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Level4 2015-10-23
Sawadikapp!Welcome to Baan 26, a Thai restaurant that has been residing at the happening streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang for over 9 years now. Widely known for trendy nightspots amongst local and tourist, a decent Thai restaurant is the least I expected to have found here. Interestingly! Nicely decorated with a mix of both chic and aesthetic value in the air-conditioned surrounding, with some artsy ornaments around to spice up the bold reddish hue and warm ambience, are what greeting the guests upon stepping in.Featuring authentic recipes from the humble Thai kitchen, Baan 26’s offerings are indeed full-bodied and satisfying, showcased with a slight modern twist while retaining its original identity as well as the traditional flavours.The day of our visit was not so friendly with the scorching hot weather, and so we immediately went for the thirst- quencher while flipping through the menu to decide on which items we should highlight later.LEMON APPLE MINT (MYR 16)Simply cooling!WATERMELON JUICE (MYR 11)Love the bouncy bites of these seafood appetizersPRAWN CAKE (MYR 32- 4pcs)Greeting the palates with soft patty within and crispy on the outside. Generously made into a springy doughnut-like shape and each mouthful bite is a joyful one. Something inventive and uncommon from the usual fish cake. Nevertheless, my vote still goes for the Prawn Cakes by Café 9 which boasts a better indepth flavor, nyum nyum……Ah, my favourite basil plate is here!BASIL LEAFFRIED RICE WITH SHRIMP (MYR 28)Juicy and succulent prawns are fragrantly fried with rice till the must-have ‘wok-hei’ pre-requisite is achieved. Would be great if more basil leaves are used to live up to its basil-themed dish. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it pretty much.PUCUK PAKU WITH BELACAN (MYR 24)Savoury and crisp stems of pucuk paku served crunchy with dried shrimps crumbles and chili. A toothsome dish to whet the palate indeed.PINEAPPLE LEMON CHICKEN (MYR 25)Tender chicken cutlet deep fried and dished up in a a sweet and savory gravy in the hollowed pineapple as the bowl.CLEAR TOM YAM WITH PRAWN/ SEAFOOD SOUP( MYR 36)An appetizing flair with spiciness en route much later.Assorted fresh seafood such as huge prawns, mushroom, chicken meat, squids and fish are all flavourfully cooked in the piquant and spiced clear broth of tom yam. Goes well with a bowl of white rice but not for people who have a mild tongue, so do get yourself with some water ready by the side (=THAI PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE WITH SHRIMP (MYR 25) Love how the pineapple rice is fluffily fried with each grain of rice is thoroughly enveloped with spice and flavor, moistened up by juicy bites of citrusy pineapples dices and the nutty kick of cashew nuts.THAI MANGO SALAD WITH CRISPY CAT FISH (MYR25)Sour and spicy interlude!I was hoping to sink my teeth in a decent portion of the fried cat fish rather than in the flaky crackling forms though…………Combination of spicy mixture of unripe mangoes, onions,dried shrimps and chili. I. I find that the crispy catfish a little bit salty but it does have a light and fluffy texture. The cat fish is blend and deep fried.LIME & CHILI STEAMED FISH (MYR 55- Seabass/ MYR 45- Tilapia)It’s a salubrious dish that is highly recommended.Bounteous piece of sea bass that is freshly steamed with sour and spicy relish, simply served heartily with chopped garlic and chili padi.CENDOL AND SAGO WITH GULA MELAKA (MYR 10)A rather hit-and-miss case here, where the crushed ice is too big for a slurpy enjoyment, and the sticky sago that tends to coagulate together doesn’t help either. However, the fact that the gula Melaka is served separately in a ceramic is most welcomed as diners get to adjust to their preferred level of sweetness.WATER CHESTNUT WITH COCONUT MILK RED RUBIES (MYR11)Would never fail to have this quintessential pick in every Thai dining. Indulgently served in chilled coconut milk topped off with cutesy red rubies made of water chestnut, accompanied by tangy jackfruit slices.MANGO STICKY RICE (MYR 17)Signature dessert plate from the Thai region. Love the warm glutinous rice bite that is perfectly paired with the thick coconut cream that injected some light coconut brininess to the nosh.COCONUT SHAKE (MYR 16) as the perfect sweet ending!It’s very fragrant and original as you could really taste each and everything little bites of the blended coconut. But I would be happier if the fibrous desiccants are either finely blended or properly sieved through for a better palate. Taste wise, no complain and it’s good.Baan 26 Thai can be located just a few minutes’ walk away from the hawker-food central, Jalan Alor, and further down the road is the famous Jalan Bukit Bintang with its myriad of dining, shopping and entertainment options. So have an enjoyable feast and relaxing stroll along the road and continue to enrich your gastronomic journey yummily as you might not know what you would stumble upon after the next junction. Best food are usually quite hidden till it’s target-locked by adventurous foodies (=Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤ Location: No 26, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala LumpurContact: +603 2142 8878Business Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 3pm (lunch), 6pm - 12:30am; Sun & Public Holidays 3pm - 12:30amWebsite: http://baan26.com/ continue reading
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Baan 26 is a bar-cum-restaurant located at Changkat Bukit Bintang, In the heart of the chic and bustling city where many customers here are foreigners hanging out here for drinks during night time with music blasting clubs along the Changkat street. We bought dine in vouchers from Groupon and make our reservation at Baan 26 for our lunch. Also celebrating our fellow colleagues and treat this as our farewell lunch. Groupon always have this deal featuring 4-course meal for 4 people for RM49.90 instead of RM116.50 (only RM12.50 per person)Each group of 4 people gets1 x Thai mango salad with dry shrimp (RM18 value) 1 x Spicy tom yam chicken and tom yam soup (RM32 value) 1 x Thai green curry chicken (RM18 value) 1 x Thai basil leaf minced chicken (RM22 value) 4 x Steamed fragrant rice (RM10.40 value)* 16% service charges and Government tax (RM16.10 value)We bought two vouchers in total we have 8 people.There are also deals for only two person servings. Photo with the ladies first while waiting for our foodBaan 26 have unique and creative deco both indoor and outdoor. The dining area is covered with Thai handmade lamps and wood carvings giving us the comfy ambiance. Services is average though.The bar area with air-conditioned dining area. Served all types of wine and cocktailThai Mango Salad with dry shrimp (RM18), this is a highly recommend appetizer. This salad will blow you away with its tastebud-awakening flavors which is very refreshing and fragrant. Tossed in a coating of lime juice with combination of unripe mangoes, chilies, peanuts, dried shrimps ,carrots and onions. Scrumptious sweet and sour Thai mango salad. Nice set up with dim lights at the dining areaThai basil leaf minced chicken (RM22)- This serves as the classics Thai food and great to have it with a bowl of rice.Thai basil chicken is a spicy dish with boneless and skinless chicken, basil leaves, and chilies. Fragrant basil leaves and some fresh chilies, makes this dish really flavourful.Spicy Tom Yam Soup (RM32) -Hot Tom Yam Soup with mixed fresh seafood, like prawns, squid, clams and pieces of fish. The soup texture is quite reddish and looks spicy. This is really increasing our appetite and sweat. Some request for more rice.Satisfied with the ingredients given but we are still complaining on the soup texture..i do agree the soup is bit saltyGreen Curry Chicken (RM21)- Creamy and thick texture of the green curry chicken with pieces of tender chicken and vegetables (brinjals). I love this Thai green curry chicken which is aromatic and bursting with flavor. Just a mild spiciness. Thumbs up!Valuable 2 x set meal just nice for 8 personWe are cravings for mango sticky rice .but again not available today because the reason is the mango not in stock. This also happen when my friend visited this restaurant last month. So we opt for chilled desserts with cendol and red rubyJackfruit Sago Cendol RM 9 - We have an obsession for cendol and first time ordered this jackfruit sago cendol. Taste sweet, texture and fragrant of the combined ingredients makes it more richer flavour.Red Rubies (RM12). Water chestnut with shaved ice in coconut milk and slices of jackfruit. Cool and chilled desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth. We love the crunchy water chestnut cubes look like red rubies which is one of Thailand's most popular desserts and signature food.Our Memorable group photo Baan 26 is the relaxed place to be and food served is authentic here. Worth trying it out.Baan 26,Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur Phone: 03-2142 8878 (Call 12pm – 1am daily)Deal Link : http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang/baan-26/718438495 continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-27
The Thai really know how to prepare their seafood very well! This big fish is super duper crispy, with lots of sour and spicy bits everywhere. Despite being so crispy, the insides are very moist and flaky. Also, the fish is very fresh and doesn't taste fishy. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-09-25
If the evening is young & there's no hurry to head home to make sure the kids are fast asleep, then take a 10-minute drive to Changkat Bukit Bintang for a nightcap. Many know Changkat's Baan 26 Restaurant for its tasty Thai food, but the Thai-inspired cocktails here are equally enjoyable: Tuk Tuk (pandan vodka, bacardi, lychee juice) & Pandan Fantasy (pandan vodka, malibu, gin, midori, apple juice). Thai's Land (red wine, vodka, orange juice) & Monsoon Red Alert (tom yam vodka, malibu, watermelon, lychee). Kiwi Vodka Caipiroska & Golden Triangle (that's what the receipt says it was, but we've forgotten what it contains _ blame that on the booze!). continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-17
green curryThis green curry is quite tasty. It's really thick and rich. I like this coconut based green curry, The taste is so delicious. It comes with lots of vegetables,brinjal, potato, chilli and long beans. It comes with some chicken as well, the chicken is tender and yummy. This green curry is goes well with the rice.I almost finish the whole bowl of green curry. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)