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Level4 2016-04-19
I have never been to Franco before, but my friend occasionally recommend the food she tried here. So, I thought of giving it a try, soon.Anyway, this is my first time to Franco outlet, I ordered the Carbonara Spaghetti (RM 21.51). The egg yolk was stull runny, it was purrrrrfect! The portion given was also quite reasonable. However, I did not really like it very much because it was too cheesy. There were excessive cheese on the ham, I had the scrap the cheese off, otherwise I wouldnt have eaten the ham. Besides that, I feel that the Carbonara sauce was too watery. It was literally like soup. I also wanted to redeem a Vanilla Soufle from a voucher, but the waiter told me I can't because he's manager is not in. Until now, I'm still curious why do the manager need to be in for me to redeem my voucher? Hence, I'm a little unsatisfied with the service given. continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-13
It has been awhile since I’ve had some pasta. Thus, my best friends and I decided to have dinner at Franco because I’ve heard from my other friends that their pastas are really good. Upon entering the restaurant, we could already smell the fragrant aroma of the food which made us very excited because we can’t wait to take a good look at the menu!We decided to order the Lobster Bisque pasta because it was one of the waiter’s recommendation. Besides that we ordered the French toast as well because the menu said so. It was written ‘An absolute must must-have! Don’t ask, just order!’ on the menu, thus we just went for it. We ordered the Soufflé Au Franco which was rice buried under egg and cheese as well as squid ink pasta.It took 20 minutes for the kitchen to prepare the French toast and the soufflé, but the other two dishes came really quickly. The lobster bisque pasta tasted really good!! The flavours of the broth were well balanced, really rich and savoury. The sumptuous soup base was also complemented with cheese and grilled tiger prawns.My second favourite dish was the Franco French toast! The toasts were soft and fluffy and went very well with the whipped cream and honey! The squid ink pasta tasted quite good as well. Tossed in extra virgin olive oil, the umami pasta went well with the Ikasumi and squid rings. The last dish which was the soufflé was a let-down, sadly. There were too much of the clouds of fluffy egg and cheese and too little of the tomato sautéed rice hidden under it. I wish there were more rice and the soufflé could be less dense.Overall it was a pleasant meal but the food here were quite pricey to us. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-08-17
I heard so much about Franco from all the Facebook posts by my friend. I was wondering what is Franco and thought it sounded French. I then googled all the blogs talking about this place and then started wondering what is so great about Franco. I saw photos of western food so I wondered which western food is the best. I initially wanted to order the famous Mac and Cheese at Franco but that would need 20 minutes and I was rushing for time so I had to forego this. In Paradigm Mall, Franco is located at level UG, which is the same floor with Cotton On, Nichii and Kitschen. The interior is very minimalist and modern and most importantly, I was screaming inside me when I saw the signboard of Franco. We were forced to order spaghetti which would take about 10 minutes compared to the famous dishes that need at least 20-25 minutes of cooking. I ordered Lobster Bisque Spaghetti (25.28) which was amazing. It really felt like having lobster bisque with spaghetti. The result is a slightly creamy spaghetti thoroughly coated in lobster bisque sauce. The smallest lobster in the world is placed on top. The lobster was so fresh. There were cubes of mushroom added in. The entire dish is just heavenly especially for lobster bisque lovers like me. My friend ordered the Spaghetti Yumeina (RM 23.40) which turned to be fabulous. It was served with a lot of ingredients such as ham, sausages, shimeji mushrooms, tomato, prawns and etc. There was also an onsen egg or half-boiled egg placed on top that gives an extra kick to the noodles. The entire spaghetti is thoroughly coated with shoyu sauce and this fact makes eating spaghetti here a lot more special. I totally love onsen egg added into anything in Malaysia. All in all, that was the first time I actually sing so hig praises for spaghetti due to its true Italian way of cooking of al dente. It is also perfectly and thoroughly coated the spaghetti with its respective  sauces.I ordered Iced Matcha Latte with Softee (13.95) was so rich in green tea taste. The added green tea softee on top made the drink even better. The softee was so smooth, tasty, natural and has strong green tea smell. Luckily they added in matcha ice-cream than the conventional whipped cream (yucks) or vanilla ice-cream. The result is the best matcha latter with softee in the world which is perfect for a long day. Since no girl can leave Franco without trying its dessert, I ordered a Toffee Banana Pancake (RM 19.62). The vanilla gelato is incredible to eat together with the souffle which is a little crispy on the outside and the middle is soft and fluffy. The bananas are actually salted and caramelised. There were some almond nips sprinkled on top too. Sinking my teeth into the souffle was heavenly. I think the chocolate flavoured lava cake would have been better but I did not want to risk myself again in getting a sorethroat from chocolate stuff. All the desserts were touted toe be delicious but I am yet to try them. The service is also very good here. The waiters are always at your service.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)