It's November! Check Out The Hottest New Restaurants This Month!
The F&B scene is Malaysia is getting more and more vibrant, as we can see many new restaurants and cafes opening every month. Cafés continue to be the highlight of this month. We see a new trend of Japanese style cafés, which features clean and minimalist interior and emphasizes more on desserts.
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Looking for new restaurants in KL and PJ to visit near the end of the year? Check here for our latest updates on popular and hot restaurants in November! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Starbucks Reserve @ The Gardens

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The first Starbucks Reserve has finally opened in the Gardens Mall! This new shop sign of this premium outlet in KL is the same as other outlets, but the look is a lot classier, as the outlet is covered up with floor-to-ceiling windows. The coffee here is also different, because they feature some rare and distinctive single-origin coffee beans from various countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Brazil, Vietnam and many more. All premium coffee beans are freshly roasted in Seattle and delivered to this outlet within a few days to ensure they are fresh and fragrant.

2. P.S. Tokyo @ SS2

p.s. tokyo, ss2, soft serve, ice cream, hot restaurant, november
This new Japanese style café in PJ specializing in soft serve ice cream has become a hit on social media lately. The café is very Instagram-friendly, as the interior is very simple and brightly lit. What’s more, when you hashtag #pstokyo on Instagram, the photo will be auto-printed out by a printer at the café. Currently only three flavors of soft serve ice cream are available, including Matcha, Hojicha and Milk. We recommend their Hojicha flavor which is unique and very rich in roasted green tea flavors!

3. Miru @ Uptown

miru, japanese cafe, honey toast, dessert, hot restaurant, november
Another new dessert cafe in PJ offering Japanese style Honey Toast. The café’s interior is nicely decorated with white walls and wooden furniture, exuding a clean and warm ambiance. Their Honey Toast is served as a whole, and it doesn’t contain any mini toasts inside, which, according to the owners, is inspired by a popular shop in Bangkok. The toast itself is baked using a special homemade butter that is sweet and fragrant. Best-selling flavors include Shibuya Honey Toast and Ferrero Rocher Toast.

4. Brunch & Munch @ Ampang

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Located at a new commercial block called G Village, Brunch & Munch is a unique eatery combining both bar and restaurant. Upon entering this new restaurant in KL, you will see a huge egg at the end of the shop, as most dishes here are related to either pork or egg. The menu is separated into 2 categories: Munch and Brunch. For Munch, we recommend their Blackstone Benedict, which is poached egg on charcoal muffin, topped with grilled bacon. For Brunch, the Not So “Boar” Ribs is amazing. It is slow-cooked marinated pork ribs that are very soft and tender.

5. The Hub @ Taman OUG

the hub, taman oug, cafe, coffee, single origin, hot restaurant, november
More and more new cafés are opening at Taman OUG, and one of the latest additions is The Hub. This café is quite small, but it has a special corner with glass ceiling, which allows natural light to pour in. The main selling point here is definitely the coffee, as the beans are roasted by themselves using a roaster at the café. At the café, you can see a small glass house where all the premium single-origin coffee beans are stored. Both espresso and filter coffees are available to cater to different needs.

6. Gourmet Definition Steamboat @ Sunway Giza

gourmet definition steamboat, sunway giza, kota damansara, hot restaurant, november
Nestled in Sunway Giza, Gourmet Definition Steamboat is a new modern style steamboat restaurant in PJ featuring premium and healthy Hong Kong Style Steamboat. The soup bases are relatively lighter in taste, as the soup is boiled with natural ingredients without adding any MSG. Their signature Handmade Meat Balls (including fish, beef, pork and octopus balls) are freshly made with no preservatives added. Another must-try item is their Canadian Oyster, which is very big and juicy!

7. The Eighth Avenue @ Publika

eighth avenue, publika, solaris dutamas, hot restaurant, november
Founded by an expatriate, The Eighth Avenue is a new bar and restaurant in PJ that promises good wine and good food. The drink menu features a good selection of cocktails and mocktails to cater to wine lovers. The food here is very unique, as all the items are inspired by the owner’s experience of staying in different countries, including India, Australia, and China. Some specialty dishes that we find impressive include Sticky Piggy, New Orleans Catfish, and Angels & Demons.

8. 5.1 Café @ Sri Petaling

5.1 cafe, sri petaling, coffee, hot restaurant, november
Do you know that coffee is slightly acidic with a pH value of 5 to 5.1? That explains why this new café in KL is named as 5.1. They offer a wide selection of flavoured latte, including tiramisu, caramel, and hazelnut. Many of the coffees here are served with cute and beautiful coffee art that will make perfect Instagram posts. For food, they offer a very special type of “pizza” made of crispy tortilla with a few savory and sweet flavors to choose from. A nice and cosy place to unwind!

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