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Level4 2016-03-10
There was no debating when I came here for my dinner meal because I knew I had to have their Carbonara with seaweed egg when I spotted it on the menu as I glance through the photos of the food.My pasta dish was creamy and deliciously cheesy of course. I liked that the sauce was not overly thick to an extent that it ends up drying too early into the meal so that was good. Flavour-wise, Delicious' version of carbonara was definitely up to my expectation and all I had to do was add a dash of pepper for a gastronomic buzz of creamy parmesan pasta. Delicious also cater to those who are vegetarian.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-27
Ever since I've had a not too pleased experience with the sub-par food at Delicious, I told myself that I wouldn't be back there anymore. However a friend wanted to have some dessert and especially those that she could get at Delicious. So I followed along but refrained from ordering anything even if they did catch my eye off the menu because I've been fooled before and was not falling for that again.The service at Delicious at Midvalley's branch is significantly better than the one at Bangsar Village. However with that being said, we paid a visit during tea time so there weren't too many people dining there so it wasn't too hectic which gave the wait-staff ease in serving the patrons.We ordered the Caramel Milkshake to share. I didn't really like this because ever since I've been cutting down on sugar, any sweet drink just tastes like a mouthful of sugar to me which is off putting. Which is exactly how this drink tasted and it felt like there was a whole lot more milk/cream than anything else. Though my friend who has a really big sweet tooth enjoyed it.For cakes we ordered this Pineapple Carrot Cake with Walnuts. I have never really been a fan of carrot cakes but this was alright, just a little bit on the dry side. It's more of the kind of dry where it's been sitting in the fridge for a while than anything else. We didn't finish this.We also ordered the Berry Pavlova because it's one of my favourite desserts. I like the berries that come with it, super tangy to counteract the super sweet meringue. But then I wasn't too happy with what I got at Delicious because it was just mountains of whipped cream and super scarce amount of strawberries.I ate almost half and then gave up because it was just too much cream. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-04
My Arabian friend ordered the Macadaemia Cheese Cake as he was looking for a dessert and he had a sweet tooth. I am not a cheese cake lover so I just had a small spoon of it. I would rate it as very cheesy and something cheese lovers will like. I ordered the BBQ Beef which is coincidentally cooked Iranian or Arabic style especially the tender beef which is sliced into smaller chunks instead of a giant slab like how people usually serve beef steak. I loved the spicy sauce too. The mashed potatoes that still had the chunkiness and not too overly smooth as though it is instant and cooked with a lot of fried shallots made it very fragrant and delicious. The result was an Iranian tasting potato which my friend testified to it. The pickled vegetables was also a bit towards the Arabian side. The whole dish is very tasty and worth the RM 27.90 price (estimated, as I do not have the receipt). For drinks, there was a Buy 1 Free 1 alcohol promotion for Kronenborg, Carlsberg, Somerset Cider, Asahi. I ordered Somerset since I did not get the chance to drink this in the 2nd Jan New Year BBQ Party at my friend's place. We made a mistake because it is only Buy 1 Free 1 for the same item and not different items. Anyway, the kind Filipino waiter allowed us to bring the extra free one back home!  continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-10
Delicious serves a range of fusion to accustom to the local taste. I really like the exquisite choices in the menu and I ordered two from the Asian category.The Hainanese Chicken Chop dosed with hearty tomato sauce and Thai Style Steam Sea Bass served with white rice. The chicken chop was not any interesting thou the sauce really spice up this dish. The fish on the other hand was amazingly tantalizing and slightly spicy. Appetizingly refreshing and sweet, the soup was an amazing combination with the fish. But nothing beats their Kerabu. They have really decent serving of kerabu. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-05
This was my first time having afternoon tea!The "Afternoon Tea for Two" includes:- 3 Scones- 2 Cups of Tea- 2 Strawberry Chocolate Dip- A Slice of Cake of Your Choice- 3 Rosemary & Cheese Cookies- 2 Duck Confit Tarts in Filo Pastry- 2 Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles- 6 Assortment of Finger Sandwichesfor RM59.90++I love this finger sandwich of egg and black caviar!Duck Confit Tart in Filo PastryLike the texture of filo pastry, not so much for the duck confit.Assortment of Finger SandwichesNever thought that there would be salmon in one of the sandwiches.Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles, Scones, Rosemary & Cheese CookiesCannot finish the chocolate truffles, the texture is too thick and too rich. Macadamia Cheesecake topped with Crunchy Macadamia Nut Brittle & Caramel as cake of the choiceWe did not expect the portion to be so big that both of us sat for 3 hours yet we cannot finish every single piece.Well, at least we get to chat for 3 hours. continue reading
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