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Deep Fried Nam Yue Pork Belly Fish Porridge Fresh River Prawns with Flat Rice Noodle Herbal Chicken Sang Har Mee
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身为吉隆坡人,我从来都没有去过黑风洞,每当有人提起这地方,我的第一个反应都是“太远了”~ 可是当有人告诉我说在黑风洞附近有一家很有名的餐馆,我立刻眼前一亮,“走啊!等什么?”这就是典型的吃货。 说的这一家餐馆就是品香食家小馆,他们家的粥品和炒面类都是店里的招牌。周末的早上来到这里,我被门口外的阵容吓到了。外头看似平平无奇的普通茶餐室,等位的人却是非常的多。我们先向门口处的小弟登记人数,再等他喊名字配以桌号。 生鱼皮蛋粥(二人份)- RM15.90 生鱼皮蛋粥(二人份)- RM15.90 来到这里,这几样美食是必点的,当中粥品是绝对不容错过的。我们点了生鱼皮蛋粥,粥煮得超幼滑的,完全看不到米粒,就好像典型的港式广东粥那样。生鱼片和皮蛋都放得很多,我看了看墙上的价目表,有皮蛋和没皮蛋的粥是一样价格的,那我当然要加皮蛋啊!鱼片都很新鲜,鱼粥是清淡型的,但是带有鱼的鲜味,伴着皮蛋的甘香,很不错哦~ 油条 - RM4.70 吃粥的地方一定少不了油条,这里的油条说明是现炸的,吃起来比外面一般的略硬,配粥吃还可以。 滑蛋河 - RM14.30 这里的招牌面食是生虾生面,我今天没那么富贵,所以点了没有生虾的滑蛋河。它的蛋汁很浓稠而且很有蛋香,河粉有煎过的锅香味,算是我吃过的滑蛋河当中数一数二好吃的了。我相信加了生虾之后,鲜味会更上一层楼呢! 扣肉米粉 - RM22.80 感觉上扣肉米粉并不难做,之前KC也曾经分享过它的食谱。这里的扣肉米粉煮得干身之余,米粉吸收扣肉酱汁之后变得软嫩,还带有扣肉的油香,是一道非常好吃但很罪恶的美食。 除了面食和粥品,我们还叫了几款小吃。 腐竹卷 - RM8.40 腐竹卷用的鱼肉很鲜很弹牙,配上特制的辣椒酱,是很棒的小吃。 南乳炸肉 - RM17.00 南乳炸肉腌制得很够味,不会炸得过火,肉还保持鲜嫩的口感。 品香食家小馆每天大排长龙果然不是没有原因的,也不枉我大老远过来一试他们的招牌菜。下次我还想来试试他们的生虾生面呢! By 阿七 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-06-10
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The restaurant is very well known at Batu Caves area. This restaurant has a policy where one can only place 1 order at per table (which means no reordering of food if one find that the ordered food is not enough). The restaurant only operates from 8.30am to 3.30pm daily and is closed for 2 days per month. The restaurant is located at the end of a row of shophouses. It is open-air with simple looking chairs and tables around. The restaurant is packed when we arrived. There is a long list of people waiting for tables. As most of the tables available are for small groups and we are in a big group of 7, we end up waiting about an hour for a table. We are given a number tag (which will be given to the staff when our order is taken), when a table is available for us. There is no menu given and we could only order based on the staff's recommendation, which is basically what most tables are having.Although the weather is extremely hot, we have Hot Tea (RM11.50+) with ice cubes to keep cool as that is what most tables are having.Stir Fried Sweet Leaves (RM18+)A simple vegetable dish. We feel the vegetable used here is a bit old, based on the color of the vegetable. Quite disappointing.滑蛋河 Cantonese Style Hor Fun (RM18+)Single serving in vegetarian style with no garlic, onion and spring onion. Quite smooth and rich in texture.Porridge (RM15.40+)It is served with sliced fish and century egg in it. The porridge is very smooth and creamy in texture, while the fish is very fresh and smooth too.Pork Meat Bee Hoon (RM21.20+)It is a very simple and traditional dish of stir fried stewed pork belly with bee hoon. The pork belly is quite tender and does not taste jelat.Fried Pork Meat (RM29+)It is deep fried pork belly marinated in red fermented beancurd. I feel the version here is not very good as it lack of crispiness outside. Another point is that I would prefer it to be served with the porridge, instead of after finishing al the other dishes. The porridge would be a good balance to the strong taste of the fermented beancurd taste in the pork.River Prawn Hor Fun (RM120.85+)It is served with 3 pieces of the famed giant sized River Prawns, which each of us get half piece each. The prawn is quite huge in size, filled with lots of roe in the shell. The gravy is rich and luscious, while the noodle flows smoothly down the throat.Besides these dishes, the restaurant also offers a variety of swiss rolls and pastries over its counter. Overall the food is not bad, but I feel that it is quite expensive to dine in here. One would think twice of making a trip all the way to this ula ula place, suffers a long waiting time and follows by a delicious in a hot and humid place. 繼續閱讀
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Restoran Pan Heong, a restaurant famous for its Sang Har Hor Fun, Steamed Fish Head , Deep Fried Nam Yue Pork Belly and variety of porridge too. There are many types of porridge here, from froggy legs to spareribs, pomfret and snake head fish porridge. However, we settled for the frog legs as it's my family's favourite especially my hubby. We only ordered a portion for 1 person but it was definitely enough for 2-3 persons to share. Real value for money as the serving is quite generous. The consistency of the porridge was lovely, thick and smooth. It was cooked just right: the velvety smooth porridge was neither too thick nor watery. Big and meaty, the 'tin kai' meat ( frogs meat) here was very fresh and chunky with a nice bouncy firm texture, which was good in terms of chew-ability and body. Loved it!Overall, Pan Heong serves very good food at a reasonable price. But, parking is horrendous and the crowd is crazy, so be there as early as 11am for lunch. If you come during the weekends or school holidays, be ready to queue too! Lilly HongEditor of Follow Me To Eat La - http://followmetoeatla.blogspot.com 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-09-26
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Of all the noodles that I have ever savoured, this is my No.1 in my food list. One can never have enough of this awesome dish. The kuey teow noodles are coated with a gooey golden egg sauce and savoury making them very flavourful. Shredded pork slices, shrimps, fish cakes & brown sotong are cooked in this sauce bringing out the extra sweetness in the gravy. As you can see, this is clearly an overload of meat and vegetables all covered with the delicious egg sauce. Heavenly feelings every time I eat this, highly recommended to all if you should want to take a ride to Batu Caves to check out this dish. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-06
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厚厚的魚餅,不但新鮮而且份量十足!吃爽爽或者拿來配飯都是一個必點的食物。哈哈。這家店的生意非常的好,每次下午來都滿座的,不過他們的服務還算蠻好的,食物上座也不需要等很久。他們除了賣大炒。店裡還買了很多的各地的土產,從蛋糕到餅乾,很會做生意的一家店! 繼續閱讀
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