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Level3 2016-01-22
In Publika , Mad About Coco is located above Thai Tuk Tuk, opposite Chawan café. They used to have customers order&pay at the counter, but now seems like they are changing to another way. You can have a seat and order from the menu.Mad about Coco has a wide variety of foods and desserts on their menu, ranging from choc fondue, churros, brownies, muffins, waffles, pancakes etc. But as usual I will only pay my attention on the best seller desserts menu. Girls being girls arghhhhOne of their best sellers ….MAD ABOUT COCO. I’m pretty sure from the name itself you can tell that it’s the café signature dessert. An aromatic & rich dark chocolate taste of choc lava cakes, simply my type of sweetness. Deeply in love with this, the chocolate melt perfectly in the mouth with subtle sweetness! Melting down with hot cho sauce, you can find a sliced strawberries inside.INNOCENT DEVIL TIRAMISU BALL is also another dessert worth lusting after.What makes it more attractive is that Mad About Coco serves it with pure chocolate sauce. You can pour it over dessert and deconstruct the crust, turning into one tasty mess! Another pleasant surprise!Never under-estimate the power of dessert! What are waiting for? Let’s hv a chocolate affair! continue reading
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Level3 2015-10-25
The first thing that make me wanna go into the shop is because of the logo. Very cute (the afro i mean, how creative). I thought that this is some barber shop for the afros  I was looking for a place to kill some time, waiting for my friend to arrive. So i pick this mad about coco.Well first you need to order at the counter. I was not that hungry so i go for their churros and a hot milk chocolate with marshmallow. I feel like it is a little bit expensive. The small churros cost you for RM16 and the hot choc with marshmallow cost you for RM15 ( i can get something really good with these price).Oh well, its worth to give it a shot. the decorations of the shop is very cute. The mixture of the colours makes me feel relaxed. Well now, lets talk about the churos, yes it does look good but the taste is slightly dissapointing for the churos itself. Its just too oily for me. But they covered it good with the chocolate dip (which is very little) that taste absolute chocolate.You really need to order plain water as well just incase it was too sweet with the marshmallow and the hot chocolate all together. Well i like how they presented the food. Very simple yet creative. How did they make the afro and the sunglasses? i am quite interested to learn this kind of things Maybe one day i should take classes for this (maybe). However, they will not be able to compete with salon du chocolate because their chocolate is more exclusive (in my opinion) than mad about coco. But the menu is definitely different. No harm trying tho.Overall: The environment makes you feel relax, fullhouse on weekends, try all the chocolates you can  continue reading
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Level2 2015-08-02
Chocoholic? This is the best place to be to satisfy your chocolate cravings!Best place to chill and hang out, to just grab a bite of chocolate for tea time!It's creativity on a plate. Every dish that they have, are all special and unique in their own way. So do head down and try it out!They have all the special dishes out on their first page of the menu.Would always go back for more. continue reading
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Found this cute and funny cafe in Instagram. So, I brought my boyfriend with me^^ I admit I’m a Chocoholic! Who don’t love Chocolate? I guess every girl do~MAD about Coco is located inside Publika, Solaris Dutamas. I heard they had opened a new branch at Fahrenheit 88, KL. MAD about Coco serve different variety of dessert, chocolate and coffee. It is a nice place to chill and enjoy Chocolate! They used high quality Belgium Chocolate.My first impression was their cute and funny signboard. Afro hairstyle with Tiffany-blue frame sunglasses and pink bowtie cartoon! The ambiance is great with white and black tiles floor and pinkish and bluish walls. Which gives out this lovely and cute cafe! They even provide big sunglasses and different colour of Afro hairstyle for their customers to take pictures or even selfies!I ordered their famous Chocolate dessert which is Innocent Devel Tiramisu Ball. The presentation is beautiful! Is not a Chocolate dessert anymore, is an Art! Their Chocolate is rich, pure and they used great quality chocolate. What so special about this dessert is you pour the chocolate over the Tiramisu Ball. The chocolate will melted the ball and free the trapped Tiramisu! XDThis is how it looks like after you poured the Chocolate~ OS: OMG~~~ My Chocolate!My boyfriend ordered Belgian Waffle (One). It is a Belgian Waffle with 3 types pure Chocolate dressing which are White, Milk and Black Chocolate~ Not to say their Waffle is very delicious but it is fluffy and crispy too~ Needless to say their chocolate la~~~Besides chocolate desserts and drinks, they also serve savoury dishes such as Pasta, Sandwhiches and others. They even provide free water to help you dilute the chocolate taste after having too much of it~ hehe^^Overall, it is a worth recommended cafe for decent dessert. Although the price is a bit on the high side. But they definitely have their own characteristics!Ambiance: 7/10Price: 6/10Food: 7.5/10Verdict: If you are always mad about chocolate, visit them now! continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-05
Fans of chocolate can seek asylum starting this month at Mad About Coco, where an insanely broad compilation of cacao-based treats is now available.From choc fondue to churros with choc sauce, choc brownies to muffins & marshmallows, waffles to pancakes, cookies to crepes, there's a dessert for nearly every type of sweet tooth at this Solaris Dutamas cafe headed by two Malaysian sisters."Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball," likely the most fun of Mad About Coco's concoctions.Tiramisu within a hollow globe of Belgian white & dark choc, melted down with hot choc sauce turned into one tasty mess, creamy-gooey but not cloying. RM20 before taxes.Mad About Coco's signature cake also endures a similar transformation ...... becoming an inventive variation of choc lava cakes, with the molten heat pouring forth from without, not within. RM18.50.Other interesting items here include the babka-inspired sweet yeast cake with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream (RM13.50) ...... & crunchy pizza topped with melted chocolate, cornflakes & marshmallows (RM18.50). The chocolate's commendably though not commandingly deep in flavor. continue reading
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