Where to Find them? 10 Juiciest Meatballs in Klang Valley!
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Soft and succulent meatballs are the perfect accompaniment to any main meal, whether its pasta, rice or noodles, you just can’t go wrong. Many cultures in the world have meatballs in their traditional dishes, the most famous being the Italians and Chinese. Basically, you can’t go wrong with meatballs which are easy to eat and filling as well. Here are 10 places in the Klang Valley where you can find succulent and juicy meatballs. (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are non halal.)

1. Naughty Babe Dirty Duck

The first thing that strikes you as you walk in is the row of cute duck and piggy decorative figurines lining the centre of the restaurant. The food here is based on pork and duck meat, with many creative dishes to sample. The tender pork meatballs here are served together with tomato sauce pasta. This dish will go extremely well with any one of their famous desserts, and we recommend their Tartufo, a chilled ball of ice cream covered in nuts and drizzled in sinful chocolate sauce.

2. Polpetta Cafe

Polpetta’s claim to fame is the fact that it is one of the only restaurants that focus solely on meatballs. The restaurant’s name itself means ‘meatball’ in Italian. The concept is pretty simple; first you choose your meatballs from the three types available, namely beef, chicken or mushrooms and then choose what your main accompaniment; rice, pasta or mashed potatoes. After that, you choose your sauce and toppings. In addition to meatball dishes, the owners have taken the initiative and expanded their menu so you’ll see chicken rice balls served at selected times too!

3. Burger Bakar Abang Burn

Abang Burn didn’t get famous for nothing. His brand of grilled burgers has been attracting customers of all ages and backgrounds ever since the ‘burger bakar’ trend started several years ago. Of course, his meatballs are no exception and they are deliciously served with the best brown sauce you’ll ever taste. One meatball set is very affordable at RM9.90 and comes with ten pieces of meatballs and a side of potato wedges. Don’t let their humble stall appearance fool you as their meatballs can rival any gourmet restaurant.

4. Goku Raku Ramen

Although Goku Raku Ramen specializes in Japanese noodles, ever since they began serving tasty meatball, customers have been ordering this uniquely Japanese pork balls with gusto. They are cooked in a reddish and slightly sweet sauce, which really makes it tender and heavenly. Pair this with any of your ramen orders for the ultimate Japanese experience.

5. Retro Kitchen

Residents near SS2 Petaling Jaya will know this restaurant well that serves delectable western dishes and displays pictures of retro artists as well as some records. As you wait for your food, you can spend some time trying to identify musical stars from the 60s,70s and 80s. If you’re fortunate you’ll be able to taste their cheese stuffed meatballs, but as luck would have it, they had run out by the time we got there. Nevertheless, their meatball spaghetti is a must try on its own.

6. Vivo American Pizza

Here you can order you meatballs as a side dish or together with some baked spaghetti. You can trust that Vivo will serve you the best Italian style meatballs as these are their specialty. This family friendly restaurant is great for group dining as the menu is quite extensive and there’s something for everyone. To lighten and freshen your palate, you can try some chocolate brownie with ice cream, or a sweet dessert pizza.

7. IKEA Food Court (Cheras)

Swedish meatballs are renowned the world over and Malaysians are fortunate to be able to taste authentic Swedish meatballs offered by the famed IKEA stores who are themselves from Sweden. In addition to the beef meatballs they usually offer, IKEA now has chicken meatballs and vegetarian meatballs too. Pair your meatballs with a fluffy croissant to mop up all that delicious gravy and you’ll not waste a single drop.

8. Swensen’s

Although the specialty here is the ice creams, their selections of savory dishes are worth a try. The meatballs here are served on a bed of fresh and crunchy lettuce topped with pepper sauce, which you can enjoy while you sit in their cheerful looking shop that resembles an American diner. Another fun snack you can have here are the fried mozzarella sticks which is a unique experience in itself.

9. Jarrod and Rawlins

Most people head over here for that fine dining experience made casual. Yes, you heard right. Here you can experience gourmet cuisine with a wide selection of wines and other liquors in a completely relaxed environment. If you order the pork meatballs here, be sure to pair it with a fresh, crunchy salad. We recommend the excellent roasted pumpkin and feta cheese salad as it balances out the meatballs nicely.

10. Buns.

Moroccan lamb meatballs is what is served here, either as an a la carte dish with several slices of baguette bread or together with the beef bolognaise spaghetti. This calm and quiet corner of busy Sri Hartamas also offers one of the creamiest and fluffiest mashed potatoes, which is a perfect mate for your lamb meatballs that come topped with a tangy salsa sauce.
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