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With stylish interior, this restaurant attracts lots of foreigner and fans of Europian food to pay a visit here.Although the menu has only limited choise, the restaurant serves quality food with finest and fresh ingredient.I was than served with bread stick and bread slices. For those who visit Italianese restaurant for first time, the bread should mixed with the olive oil and vinegar before taken. I ordered myself a seafood and fish paella (paella de marisco in Spanish) that cost RM32.00. They do served the meals for 2 or 3 portion if you request.The seafood paella, cooked with mussels, clams, fish, octopus and shrimps, than cooked with olive oil and saffron. Those seafood makes the rice dish sweet and savoury. Like it very much! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
If you think Mediteca sounds familiar, it’s because it’s managed by the Island Group Hospitality company which has once managed the Nero Group restaurants. Medi stands for Meditarranean, so you’ll expect various Southern European cuisine, and best still, the whole menu is dotted with porky delights. That’s right, they have only recently relaunched the menu and I’d say that is a great move.Last Saturday, we had the pleasure to sample their brand new Brunch menu. Every Saturday, there will be a different Mediterranean theme for diners to relish. There’s a salad bar, all-you-can-eat cold cuts and cheese and various desserts for you to choose from. You get to choose your main course from 5 options and load yourself up with bottomless Ice Lemon Tea. Sounds like a great deal? All for only RM58++. Probably one of the most reasonably priced brunch with the quality of food they are serving. So, while my mum and sister were sweating it out in Italy that weekend (I’m totally not jealous, really!), we had our Italian themed brunch buffet to distract myself.Walking in the restaurant blessed with plenty of sunlight, this promptly grabbed our attention. The industrial slicer is specially imported to produce super thinly sliced cured meat. Trust me, it makes a huge difference when the cold cuts are thin enough to melt in your mouth. Speaking of which, here’s our plate of delightful cold cuts and cheese.Ahh…. I can munch on these all days. Especially the prosciutto (somewhere in the middle). The chorizo is the real deal too, with lovely smokiness from the paprika. These are all imported of course, so quality is guaranteed. They have a range of pickles and jam made in-house, and you can pair them however you want. I love the quince jam with the soft cheese, and the onion jam with prosciutto.Of course, if you feel that the amount of cholesterol is catching up on you, feel free to grab some colourful salad (there are about 6-7 varieties) to offset the richness. Hehe. But I was a little naughty and went straight for the mozzarella. Mmm. That was good.Stewed Meat alla Napule with Homemade TagliatelleWhenever I see homemade pasta on the menu I’d have to order it. I’ve always believed that all Italian/Mediterranean restaurants should make their own pasta because it’s so simple, and far more superior in taste. I have fond memory of the good old Napoletana Ragu so this was an obvious choice for me.Look at sauce embracing every strand of pasta. So much flavour!As expected the sauce was packed with sweet essence of swine and the tang from tomato, with just enough herbaceous note to freshen it up. The pasta was cooked perfectly. Comfort food definitely. My only regret is I didn’t finish that plate of pasta (was a little too eager on the cold cuts), I’m still thinking about it now.Pork burger with Tomato and MozzarellaMy dining companion went for the Pork Burger (because the very attractive looking Lasagna Pesta with Clams had sold out, damn), and this beauty was propped on our table. It has very simple toppings. Just Tomato, Lettuce and some melted Mozzarella, and there wasn’t any relish or sauce. But then a very clever waitress pointed us to the various pickles and jam. Aha! Perfect to pair with the pork burger. We might have added some extra cheese to buff it up. Ahem.Le Cross section before we embellished it.The patty itself is a little thin, but has good flavours. Not complaining though because we already had plenty of meat beforehand.Dessert selectionsI am a very bad girl (or good?) because I didn’t try the desserts! In retrospects these chocolate pots looked quite good and so did the lemon tart.Apart from the food, we also really enjoyed the Ice Lemon “Tea”. It’s more like a citrusy blend with a hint of passionfruit in it, very thirst quenching. Poesy had about the whole jug of it. I had quite a few myself.I like the simple decor with plenty of wooden furniture. It’s casual yet stylish and the ambience was pretty good with easy listening chill-out music soft enough for us to yak through the whole afternoon. We were there for almost 4 hours! No wonder the whole jug of tea. An afternoon well spent, I must say.I had a peek of their ala carte menu and I know that we’ll be back there soon. Mmmm Pork Cheeks! continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-04
Mediteca @ Fraser's place, smack in the middle of busy downtown KL and amidst million ringgit swanky luxury suites and a mere 10 minutes walk from KLCC (though it took me almost an hour navigating traffic from Jalan Ampang but what is KL without the traffic?)Firstly I'm not a big fan of spray on food. To me anything that comes out from a spray nozzle is used to annihilate pesky bugs. For the EVOO and Balsamic vinegar, I'd much prefer the traditional pour and dip.Stewed Sardines with Tomato Basil Sauce RM24Not my favourite due to the strong fishy taste and smell and for the typical Malaysian sardines are associated as swimming in tomato and IN A CAN. So after a customary and obligatory bite, that's it for me.Casserole of Stewed Beef Cheek RM12Perfectly cooked beef cheeks served in a little casserole dish and a delight to eat by itself or the accompanied baked on site bread. A wonderful play with spices make this tiny but hearty dish an absolute wonder for the mouth. The best dish of the evening!Bruschetta with Rocket Salad and Artichoke RM22I must admit that I'm not a big fan of vege on vege but I can't fault the chef for putting a handsome price as the combination of peppery rocket salad, artichoke, tomato on a perfectly crispy bruschetta is an absolute wonder. A word of advice, eat it fast, then again it's tapas, you are supposed to.Garlic Prawns RM223 skewers of prawns coupled with roasted garlic. Perfectly cooked and perfectly coupled with the roasted garlic. A great start though we were forewarned by the beautiful host Rachel that "we were in for a meal".Seafood Vermicelli RM36As for the mains we were served seafood vermicelli, with seafood. More like spaghettini with offerings from the dining halls of Poseidon, the dish is my second favourite for the evening as everything Poseidon gave was given due justice in this non too subtle seafood dish. I would say the vermicelli ties this dish up perfectly.Entrecote Tagliata with Parmesan & Glazed Mushrooms RM70Fancy name for a sir/strip loin beef done perfectly with roasted garlic and button mushrooms. The Parmesan cheese was beautifully masked and this is a worthy red meat dish nonetheless. I've had better beef dishes (the casserole of stewed beef cheeks) so I'm a bit biased on this one. That's the trouble when one reaches the climax on the very first bite. Darn it!! (L) Baked Rosemary Custard RM12 (R) Yogurt Mousse with Mango Cream RM16 I found yogurt mousse with mango cream offering a tad too sweet, trying to discern the yogurt but the mango sauce made it difficult. Baked rosemary custard is more to my liking though at my advance age, I tend to mellow down my sweet cravings. The rosemary tang wasn't too subtle, you know it is there and the crackling of caramelised sugar adds a very nice touch.Write up by Lawrence LimPhoto by Cheryl Chan continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-25
Do you hear the people sing? Mediteca started out as a no-pork restaurant (forget the phrase 'pork-free'; we only need to be free of foul things), but from this month onward, this has become a pork's-welcome place. Customers want to get piggy with it!Beginning June 1, Mediteca has totally revamped its menu; let's hope this helps revive business. Weeknights here seem too barren of customers, all of whom are missing out on complimentary bread served with Lodigiano cheese freshly grated by the table.The ideal introduction to what Mediteca has now become: Cazuela-style stewed pork jaw with tomato & thyme (RM15++). Soul food in every sense; we have a hunch that if our grandmother had been Spanish, she'd have wholly approved of this.Fowl-hog fusion: Chicken wings prepared with garlic & rosemary, wrapped in luscious pork lard (RM16++). Bar snacks elevated to new heights.Beef cheek is passe; try Mediteca's pork cheek instead (RM58++), stewed to spectacular succulence with star anise & pumpkin chutney. Caveat: this is both pricey & somewhat salty.Honey-glazed roasted suckling pig. Scarily though, this slice here costs RM88++.Is it breakfast, brunch or lunch? Arresting, anytime of the day: Gateau of potatoes & mushrooms (RM28++), with poached egg, onion jam & bacon (pork of course, not beef).Addicted to albumin? Mediteca's baked eggs with pork belly pancetta, spinach & bechamel sauce (RM22++) might save the night. Rehab, tomorrow. continue reading
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I have always loved strawberries, but I have never tried strawverries slushies before. Basically these are really simple to make, it's just smashed strawberries. At MediTeca, this was served with a dollop of cream and mint leaf. Personally I still prefer eating strawberry on its own with some whipped cream. And the mint leaf, although it provided a contrasting taste, doesn't goes well. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)