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Level4 2013-10-05
Only the finest and of the best quality Belgian cocoa make is made here. Marquise do specialize on their chocolates where they have the hocolate truffles, chocolate bars, signature cakes, gourmet pastries and designer cakes as well.Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut & Almond Nibs is one of favorite chocolates in Marquise. The chocolate is not too sweet but just a slight bitter and the chocolates are covering the hazelnutas and almond nibs with it. It is just perfect with the crunchy munch. The choices of white or dark chocolates is available.Price: RM 27.00/100 g continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-06
Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie is a great place to be with friend here. the famous place have the chocolate with nice food presentation and i love the macaron here. tasty enough and crunchy too. is very tasty and not too sweet to my liking and i like to hang out here. here they always do promotion and i like to come here often and enjoy the nice comfortable place to dine in. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-05
Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie is a good place to dine in and here the macaron is really delicious added with some refreshing drinks really a good time to spend here the macaron is crunchy enough and very sweet taste and i also try the cakes here. very special with the added chocolate on top of the cake.service is very friendly and they are very helpful too. i like this place continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-31
Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie is not only serving chocolates but they do serves cake too Oreo lovers would not be disappointed with their Oreo Cheesecake where the crushed Oreo is top on top with the tasty cream cheese and the biscuit base. Decorated with a chocolate on top, the cake is simply savory and taking much space in my tummy too as it is simply rich.Price: RM 11.80 continue reading
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The astonishing feature about Bangsar Shopping Centre is its unique layout where there is always something new to explore at every every nook and cranny of this shopping premises. I came across Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie a few months ago by accident while walking not too far away from where The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is at. Situated at the back corner on the ground floor, what caught my attention was the gorgeous handcrafted cakes that were nicely displayed in the window panels just next its entrance. Inside, the outlet has a cosy and elegant ambiance with a mix of contemporary chic romantic setting courtesy of its warm and inviting atmosphere.Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie was founded in 2010 and inspired by the unique European culture of chocolate making. The pastry and chocolate outlet chose its name by associating its first word with noblemen and women of high ranking people, thus giving it a prestige connotation. This means using the finest Belgian chocolates to produce their range of high quality chocolates and cakes giving their end products the “Wow!” factor at every bite. Take their Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut & Almond Nibs (RM 27.00 / 100 gram) for instance. It has a good balance of chocolaty taste without being overly bitter that is usually associated with typical dark chocolate flavour.Apparently, Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie adopts the entire chocolate making method including its conching process from Belgium. This means using the freshest and highest quality ingredients to produce rich, indulgent chocolates. Most of the chocolates used are from the bittersweet variants as Asians typically favour this type of flavour. The prices of their cakes and chocolates are also very competitively priced. I liked their Green Tea Roche (RM 27.00 / 100 gram) which has a nice balance between the green tea and chocolate flavour without overpowering one another. I find myself nibbling the chocolate rather than letting it sit on my tongue to melt by itself due to the irresitable soft crunchy texture which I presume is from the nuts inside the chocolate.The Black Nougat with Hazelnut (RM 27.00 / 100 gram) has a nice aesthetic look with tiny bits of hazelnuts studded onto the chocolate surface. The taste has a nice milky chocolate flavour and caramel like texture.I also enjoyed eating the Hazelnut Praline Swirl (RM 27.00 / 100 gram). The chocolate has a smooth vanilla taste with an occasional hint of chocolate flavour from the melted swirls.Using real Belgium chocolates rather than processed ones, the Forêt Noir (RM 10.80) was simply delicious. Inside, I could taste the fresh dark berries and layered chocolate sponge that gave the cake an interesting mix of chocolaty and fruity flavour.I was also attracted to the sight of the Hazelnut Royaltine (RM 10.80) as the huge and chunky hazelnuts studded on the all sides of the cake were so visually pleasing. The cake has a rich and deep chocolaty taste.Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie also serves a selection of milkshakes (RM 16.80), smoothies (RM 13.80) and frappe (13.80) to compliment their cakes and chocolates.As I have mentioned earlier, Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie uses the best quality Belgian cocoa for their cakes and chocolates. Thus, their products are naturally high quality and handmade to perfection using authentic Belgian artistry methods. If you have a sweet craving for chocolates or cakes, do drop by their outlet to delight yourself with their freshly made quality products. continue reading
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