The Latest Gem in Bangi: Zen Heong Restaurant!
Zen Heong Restaurant, Taman bangi Avenue, Fish Head Curry Pot, Prawns, Seafood, Pulau Ketam Fish, Kajang
Lies within the new shop lots of Bangi Avenue is Zen Heong restaurant that is established all the way from Klang. They serves mouthwatering Chinese dishes including a wide variety of authentic famous seafood dishes with the aim to bring you the taste of home.
Zen Heong Restaurant, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang, Fish Head Curry, Interior, Pulau Ketam Fish
New and spacious, they cater to many tables. Besides, they have air-conditioned side if you’re the sweaty one, but fret not; even the open-aired side is quite windy too! Also, love their clean and neat environment. Let's see what they have to offer us!
Zen Heong Restaurant, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang, Fish Head Curry, Condense milk, curry pot, famous curry pot in bangi, famous curry pot in kajang
Their main signature star would be their curry fish head / meat pot. The curry is cooked using another method that does not contain any coconut milk at all! Something different and yet a refreshing tweak from the ordinary, they uses condense milk instead so that you’ll be able to enjoy it without worries! Fresh fish meat in a pot and contains the usual brinjal, dried tofu ‘pok’, long beans and lady’s finger, mouthwatering isn’t it?
Zen Heong Restaurant, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang, Fried Fish, Pulau Ketam, Ketam style fried fish, famous seafood in kajang
Next on – Fried fish (cooked in Ketam style) would be another dish that gain likes from Zen Heong’s patrons as you can’t get them elsewhere! Slightly spicy, its gravy tastes good eaten with rice. With some mixture of lady’s finger that slightly thickens the texture, enjoy every bit of it as you’ll see it disappearing fast when it is served!
Zen Heong Restaurant, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang, Salted egg prawns, fresh prawns, famous salted egg dish in kajang
Salted egg prawns in skewers are simply irresistible! Shelled and easy to be eaten, they have a few selections of prawns to be chosen in the menu. One of the favorites would be the salted egg of course! Bet you’ll chomp down a few more!
Zen Heong Restaurant, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang, Chinese wine lala, lala
Chinese Wine style Lala makes it another dish to complement your dining here as they are plump and juicy and the superior Chinese wine broth are good to warm your tummy up after a great meal here! Slightly spicy too as they uses red chili padi in it to spice up the taste.
Zen Heong Restaurant, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang, Kam Heong, Bamboo Shells
Chewy ‘Jin Xiang’ Bamboo Shells (甘香竹滩) would be nice if you fancy having other shelled-type of seafood here. Fragrantly good when served, they are so plump and have a great chewy texture without leaving bad impression that you need to chew like hours on it! Would Zen Heong Restaurant able to get likes from you? We’re definitely sure that the dishes served there would be a food lover’s dream comes true! Great fresh seafood selections and home-style satisfying dishes you can get here; come and enjoy food here with no doubt today!
Zen Heong Restaurant
Curry Fish Head
Salted Egg Prawns
Fried Fish
Chinese Wine Lala
Taman Bangi Avenue
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