10 Hot & Popular Snacks in Penang You Can't Resist!
Looking for something not so heavy yet delicious to satisfy your palate? In this article, we have selected 10 restaurants in Penang and cafés that offer not only tantalizing snacks and desserts, but also cozy and comfortable environment for guests to enjoy great food with their beloved friends and families.
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Check out these amazing snacks and desserts that are getting more and more popular in Penang! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Kanemochi's Mochi Ice Cream

penang, local food, penang food, ice cream, mochi, snack
Great news for lovers of mochi! Now you can tantalize your taste-buds with a great variety of Japanese Mochi at Kanemochi in Penang! All these popular snacks on the menu, including drinks and desserts, are served with mochi. The most popular dessert here is the Mochi Ice Cream. The soft mochi skin matches very well with the cold and creamy ice cream filling. Absolutely delicious!

2. Kurtos Spiroll

penang, local food, penang food, snack, kurtos spiroll
Kurtos Spiroll is a shop in Penang that sells a unique Hungarian popular snack called Kurtos Kalacs. At the shop, customers get to see how the pastry is freshly made using a wooden stick and baked on the spot using a special oven. Many different flavors of Kurtos Kalacs are available, such as cheese, chicken floss, seafood and salmon. A perfect snack to fill your stomach when shopping at the malls.

3. The Safe Room's Liquid Nitrogen Dessert

penang, local food, penang food, snack, liquid nitrogen, the safe room
The Safe Room has become one of the most talked about restaurants on social media lately. It is the first restaurant in Penang that specializes in liquid nitrogen desserts. What's special about a liquid nitrogen dessert is that the dessert is surrounded by nitrogen smoke when served, so cool! Another highlight is the nitrogen ice cream, which is creamy and meltingly soft.

4. 83 Classic Restaurant's Toast

penang, local food, penang food, snack, toast, 83 classic restaurant
This Western restaurant in Penang makes you feel at home with its simple and unpretentious interior design and decorations. If you are a lover of toast, this is the right place to be, as they offer a wide variety of toasts with different flavors. The signature toast here has a heart shape filled with egg yolk. It is paired with cheese and ham and baked until the toast is slightly crispy on the outside. A must-try popular snack if you visit this nice little eatery.

5. Bittersweet Café's Snow Ice

penang, local food, penang food, snack, snow ice, bittersweet cafe
Bittersweet Café is a popular dessert house in Penang that is famous for snow ice and waffles. We highly recommend their durian flavored snow ice, which is served with layers of ice that is extremely soft and rich in durian flavors. A terrific dessert to cool down on a hot day!

6. The Mugshot Café's Bagel

penang, local food, penang food, snack, bagel, the mugshot cafe
Located at Chulia Street, this café in Penang is very popular among tourists and locals. Although a wide variety of dishes are available on the menu, their bagels are the major crowd-pullers. The cafe's signature Cream Cheese Smoke Salmon is a savory bagel with raw salmon and cheese. The bagel is baked to perfection with a texture that is just right, not too soft or hard. An ideal place to visit for breakfast and snack!

7. Brown Pocket Café's Waffle

penang, local food, penang food, snack, waffle, brown pocket cafe
One of the best places in Penang for mouth-watering waffles! Brown Pocket offers limited choices of foods, but every single item is unique and delicious. Many patrons come here for their Signature Triple Chocolate Liege Waffle, which is a warm waffle paired with three types of chocolate, including white, dark and milk chocolate, and topped with a scoop of ice cream. Don't miss this café when you visit Penang!

8. Bake & Brew's Mushroom Soup

penang, local food, penang food, snack, mushroom soup, bake & brew
Bake & Brew is transformed from a café into a restaurant. Now, they offer a wide range of Western delights, including main dishes, cakes, toasts, puffs and sandwiches. A chef recommended dish here is the Wild Mushroom Cappuccino. It is not a coffee, but a mushroom soup that is prepared using mushroom that is ground into a fine powder, so that the soup can maintain the fragrance and nutrition of the mushroom. A creative and delicious mushroom soup that looks like a Cappuccino!

9. Paul Loiis's Pavlova

penang, local food, penang food, snack, paul loiis, pavlova
Have you ever tried a Pavlova before? Pavlova is a kind of meringue-based dessert originated from New Zealand. In Penang, Paul Loiis is one of few places where you can find delicious Pavlova. The Pavlova here is topped with a few types of fresh fruits and contains layers of crispy crust and cream inside, so delicious! If you are curious about what a Pavlova tastes like, head to this restaurant today to give it a try!

10. Te Amor Bakery's Croissant

penang, local food, penang food, snack, croissant, honey cinnamon, te amor bakery
Meaning "I Love You" in Spanish, Te Amor is a bakery that offers a wide selection of fresh and healthy bakery without adding any preservative. The best-selling item here is the croissant, which is perfectly baked with a crispy exterior and a soft interior. The bread here is not only delicious, but also affordable. Definitely worth a visit!

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