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Level2 2013-12-06
I believe that many people heard bout Kong sai zai before. There is a lot of branch around KL & Selangor area. I rarely eat steam chicken due to normally they still got blood on it and make me feel like yucks, it`s RAW, but not at Kong Sai Zai. This restaurant is special to me, the chicken is nicer when you eat together with the sauce. Something like a ginger sauce. Besides from the steam chicken, there is another special dish at there, it is the curry pork ribs. I believe it is hard to get it from other place, so far I just ate it at Kong Sai Zai only. Normally those who is not good in cooking pork ribs you will feel like chewy when you eat it and hard to swallow but this is different. You really should have a try on it. Another dish you should order is the soup. There is a black chicken coconut soup. It`s not like other places, the taste is hard to describe. Whenever I went to Kong Sai Zai, it`s normally full, so I believe it`s not just I`m the one who recommend this shop. continue reading
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Kong Sai Zai is no longer a stranger in the foodies community. Any chicken rice lovers would be familiar with them as they are very famous for their Steamed Chicken. I am not a Steamed Chicken lover, I prefer the roasted one. My friend reassured me that their steamed chicken would make me change my mind, so I decided to have a try.They have branches at Paramount, Subang and Puchong. The one I visited this round is the Puchong branch. It’s a corner lot and their banner is pretty obvious. You won’t miss it on the route to Bandar Puteri Puchong.Apparently their menus are the same in all branches, so no worries here! Just visit whichever you prefer. They have quite good menus too! Those common dishes you could find from any chinese restaurants could be found here.Kong Sai Zai also offers individual dishes to those who patron alone or decide not to order the group portion.Braised Pork Belly with Yam Rice RM8We ordered individual rice instead of the group portion since there were only two of us. The first dish Braised Pork Belly with Yam was surprisingly nice. The pork belly was tender, juicy and soft with enough amount of fats to compliment the texture of the meat without overkilling the entire dish. The braised sauce was not overwhelmingly salty and the yam was fresh. Everything tasted moderately right, making it a rather enjoyable dish.Steamed Chicken with Rice RM4.50Here comes the compulsory dish – Steamed Chicken! Again, we ordered the individual rice set. The chicken was steamed to a nice and appetizing golden hue.However, what makes this dish so interesting is their infamous sauce, made together with chopped ginger, spring onion and coriander leaves, sesame oil and soya sauce. This simple ingredients combined together literally enhances the entire Steamed Chicken as compared to other places.Of course, I suspect that it is not so simple, there must be some other secrets within this ingredient that makes it so irresistible or else everywhere else could have copied the same recipe. Perhaps it’s how they steamed their chicken too; on how they control the timing and secret ingredients added while steaming it.I never really like steamed chicken but Kong Sai Zai managed to make me think otherwise, I shall start learning to appreciate Steamed Chicken more!Peanut & Lotus Root Soup RM5Kong Sai Zai offered quite a few choices of double boiled soup, and you SHOULD order one of them, whichever your favourite because they are very good! The Peanut and Lotus Root Soup has seriously been double boiled, you could literally taste the sweetness of the ingredients. To prove the point that they have been boiled for a long while, the lotus root and peanut were so soft that they could actually melt in your mouth! We sipped this to the very last drop and was very much tempted to order a second one if not for our bloated stomachs that couldn’t take any more food.Preserved Carrot Egg RM6This is a very simple dish, but good enough that we finished it all.“Oily” RiceThe staffs would ask whether you want the oil rice or the plain white rice. Then of course you gotta have the oil rice with the Steamed Chicken, it’s pretty much a tradition to have oily rice with chicken dishes. The oil rice is flavourful and fortunately, it’s not as “oily” as I expected to be.My dining experience in Kong Sai Zai was an enjoyable one. I usually control my intake of rice, however for this trip, I finished up the entire plate of “oily” rice and also the rest of the dishes! The prices in this restaurant are very affordable. The portion of the food is okay with the price you pay. However, my buddy pointed out they are very stingy with the portion of the steamed chicken whereas in other branches, they are more generous with it. Well, point taken – the next round I will visit another Kong Sai Zai and make a comparison then!As I said, it was a good dining experience. And if you are a Chicken Rice Lover, especially the steamed chicken ones, you would like Kong Sai Zai. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-25
每次来到广西仔,都会要点他们的猪肚汤,他们的猪肚汤都会比较辣,原因是他们用很多胡椒,而且他们给的猪肉和猪肚都很多,绝对不会吝啬,拿来配他们的鸡饭最好吃。而且价钱也很公道,一煲可以两个人喝。 continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-06
Chicken or fish? Time to investigate two reputable names that specialize in one or the other, starting with Puchong's Kong Sai, where fowl is king of the roost. Kong Sai's chicken rice is unmemorable, but it's still better than plain white rice. Pork tries to hog the limelight, but pork rib curry with potatoes and pepper pork stomach soup, while both serviceable, might not be stars in their own right. Lap cheong omelet, filled with sweet-savory sausages that fortify the flavor of the egg. Yau mak in fermented bean sauce and taugeh with salted fish, all fresh and crunchy. continue reading
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