Taiwanese Herbal Mi Sua Recipe 台式药膳面线食谱

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Taiwanese Herbal Mi Sua Recipe  台式药膳面线食谱
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Replenish your bodily needs with this fantastic Taiwanese herbal Mi Sua recipe. Simple, easy and appetizing.

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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients A:
200g Heng Hua Mi Sua (rice noodle) / 兴化粗面线 200克

Ingredients B:
150g tomato (skinned) / 番茄 150克(去皮)
200g radish / 白萝卜 200克
100g carrot / 红萝卜 100克
2pcs Chinese mushroom / 香菇 2朵
50g monkey head mushroom / 猴头菇 50克
8 slices ginger / 姜 8片

Ingredients C:
some Chinese celery / 芹菜叶 适量
4 pcs fried gluten / 豆包 4片(炸成金黄色)
dash of vegetarian anchovy stock granule / 素江鱼仔 少许

Herbals for soup:
200g SengKuang / 沙葛 200克
5g ShouDi / 熟地 5克
8g Chuan Qiong / 川芎 8克
10g star anise / 八角 10克
2 tsp fennel / 小茴香 2茶匙
6g cinnamon / 桂枝 6克
3g GanCao / 甘草 3克
1800ml water / 水 1,800毫升

2 tsp vegetarian Taiwanese Satay sauce(Sha Cha Jiang) / 素沙茶酱 2茶匙
2 tsp concentrated vegetarian stock / 浓缩斋汤 2茶匙
3 tbsp tomato sauce / 番茄酱 3汤匙
1 tsp salt / 盐 1茶匙
1 ½ tsp sugar / 糖 1 ½茶匙
1. Boil all herbals ingredients with water for 1 hour, filtered.

2. Heat 2 tbsp oil in wok, saute ginger,mushroom and other ingredients B until fragrant;add in herbal soup and simmer in low heat for 40 minutes; then season to taste.

3. Scud Mi Sua until cook,and then rinse with cold water,drain and place in bowl.Pour soup over to serve.
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