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Review (13)
Took half an hour just to clear our table with the previous patron's leftover dishes and another 10 mins after clearing up to get our menu. Food was okay, but most of them were too salty/spicy. The clams were not fresh . We asked for clear soup clams but she recommended we order a spicy soup instead, possibly to cover the fishy taste of the clearly not very fresh clams. Ordered at 7.30pm and food was served at 9pm. Another table who came after just had finish their dinner before we were served ours. When the boss/waitress cane over to ask bout our dinner, we politely mention it was a long wait. Boss/waitress said that thats the way they run things, if you want to be served quickly come at 5pm. My other friend then jokingly said well maybe its time for more staff hiring, boss/waitress/person i am now convinced has never dine outside in a normal restaurant said its not a matter of number of staff, they need to cook their food from scratch (apparently other restaurants have genies to make their food). Another comment was made again about the long waiting period and this time the boss/waitress/person so full of shit she might as well be a toilet said we are too demanding to reqest for quick service and tasty food at the same time, this two factors simply cannot exist together. Not one quick sorry was uttered for that ridiculous waiting time. Never going back.  continue reading
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Level1 2016-01-15
I went to the newly open branch in Taman midah cheras. I seldom complain about a restaurant. But I have to say this is the worst restaurant I went to. Waited for 90mins and two dishes were served. Finished two dishes and nothing is served. I believe that's the boss there and they don't even care to apologize. This type of service will definitely fail you in the future. continue reading
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Level3 2015-12-27
Restaurant 9888. Reminds us of our local Chinese radio station. A catchy name and I guess perhaps a lucky number for the restaurant owner?This restaurant offers the typical Chinese stir fried “dai chow” kind of dishes. It is located in Cheras, a stone throw away from the Mid Point Pandan Indah shopping complex. The area is quite secluded though, but fret not. We manage to waze our way there.As recommended by the boss, we had the buttermilk “dancing fish” (the dry version), the double chicken and duck pot, the double spinach combo, deep fried salted egg pumpkin and chilli and lime steam seafood.The buttermilk fish is rather dry though, taste wise it was fine. The chicken and duck combination faintly resembles the taste of the Taiwan “3 cup” chicken with herbs and dried chillies. The double spinach is their famous dish but we find the combination a bit off. The spinach is deep fried “ala deep fried thai kangkung style” with egg gravy similar to those of “wan tan hor” noodles. The gravy makes the vege less crunchy and chewy. As for the pumpkin, it was really good. The chilli and lime seafood wasn’t too bad either. It consists of squid, prawns and scallops.The bill came up to about RM 200. Not too pricey but wouldn’t return anytime soon. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-28
Because my mother wanted to celebrate my birthday with our immediate family, she chose to bring us to Restaurant 9888 where the food was raved highly by her. The place is rather difficult to find as it is located in some back road and also parking is incredibly limited. Though that does not stop people from dining there as the place was fully packed when we arrived - which made me feel lucky that we had already placed our reservations. Or else waiting is inevitable. Also, do not expect good service from the staff there either. I have been to this restaurant several times and it is always the same. Everybody looked like they would rather be somewhere else than at work so their response to our request is always a black face. Not pleased at all. Though thankfully the food makes up for the lack of proper service. This dish is very very indulgent. But coming from a Hakka family, this Yam&Flour balls brings back good memories and this restaurant makes it well. There's a lot of flavour from the sauce as well as the fried dried shrimp and shallots they put on top. Definitely a must try!Another favourite of mine is the stir fried Chinese Garlic Chives. Usually we orders it with pig's intestines but they were out that they so we opted for seafood. Still as good. The Claypot Tofu was good too. Though really nothing too much to shout about as you can find similar ones at any chinese restaurant - perhaps even cheaper than the one we had here. Then there's another dish that is highly recommended by the owner and also many other people. It is the Spice & Sour Seafood Stew which is as good as it was pricey. Though with the amount & quality of seafood that we got, the high price is somewhat understandable. All the prawns, mussels, scallops and squid were fresh tasting and also adequate in size. That may vary as it depends on the stock of seafood which the restaurant gets. But the several times that we've eaten there, this dish never failed to impress.The flavour of the broth is amazing. Everyone was drinking it by the spoonfuls and seemed more interested in that instead of the seafood. We also ordered steam Grouper with spicy sauce and although it looked really good when it arrived, the taste did not live up to it's presentation. The fish is fillet in a way where the meat is flayed out from the bone which makes it easier to feast on. Unfortunately this dish was mediocre and honestly could find better elsewhere. So this was a disappointment especially considering how much they charged us for a medium sized fish that they dubbed as 'large'.The best dish of the night was their sticky and sweet Siew Yoke which they stir fried so the sauce caramelized onto the pork. It was so good! But this small plate costs us Rm60 which is honestly overly priced. Regardless of how yummy it was, that's not an amount I would pay for such a tiny portion which they insisted was big. All in all Restaurant 9888 is a nice place to dine in despite some few misses. If one can overlook their terribly trained staff and rather exurbent price then this is definitely one of the nicer chinese restaurants to dine at.  continue reading
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This combo deep fried chicken is lovely as it combines western mayo dish with thai chicken. The chicken meat is a little hard as its little over fried, but for those who love deep fried food to its deep, this dish is nice as its crunchy, and could eat as a snack as its not very salty. Great to have it with red wine too. (Personal view). Each of the sauce has its unique taste. continue reading
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