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很久以前有去过几次 Brussels,印像中就是喝酒和跟朋友聊天的地方,也没有多去注意他们的食物。最近发现原来他们分别在 Jaya One 和 Setiawalk 的分店都有提供午市套餐,而且是每天供应,连周末都有!我立刻约了某人,打算去试试看了。 Jaya One 的 Brussels 在周末因为少了附近上班一族的加持,所以显得有点冷清。午市套餐的价格为 RM18.50,里面包括了一份主食,加无限量的蔬菜水果沙拉和汤,还有一杯汽水,而且这价格是已经含税的哦,我觉得还蛮合理的。 沙拉台上放了大约有10种不同的菜类和水果,可能因为人不多,所以每一份都是小小的,但是看到这色彩斑斓的沙拉,心情就变好了。 这一天的汤是有点像中式的玉米汤,暖呼呼的喝起来很舒服,但是清澈的汤却是香甜十足,有没有放味精我也说不上来。 轮到主食上场了,午市套餐每一天会有四种不同的主食供选择,今天我选的是蒜蓉酱汁鸡排。主食的份量并没有因为是套餐而缩水,反而我觉得在吃了前菜和汤之后,根本就没有办法吃得完这份鸡排啦! 鸡排的肉质很嫩,酱汁也很不错,就是略嫌鸡肉腌制得不是很够味,还欠那么一点点。伴菜还有一大堆的厚切薯条,看起来很罪恶但是我还是控制不了一直吃一直吃。。。 以这个价格和份量来说,我觉得还蛮值得的,因为其他时段过来的话,也许要用两倍的价格才能吃到这么丰富的一餐啊! By 阿七 continue reading
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Nice ambience for small gathering. After our dinner at the Japanese restaurant opposite, we came here for a beer or two.Ordered a plate of pork slice and 6 full pints of Hoegarden Rose with 2 pints FOC (Total 8 bottles for the price of 6). I'm fairly surprised with the pork slice. As a person who doesn't like pork THAT much, their pork slice was medium fat (Although it looks really fat but when you eat it, you don't feel the fat at all) Seems like the fat just melted in your mouth!Perfect match with the mustard sauce, I think myself alone finished half of the dish. However, the roasted skin was VERY thick and hard and it's very hard to chew. My friend don't like it for the hardness of the skin. continue reading
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Level3 2016-01-13
Work hard, play even harder. As cliche as it may sound, we do need time to unwind and unload all the stress upon us each and everyday.So we head straight to Brussels for drinks and dinner. We were really lucky that day as so happen it was a Wednesday night, i.e. Ladies Night! Guess what was on promotion that night, our very favorite beer. The Hoegaarden Rose!What we like most about the Rose is the light and crisp taste of the beer with a hint of sweetness, making it the perfect drink for ladies. As far as I know, it can only be found in Brussels Beer Cafe. Not too sure if it is being served anywhere else in town.Since I was pretty hungry, I ordered the sausage with fries as well as the potato skin. The sausage tasted a little weird for me though, perhaps I was not used to the porky smell in it. The wedges was acceptable but nothing great. The garlic bread was in fact a little pathetic as it was quite hard to chew at. As for the potato skin, it was good especially to pair with our beer. Crispy on the outside with the soft potato on the inside, the texture was just nice. The cheese on top makes it even better. continue reading
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I passed by this place so many times but fancy not trying the food here. I always thought it is a pub place and nothing else till I came here today. First of all, it is the best place to taste all the types of beer in the world, or so, I thought. I found out that I fell in love with the Belle Vue Kriek with  above 4.3% alcohol (RM 19.90) for half a pint. No wonder I love this drink because it is macerated by cherries in the lambic and burgundy taste to the beer. The other beer I tried was the Tennent's Scottish Beer (RM 29.90) for a pint. This has a lot of malt taste and quite rich for me. My friend drank this to remind him of his Scotland days. Of course ever beer must be taken with meat so I ordered Pork Ribs (RM 45.90) which was the best I ever tasted. The meat was so tender and there was no overload of fats. It was served somewhat like a Christmas dish or Christmas Turkey with cranberry sauce. I love the grilled vegetables of broccoli, capcisum and mushrooms which was so tasty, sweet and crispy. I love the thick sauce and especially like the mashed potatoes with bacon pieces and carrots. The waiter wrote the order wrongly and brought the Pork Burger (RM 25.90) instead of the Lamb Burger that my friend ordered. The burger is quite ok for me but my friend said they should not have served the foccaccia bread. He said if they were to do this in Europe, people will not make a second trip to the joint. The other beer that I tried was the a pint of  Grimbergen Ambree (RM 29.90) which had the taste but did not have the fruity taste like the Belle Vue Kriek. I shared this beer with my friend. This is a greatky nuanced dark beer that is crafted for slow savouring. It is rich, deep and velvety in the mouth, the beguiling whiff of smokiness in this amber ale leads to an intense bouquet of ripe fruits and caramel and before finishing with a lingering subtle bittersweet hint of liquorice.  continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-06
Pumpkin soup. It is homemade with roasted almond flake toppings and served together with garlic bread. I like this soup because it is thick and creamy with silky texture (definitely not diluted) and full of pumpkin flavour. The garlic bread which served together with the pumpkin soup are toasted and crispy.Thumbs up!Meatballs braised in Leffe Brune sauce. Traditional pork meatballs mix with onion and mix herbs. This is one of the signature and famous Belgium meatballs dish. Although I don't like foods with herbs but I personally think the taste is really special and not too strong. The meatballs are soft too. continue reading
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