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Level3 2016-02-22
The dilemma of thinking twice or have it is indeed a difficult decision, especially in terms of enjoying food. The popularity has never died away when the local all the time favourite Roti Canai has charted the list. I order Roti Planta at Aimuni, after a long and tiring working morning and crave for the relaxing sweet-aromatic-all-in-one branch. The delighted crispy outer layer with the crunchy half transparent inner layer making not only the biting but the appetite thrilling. Oily or not, is already not under consideration, it is Roti Planta anyway.Roti Canai family used to serve with dalls or curry but the real good one can be eaten just like that. As for Roti Planta has been added with sugar, I just like to have it without other condiments. I would say this Roti is good enough to stir my satisfaction and followed by the fingers licking. Peeling away and seeing the glassy layers is a pleasurable experience. The aroma of Roti Planta just leaves the mouth to ask for more. The dish is available at Aimuni, Demak Laut shoplot. continue reading
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