they are fried: the ever-so-slightly crisp sugar glaze around the pastry bun yielding to a decadent mixture of diced pork and sauce, making it sinfully decadent. Aside from that, I had the opportunity to have the steamed egg cake, which was fluffy and fragrant. My favorite here has also got to be the shrimp crystal dumplings and the spinach shrimp dumplings. The skin of the dumplings were translucent and delicate. Moving on, we also had the Siew Mai which is basically a steamed pork and shrimp dumpling.The shrimps were very juicy and sweet. Freshness is also guaranteed here in TimHoWan as the turnover rate for this is fast.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-09-29
Well known to worldwide as well as to the folks of Klang Valley as Michelin-starred Hong Kong’s most famous dim sum chain, Tim Ho Wan has been whetting the discerning epicureans around the world with its assorted luscious spread of freshly made Oriental morsels that are bound to get you hooked on for more after a bite. Debuting since November 2014 in Malaysia particularly at Boulevard, Mid Valley, this Hong Kong dim sum restaurant has been thronged by many curious foodies for the Michelin-standard scrumptious dim sum. At times, you may need to queue for awhile in order to be seated due to the crowds. Using only the freshest and premium ingredients, there’s no qualm that your taste bud would be amusingly tickled with toothsome banquet that is delivered passionately and deliciously by the maestro from the kitchen. The kitchen is currently helmed by Head Chef Tang Kam Lit who hails all the way from Hong Kong, together with Chef Hew Wai Leong, cooking up a storm to the anticipating diners.Among the must-try signatures are………BAKED BUN WITH BBQ PORK (MYR 11.50)The idea of coating the bun’s exterior with some crumble of light sweetness was delectably promising, as it blends in with the savoury of the meaty filling. Apart from that, the thin layer of the dough bun was also fluffy and soft, thus diners need not worry feeling overly full after trying some.STEAMED EGG CAKE (MYR 8.30)Another spectacular house creation that every patrons ought to try. This seemingly common cake actually takes up to 3 days of preparation as natural yeast fermentation is involved, rendering a distinctive texture of pillowy-softness that is really mouthwatering and not sticky to your teeth after every munch.VERMICELLI ROLL WITH SWEET AND SESAME SAUCE (MYR 8.30)Unlike the usual chee cheong fun a.k.a rice roll you have elsewhere, the one prepared at Tim Ho Wan holds a much denser nuance, which makes it further more engaging to the enjoyment. The vermicelli rolls are slightly springier too, paired with brilliant creation of sesame sauce, so yeah, not spicy at all! (=Don’t forget to try out the house special desserts before leaving Tim Ho Wan. MANGO SAGO POMELO (MYR 9.30)Tasted very original and refreshing with lush aroma of mango fragrance, as well as pulpy pamelo bits. I personally enjoy this very much.TONIC MEDLAR & OSMANTHUS CAKE (MYR 7.20)Ah ha, meet back the famous floral jelly dessert again- Osmanthus cake!Every bite is full of the flower fragrance, complemented by hint of subtle sweetness, perfect for a delightful round up of a satisfying feast! Comes with tad bounciness and velvet to the palette with its silken surface.HOMEMADE LONGAN (MYR 6.80)Also some homey drinks to clear the throat too. I have always love the juicy and tangy bites of dried longans that just go really well when making ‘tong shui’, Chinese soupy dessert.To further titillate your palate apart from their existing sumptuous dim sum spread, Tim Ho Wan has now introduced a new alluring taste for their Evening Specials running from 5pm – 10pm- “Tim Ho Wan New Seasonal Dim Sum”! This new recipes would cater those who prefer some carbo intake and having their staple favourites too while enjoying the dim sum.Get ready to indulge in the new range of mouthwatering promotional menu from noodles, soup to braised pork and rice. These new line-up dishes are introduced to the crowds since last 28th August from its encouraging hit among the diners.BRAISED PORK KNUCKLES NOODLES- DRY/ SOUP (MYR 19.80)BRAISED PORK KNUCKLES (MYR 22.80)Tenderly and thoroughly braised pork knuckles over long hours, resulting in a succulently flavourful meat with melt-in-your-mouth natural collagen! Slurps!WONTON NOODLES- DRY/ SOUP(MYR 15.80) SHRIMP WONTON SOUP (MYR 16.80)A famous delicacy back in Hong Kong, this wonton noodles is enjoyed by almost all walks of life in the metropolitan city, that is commonly paired with succulent prawn in every dumpling.CHICKEN SOUP AND CHINESE YAM AND WOLFBERRY (MYR 14.80)Double-boiled soup that consists of chicken meat, pork, chicken feet, wolfberries and red dates for a nutritious diet.Chicken specially selected from China for that distinctive texture to complement well their doubled-boiled soup that is boiled over 4 to 5 hours to achieve that sweetness resulted from thorough penetration from the herbs used.CRISPY NOODLE WITH SHREDDED PORK (MYR 14.80)Exclusively dished up crispy noodle and served separately with sauce at Tim Ho Wan which caters to each diner individually where customers could pour the amount of sauce that they desired over their crispy noodles. Simple yet pleasant-tasting meal.YANG ZHOU FRIED RICE (MYR 16.80)One of the commonly ordered dishes by the customers here, the Yang Zhou region inspired grub is woofed up with great ‘wok hei’ together with whole juicy prawns that literally bursting with juices in your mouth. Spiced up with chunky char siew bits bounteously alongside pork floss, making this plate children-friendly too.Not only that! Tim Ho Wan has also rolled out several more new sensational tastes to captivate you gastronomically.STEAMED FISH MAW WITH PRAWN PASTE (MYR 14.80)People who loves fish maw like me would surely thrill over this decadent dish! Springy bites of sweet prawn paste delicately laid atop moist and chewy fish maw, giving it a divine gratification. Undoubtedly, this is my favourite pick amongst the finest selection that warms the cockles of my heart the most! Thumbs up!DUMPLING WITH SPICY SAUCE (MYR 15.80)New appetizer dish in the house! Bountiful meaty dumpling fillings that are added with Chinese chives to accentuate the spice fragrance from the special spicy black vinegar sauce. FRESHLY BAKED EGG TARTS (MYR 9.80)Who could resist the warm and freshly baked pastries that come with indulgent buttery crust and silky egg custard in the centre? The golden nosh is freshly baked daily from fresh egg enhanced with ginger juice for a more supreme exuberance.Currently, these new kids-of-the-block are first introduced at Mid Valley outlet. What about One Utama outlet you might ask? Fret not, as there are also equally promising creations awaiting you there as below, before the former new menus would be made available at One Utama too.SALTED FRIED FISH SKIN (MYR 10.80)Light and crispy snack! You could literally get addictive over it easily. In addition, the fish skin is also specially brought in from Hong Kong to achieve that particular discernment.CEREAL CHICKEN NUGGETS (MYR 15.80)You just can’t go wrong with fried cereal dishes. Each cutlets of tender chicken cubes is perfectly coated with oat and deep fried till golden brown. It makes a really superb crispy bites that calls more immediate savouring upon serving. Crunch it joyfully all the way………..QUAIL EGG SIEW MAI (MYR 11.80)The ubiquitous tasty meat dumpling that has been given some aesthetic touch to it by incorporating cute lill’ quail egg to enhance the overall flavor.Special way to reward our lovely senior folks! ♥ ♥Each table could enjoy a special discount of 20% whenever dining with at least one senior citizen over 60 years old among the guests for every Monday to Friday.As for the capacity seating, Ground floor and First floor can accommodate up to 102 and 48 pax respectively. For the upper floor, minimum spending of MYR 50 is needed while the 2 VIP rooms which could comfortably seated up to 10 clientele comes with minimum spending of MYR350 and is perfect for business meeting and formal occasions. As for now, 3 new dishes will be introduced every 2 months on rotation basis between outlets, so do stay tuned and looking forward to it.Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤Location: G- 27, Ground Floor, The Boulevard, Mid Valley CityContact: +603- 2201 5081OpeningHours: Mon - Fri (10am – 10pm) Weekend (8am – 10pm) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-03-07
The so called Michelin award dim sum "Baked bun with BBQ pork" was so so only. I think the same BBQ pork bun served at The Grand Shanghai in Sri Petaling is taste more nicer.Very limited seat and limited choice. The canton pop song was quite annoying as it keep playing with loud volume.  Not a really good place if u really want to have a pleasant dim sum with your family. No second time.... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2014-12-10
1. Very limited choices2. Very annoying Cantonese songs being played loudly3. Very average food quality 4. Very poorly trained floor staffs5. Hence, very over-priced and not worth the queue and spendThere are plenty of very good dim sum around...Try once for the marketing buzz (Michelin star?), would not return... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)