Popular Taiwanese Honey Toast Cafe – Dazzling Café is NOW in Mid Valley Megamall!

Now you don’t have to go too far for the popular Taiwanese honey toasts, because they have found their way to you! No more “just saying” and get ready to tuck into heavenly honey toasts with all kinds of mouth-watering toppings!

Dazzling Cafe’s first outlet in Malaysia is located in Mid Valley Megamall. This trendy cafe is famed for using different colour themes for different outlets, and the design concept of their first outlet in Malaysia is nothing short of amazing – elegant marble and turquoise designs decked out with their signature bunny ears chairs, what a perfect place to enjoy tai-tai style afternoon tea!

The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural sunlight to flood every corners of the cafe, making it one of the most picture-worthy cafes of all time, too.

Dessert comes first in Dazzling Cafe! We couldn’t wait to dig into this masterpiece – Dazzling Classic Honey Toast served warm with a huge scoop of premium Häagen-Dazs’s Vanilla ice cream, the toast was evenly toasted with rich buttery aroma, not to mention its crispy-outside-fluffy-inside texture – a literal heaven for all the dessert freaks!

If you opt to try the main dishes in Dazzling Cafe, never give the Mentaiko Spaghetti with Cream Sauce a miss! Creamy, flavoursome and slightly spicy, it is absolutely appetizing with a nice non-greasy aftertaste, truly worth recommending.

Please yourself with an Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha, decadently rich but not too sweet, certainly a joyous pick that can easily excite the chocolate lovers.

We love the Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea for its tangy, sweet and refreshing blend, and it definitely goes well with any mains and desserts!

Dazzling Cafe is planning in extending their menu, so you can definitely look forward to it! We believe they won’t keep us waiting for too long!

More about Dazzling Café, please click [HERE]

Dazzling Cafe
Mid Valley Megamall
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