Craving for Durian? Get These Durian Desserts NOW!
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It’s all about the durian madness that you have been seeing lately. That super fragrant durian and the yellowish fleshy piece that packs a punch, if you haven’t had it, don’t wait till the end of its season! To make it simpler, why not get them in dessert form instead? Same ol’ durian that is used to make these desserts tastes exceptionally good and boosts your mood up for sure! Let’s go!

1. Hanbing – Korean Dessert Café

Hanbing, Bangsar, Durian, Korean Dessert, Bingsu, KL
Photo credit to:Hanbing Facebook
Korean Bingsu with a touch of local specialty? Previously their dessert gained much attention across the social media due to the special looking Bingsu that they had. Ranging from Oreo Snow Ice, Mango Snow Ice, Jeju Green Tea Snow Ice, Patbingsu and now – Musang King Durian Snow Ice! Durian craze? Indeed! Chilling good and sweet, you can’t go wrong when you order this! Hurry and head to Hanbing today!

2. Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop, Durian Ice Cream, Durian, KL, PJ
Ice creams are the best way to satiate your cravings especially when you’re feeling the heat outside! Known for their ice creams around Klang Valley area, they are surely one of the best that comes with many flavors to choose from. Of course, you can’t miss out their Durian flavor too. Super rich and thick in consistency, smells so good too! Many will order this and remember to be there earlier before it sold out!

3. Moonlight Cake House

Moonlight Cake House, Durian Cake, Durian, KL, PJ
Being known to have the best Durian cake, this recommendation isn’t boasting! You have to try it to believe it; they actually made a cake that looks just like how a durian is. Super delish as you get to eat the durian flesh at the bottom, with nice texture of the cake and super light cream that is not cloying, this is really the durian cake you need to get!

4. Rojak & Cendol Shah Alam

Queue for nearly 3 hours only you get to eat it? Much hyped about this durian cendol, you cannot miss this out! Made from their special house recipe of ‘Gula Merah’ syrup and ‘Santan sawit’! The durians are so fleshy and yellow in color, sweet and creamier too! The prices for the durian cendol are according to the durians available on a daily basis. Packs a punch with flavors that will sure to burst when eaten, this is really one of the must try cendol around Shah Alam!

5. Just Heavenly

Just Heavenly Cafe, Durian Cake, Durian, KL, PJ
Their chocolate durian cake is the signature here! Filled with D24 and D2 durian pulp with fresh cream and chocolate ganache, this is really a piece of the must try cakes from Just Heavenly! Simply irresistible and appetizing, they have quite some kiosks across Klang Valley and you know it is a must to try it out!

6. Wondermama

Wondermama, Durian, Korean Dessert, Bingsu, Bangsar, KL
Photo credit to:Wondermama Facebook
While getting your local food cravings fixed, don’t forget to end your meal with the famous Durian Krep! Soft yet flavorful, indulge on that delicious durian ice cream that you actually get to taste the pulp too. Rich in durian scent, munch on the crunchiness of cornflakes and your favourite sweet corn!
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