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Butaniku Udon Hamaguri No Saka Mushi Hot Udon with Tempura Don
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Level4 2014-05-29
To the udon fans out there, this is the place for you to hunt for, if you are yearning for some real good and original taste Japanese udon, all the way under the belt of Chef Yukihiro Arakawa. Currently, this Chief Cook is managing a humble outlet at Uptwon Damansara, that goes by the name of Arata, decked out in its own unique simplicity yet comfy atmosphere.It too adopt the open-kitchen concept, where you get to see the busy chefs at work, behind the scene, oh….also behind the boldly orangey cloth banned which is bearing its proud name, Arata, in kanji, of course The word actually signifies 'Fresh' or 'New', which is then reflected in its agreeably wide choices of authentically dished up menu. No wonder the restaurant design is kept to the minimalistic concept, so to reflect the true feel of Japanese restaurant environment.Its udon is homemade and then freshly cut to serve the discerning gourmands. Here at Arata, they vow to serve the best and the freshest cut of Udon.Karaage Kake Udon A bowl of freshly made udon served in a hot broth, accompanied by some minced ginger and some thinly chopped green onions, alongside crispily fried chicken karaage on top of a gentle bed of lettuce.Meat Sauce UdonLove the soup as it comes with generous helpings of my favourite kelps. The soup too is decently sapid, not so thick in miso taste (as I prefer my soup not to be too salty or thick in body) and I feel that it is the same stock base use in hot udon earlier. The stock is really saporous, and amazes you with its distinct, pleasant umami flavor.An ideal sides to any Japanese meal, silky smooth Chawanmushi with scallop, flavoured by premium grade Konbu As plain as it might seem on the surface, but deep down in the custard shall you reveal the treasure The scallops and surimi have actually enhanced the velvet steamed egg awesomely with irresistible oceanic sweetness. Yum yum!I would definitely be back for their udon soon. Trust me, they do serve one of the best originally made udon in town. Head over here one day to try it out yourself (=For more foodoe sharing, feel free to drop :https://www.facebook.com/joiedevivrelasshttp://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2014/05/japanese-noodles-arata-uptown-damansara.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-17
Fans of udon, this one's for you: Freshly made renditions of these wheat-flour noodles reign supreme at Arata, a Japanese-run restaurant from which ramen & soba are strangely banished.Arata's house-manufactured udon is very nice indeed, firm but not chewy, entirely enjoyable with accompaniments like five-vegetable tempura.Dip them hot or cold into pork-filled sauce; Arata serves a something-for-everyone variety.Bukkake udon (RM18 before taxes), splashed with dashi-broth brewed by chef Yukihiro Arakawa, topped with plump prawns, fried mochi rice cakes & crisp veggies.Mentaiko cod roe udon (RM16), savory & slurp-worthy. Could Arata be the Klang Valley's best udon restaurant? Potentially. Side dishes of juicy pork cha-siu, eggs & miso soup are available too. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-31
Arata is situated at the prime area of Uptown Damansara and facing the LDP main road. It's at the same row with Maybank so you can't miss it.Take note that they are closed on MondaysThey do takeaways and other sides highlighted at each booth's wall.Arata's menu. Arata's kanji means 'Fresh' or 'New'. And can be a masculine name too.The Japanese chef at work! There were a few staffs in the kitchen preparing food. There were also locals in the open kitchen and outside as well.Arata serves pork and beer so it's not Halal.It took some time for our orders to be served but for a good bowl of udon, I don't mind. The soup was clear and the ingredients were fresh and nicely presented. My mouth started to drool at the sight of my bowl of udon goodness. One thing I love about Japanese food is their Ajitama tamago (flavored egg) because they could always make it hard on the outside and soft in the inside, making the yolk soft but not too watery. The vege was fresh and the color was nice. The seaweed was massive and adds more flavoring into the soup. The pork slices were not too fatty, just the way I liked it. For pork lovers, you'll love this because of the porky smell.The highlight would be the noodle and the broth because this is one of the better udon I have tasted in Malaysia. The broth is clear so that it brings out the taste of the udon. The udon was chewy and eggy, texture was good, not very soft nor hard. And don't underestimate the portion. It could look little but because it's thick, it can be pretty filling. I manage to finish the broth as well because it was savoury and went well with the udon. One of the best in the area. Do give it a try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
I was most intrigued from the menu when I saw they were serving ice cream in frozen strawberry. I have never tried those before, hence wifey and I decided to order some. A serving has three medium strawberries in it. Served in a cup that was also frozen, it ensured that the strawberries won't melt in a hurry. It was very hard to bite them, so I pop one in my mouth, and tasted a sweetish-sourish strawberry melting. The vanilla ice-cream in the strawberry was extremely sweet, to complement the sour taste of the strawberry. One was definitely not enough, and we found ourselves wanting more, so we ordered another one. It was gone in a jiffy! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-27
Arata Udon is the signature udon that came with three pieces of char shu, seaweed, egg, vegetables and spring onions. The Japanese char shu was big slices and it was soft, well balanced with fats and lean meat, slightly salty. The udon was very springy. The soup has absorbed all the essence of the char shu that made it so flavourful, sweet yet salty at the same time. continue reading
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