10 New & Hot Restaurants at IOI City Mall
Launched in November 2014, IOI City Mall has become the talk of town since then, because it is the largest shopping mall in the southern part of Klang Valley with more than 350 shops. The choices of food in the mall are simply mind-blowing. Many restaurants are centralized on the lower ground floor, while some restaurants can be found scattering over different floors. If you are looking for restaurants with a great view, The Symphony Walk would be a great choice, as you can find a long stretch of restaurants facing a beautiful lake with musical fountain.
ioi city mall, putrajaya
Let’s take a walk and check out some of the new and great eats in the mall! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Dal.Komm Coffee @ GE-15

dal.komm, cafe, bingsu, korean, ioi city mall, putrajaya
Originated from Korea, Dal.Komm Coffee is probably the first café chain in Malaysia that is integrated with online music! While sipping on a cup of fragrant Arabica Coffee, you can listen to online music for free with an individual headset. One of the specialty coffees here is the Signature Cube, which is a Latte with creamy Cappuccino foam and espresso ice cube. The café also offer Bingsu desserts that are getting more and more popular in Malaysia. Some must-have flavors include Choco Lava, Grapefruit, Blueberry Deluxe and Lemon Dazzling.

2. Cha Tra Mue @ F-K8B

cha tra mue, cafe, thai, milk tea, ioi city mall, putrajaya
Established in 1945, Cha Tra Mue is one of the most popular tea brands in Thailand with 75 years of history. This kiosk near the entrance of District 21 Theme Park is Cha Tra Mue’s first overseas outlet. Ranging from RM3.30 to RM5, the tea drinks here are not only reasonably priced, but also very fragrant and rich in tea aroma. Customers can choose from a range of tea and coffee drinks, including Milk Tea (Cha-Yen), Tea C (Yon Lor), Black Tea, Black Coffee, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and so on. Tea tins are also available for purchase if you want to enjoy the Thai Tea at home.

3. Magnum Putrajaya @ GE-3

magnum, ice cream, ioi city mall, putrajaya
When Magnum Café was open at Mid Valley in November 2014, it had possibly broken the record for the longest queue in front of a restaurant in the history of Malaysia. People are crazy about their “Make My Magnum”, which allows customers to custom make their own Magnum Ice Cream using different ice cream, chocolate, toppings and drizzles. Same as the first shop, the second outlet at IOI City Mall is separated into 2 areas. One is where most people queue up to get their customized ice cream, while the other area is where customers can sit down and order some nicely decorated ice cream dishes from the menu.

4. Tino’s Pizza @ L2

tino pizza, taiwan, ioi city mall, putrajaya
Hailed from Taiwan, Tino’s Pizza is another new chain restaurant brought to you by the same owner of Chatime. Three types of pizzas are offered here, including pizza, focaccia, and sweet crustar. Focaccia is slightly different from normal pizza with its unique oval shape, while sweet crustar is topped with sweet ingredients, such as fruits, red beans and peanuts. All the pizzas are freshly baked using a special type of dough to make the texture softer and chewier than fast food pizza.

5. Buddies @ GE-15

buddies, bistro, pork, german, ioi city mall, putrajaya
Located at the Symphony Walk, Buddies is a German restaurant and bistro offering a wide selection of European delicacies and beers. The cozy and comfortable bistro is especially happening at night, as many guests like to come here after work to chill out and enjoy some refreshing beers with colleagues and friends. Many pork lovers find their signature German Pork Knuckle to be irresistible, as it is freshly deep-fried until the pork knuckle is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

6. Franco @ LG-80C & 80D

franco, french, japanese, ioi city mall, putrajaya
Formerly known as Miam Miam, Franco is expanding aggressively across the whole Klang Valley with new outlets opening at many major shopping malls. This outlet at IOI City Mall is the latest addition to the family of the chain. They serve a wide range of interesting French dishes with a Japanese twist. For cooked dishes, some of the specialty dishes here include Spaghetti Yumeina, Squid Ink Rice with Omu Egg, and Riz Au Curry. Many patrons come here for their desserts. Their signature French Toast takes at least 20 minutes to prepare, as it is freshly made from scratch in the kitchen.

7. Namoo Grey @ L1-72

namoo grey, korean cafe, ioi city mall, putrajaya
Namoo Grey is operated by the same group that has made Namoo on the Park at Publika a success. Same as the original shop, this café features a dining environment that is very cozy and comfortable. The menu is the same too with emphasis on nutritious and healthy Korean food. Highlights include Bibi Rice Burger, Hotstone Bibimbap, Garlic Bulgogi Rice and Seafood Pancake. Another attraction is the desserts, especially the signature Sweet Potato Cake, which is made of 100% natural sweet potato ingredient. The texture of the sweet potato paste is so soft that it melts in your mouth!

8. T Lounge by Dilmah @ LG-82

t lounge, tea, dilmah, ioi city mall, putrajaya
T Lounge is a new tea salon specializing in the fine and high-quality tea by Dilmah from Sri Lanka. A wide range of tea drinks are available on the menu, including white tea, green tea, black tea, flavoured tea, tea shakes, you name it. Tea leaves packaged in tea tins are also available for purchase, so that tea lovers can enjoy the fragrant tea at home. Apart from tea beverage, a high tea set for 2 priced at RM48 is available from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays. The high tea includes 7 types of desserts and pastries with a tea of your choice.

9. Nathan’s Famous @ L1-13B

nathan famous, hot dog, american, ioi city mall, putrajaya
More and more American fast food chains have ventured into the F&B market in Malaysia, and one of the new kids in town is Nathan’s Famous, which is a hotdog specialty shop. Currently, customers can choose from 8 types of Famous Frankfurters with different sauces and toppings, including chili, cheese mushroom, sautéed onion, salsa, etc. Nathan’s chili sauce is not spicy, as the sauce is made of tomato base. The hotdog, on the other hand, is made of beef and the texture is firm yet juicy. Don’t forget to try their freshly squeezed lemonade too!


fatburger, burger, buffalo chicken wings, american, ioi city mall, putrajaya
At The Symphony Walk, you can find 2 popular burger chains. One is Johnny Rockets, and the other one is FATBURGER. What’s special about the burgers at FATBURGER is that customers can choose what ingredients to add (or not to add) to their burgers. And all the burgers are freshly prepared to order to ensure the burgers are fresh and delicious when they arrive at your table. Buffalo is another famous chicken wings brand under the same roof. Customers can enjoy the deep-fried chicken wings with up to 10 different sauces. Head to IOI City Mall today to try all these new and hot eateries!
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